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  1. Alfred, you guessed correctly. Years ago I split my Apple account logins, and forgot to check the old one. And there they are! I usually buy applications from the developer site if available. I wonder if there's a way to merge the two lists into one... that's a question for another site Thanks everyone, I feel pretty foolish! Stay safe and sound. Going to use my newfound downtime to get down to really learn the Affinity applications, I admit to defaulting to my Creative Suite 6.5 apps when in the thick of things. But those won't work much longer, some of it is 32 bit, some 64 bit. Go figure...
  2. Hi Walt. I am using MacOS 10.12.6. As to when I purchased Designer and Photo, I can't say exactly as I can't find receipt emails for them, which is not usual for me, I *always* save those. To the best of my recollection, both were purchased not too long after they were released. Is there a way to see the key activating my copy of Photo? I already overwrote the original copy of Designer with the update. If I didn't have keys that I purchased, I couldn't have been able to open them after a certain time, right? All that shows on my Orders page on the Affinity site is Publisher (and the free typeface). I do have the receipt email for the Designer Workbook, which I purchased on 12/4/2016, that does not show on the Orders page either. Hope you can help, this is crazy making.
  3. I thought it had been a while since I'd seen a new version of Designer and Photo. Turns out both apps do not show an update available when I open the apps. So I just now searched the forums and found the new versions. To discover only one product key is in my account page here, the key for Publisher. Can you help please, I can't open the updates without the keys. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info. I will keep learning and look forward to the plugins
  5. Hello, I searched the forum for info on the subject, and found one comment suggesting we write to our font management software companies requesting plugins to use with Designer and Photo (and Publisher). I wrote Insider Software, the makers of FontAgent, and this is the reply: "Manually activating fonts in FontAgent should make them show up in the Affinity applications, but at this time Serif (the company the makes the Affinity products) does not have a way for developers to make plug-ins. Without that ability, we do not have a way to auto-activate fonts like we do with the Adobe applications. If/when they do add plug-in support we will take a close look at that opportunity." Manually activating fonts will work while I'm learning the workflow, but never in a production scenario. Insider says y'all don't have a plugin structure, is that true? And if it is or not, can this be accomplished, so our font management solutions can work with your very fine products? Thanks.
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