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  1. Has anyone tried to use an eps vector file from shutterstock? The file size is ca. 8MB, so obviously it contains a lot of data. But when I open it with Affinity Designer, I only see a bitmap image of a very low resolution (something like 60 dpi). Shutterstock claims the file is a valid eps and opens correctly with Adobe or Corel. Looks like AD has some kind of problem with these files. Is this a known problem, or should we file a bug report somewhere?
  2. @Phil_rose Of course it is fair for Serif to set priorities. I was just satirizing a little over Patricks reasoning. Yes, AD is definitely a bargain.
  3. @Patrick Connor In my opinion, it might be good enough to be equally good as a free application. :-) If you consequently refuse to implement anything that is not superior to free tools, then you should not have included the alignment function at all (because it is not better, in fact it is far off from being as good as the one in Inkscape, I am afraid)... Sorry for my hard words, I really like AD, but thats my honest opinion.
  4. Well we could use Inkscape *instead* of Affinity. It is not so bad actually... :-)
  5. Old thread, but I feel its the same issue. There seem to be PDFs where viewers do not agree whether they are transparent or not. I exported a document with transparent background from Affinity Designer to PDF, (1.7), and all looked well some time ago. Now I exported again (after a few changes in the document), and the resulting PDF shows as follows: OSX Preview shows white background (despite setting is "show the background" (grid)) Importing it in PowerPoint -> appears transparent Opening the PDF with Affinity Designer: white background (can switch it to transparent again) Another PDF (same artboard from the same document, other PDF settings) shows white background in all 3 situations, despite the export some time ago has been transparent. Any ideas? ToolLayout-plain_sometimesTransparent.pdf ToolLayout-plain-CMYK-neverTransparent.pdf
  6. You are right.... weird... Ahhhh now i got it: The guides disappear when I drag them out of the page (or artboard)! The ruler does not seem to matter. :-)
  7. I think sometimes it looks like they vanish, but in fact they are just not displayed because guides dont show outside the drawing (or current artboard). To my understanding, depending on your zoom level / window, it might look like the guides vanish if you drag them back into the ruler, but in fact they just vanish because they happen to be outside your paper. I personally would prefer guides to show outside the current paper/artboard, so to show on all artboards, but I understand that this will widely depend on one's application.
  8. Hi dominik, thanks, yes the button is ok. Still, it takes time to open and close that dialog each time. I would think it is much faster if I can remove them without opening any dialog. Phil
  9. 1.) In Designer, I often use guides to align elements in logos I design. But in alomost every case, I only need them once, and then want to get rid of them to not disturb me further. Why is deleting guides so complicated? Why can't I just hit the delete key to remove it? (Rule: If nothing it selected, and the most recent mouse click was on a guide, remove that guide). I think Inkscape does it somehow like that. Or remove a guide by dragging it back to the ruler. Maybe less dangerous then the delete key, and still intuitive. :-) When working with a big file (wich several artboards), I suddenly noticed that horizontal guides vanish as soon as I touch them a second time. I found this extremely useful. but it does not apply for vertical guies, and it does not work in other files. So it looks like this "feature" is a bug?? 2.) Why aren't guides global to all artboards? This would be very useful for some applications, like putting elements on the same position on multiple pages of a ducument.
  10. Yes, this also sounds very reasonable. I very often need to use the "expose in Finder" menu just to get my working folder so that I can drag it into the file-save dialog. (BTW, most Mac apps show the current folder when you right-click on the icon in the title bar - this would also be a useful thing that Affinity apps are currently lacking). I think we all agree that the current behavior is only useful in a minority of usecases, and it is at least unusual compared to most other apps. Pity, because I really love the Affinity apps for most other respects.
  11. Yes, same for me! Maybe we should ask support about when this will be fixed?
  12. toltec, thanks – this is a great workfrow! Also like the fact that I automatically get a nice preview of the cropped image while positioning it. Thank you very much, works nicely!
  13. Thank you, Leigh, this is exactly what I did, and it is feasable (I actually like the export persona, it is really a nice tool). But this workflow has a few drawbacks: Since the export presets do not include the aspect ratio of the slice, I need to enter them manually in each file The 714w parameter works well in theory, but in practice there seem to rouding errors, so that some of the exported files end up to be 714x475 instead of 714x476. I need to explicitly specify 714w,476h — this seems to work. :-) So, I am longing for copy&paste-ing a slice, like I copy&paste a rectangle. That would be very handy and easy, I think! :-)
  14. I love the variables that I can use in the export settings for each slice. However, I miss a variable that holds the name of the document. Whe I export slices of images from multiple documents, this would be very helpful for leter finding the source document when I recognize I a mistake when looking at one of the exported slices.
  15. Why can't we just copy-and-paste slices from one document to another? This would be very handy if you have to export images with similar width/height ratio from different documents.