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  1. I cant understand why Serif does not fix this. It is so annoying. You always need to extra-check and search for the current folder. One always needs to have a finder window open just to be able to drop the current folder into stupid Affinity. There is no way to drag it from the window title (as other apps can do), either. There is just the "File --> show in Finder" menu, but the menu item is disabled once any Save dialog is open. Even more stupid. So no easy workaround here, either. Affinity folks, can you PLEEEEAAASSSEEEEE fix this annoying behaviour?
  2. This sounds reasonable! I really should look into text styles. They seemed a bit weird to me (from what I knew from Designer, compared to the clearness of Corel Draw), so I had postponed dealing with them Thanks!
  3. I changed the font of some text fields in the master (the whole field, not inside the field). My document has already 16 pages, all referring to this master, but the copy text was already inserted. Now I changed the font in the master, and thought that the font change will affect all layout pages (at least those where I did not explicitly change the font within the text field). But this did not work. If I re-apply the master, all my copy text in the 16 pages is set back to the text of the master! Am I missing something?
  4. Thanks, Dan - works perfectly! May I suggest, as a future feature, to offer synching. So that when I add or edit an export preset in AD, that it will be updated in Publisher as well, if I choose - and vice versa. Still, thanks again for your support with the instant solution that saved me a lot of time!
  5. Thanks, Dan! Pity this is not synched automatically. Ah, that's the reason I did not find corresponding folders in my Library folder! I bought Designer in the App Store, but Publisher directly from Affinity (after testing the beta). I only found two Publisher folders in Library (one from the beta), but none from Designer. Where does Designer save its settings?
  6. I have been using AD for a while, and created a bunch of custom settings for exporting (to pdf, png etc.). Now I am starting to use Affinity Publisher, and to my surprise, the export settings dropdown only contains the few default items. It this a bug/problem on my machine, or is this intended? I thought it would be obvious that one wants to use the exact same settings for eporting in all Affinity programs. If it is not possible to just share them across all Affinity apps, how can I copy the settings from AD to AP?
  7. Yes, if AP is in the root of the Applications folder, then the extension works! Thanks MEB, this provides a working solution. (I guess you will also work to remove this limitation at some point in the future? I do understand that related to the "Edit with" problem, this is a minor issue.)
  8. Hi MEB, thanks - glad you are looking at it! (I lost quite some time of image editing, having relied on a workflow that is suggested by a menu item.) Yes, I keep all graphics programs in a subfolder of the Applications folder. I am used to grouping my apps in subfolders...
  9. I found 2 threads with that problem: Very disappointing. People seem to just accept that your data is lost if you use this functionality??? The method suggested as a workaround is to enter edit mode in Photos, then press the three dots button (where AffinityPhoto has added a few options for applying filters) and choose "Edit with Affinity Photo" near the end of the list. For me, the filters do work, but when I choose "edit with AP", it says "AP cannot be launched, please press Cancel". Can anyone from Affinity say something about this?
  10. I have the exact same problem, just now! I did find the temporary location where Photos saves the images while being externally edited, it is called ExternalEditSessions (you can find this using the "show in Finder" menu option while in AffinityPhoto). But Photos seems to purge this folder once you have closed the external app. I tested it with Preview.app, in this case it seems to work but it is very slow. After saving and closing the edited image in Preview, I have to sit back and wait for maybe 15 seconds or 1/2 minute until Photos shows the updated image. With Affinity Photo, Photos seems to just delete the file without reading it in...
  11. OK, thank you. Yes it looks weird! I have now changed the UI language to US and back to German, and now when I choose "English" in the Characters panel, it seems to be applying US spelling rules ("optimize" is ok while "optimise" is underlined red). --> So, now I got what I wanted, but I don't know how it worked... :-)
  12. Yes exactly in that pane. I read somewhere that AD would automatically use the languages/dictionaries that are chosen here, but this does not seem to be the case currently...
  13. Where do I need to put the hunspell dictionary files on OSX? I have set up OSX with German, English US, English UK, English but still do not get US English in Affinity Designer, so I assume the languages are not taken from OSX but from somewhere else...
  14. Interesting. Your set of available languages is totally different. I think it is related to the Operating System (OSX), I assume you have an english-language OS setup. Isnt there anybody who knows how to install additional languages for AD? Just installing them in OSX (as suggested elsewhere) did not help for me.
  15. OK, true, you are right. (However, I personally believe that if I had such a mixed text, I would probably spend the time by proof-reading it thoroughly instead of caring to switch language for each word... :-) ) I do not see why the chosen UI language should have an implication on the spell checker, and I am glad it does not seem to. My UI language is usually German. To test it, I changed the UI language to US English, but this did not have an effect on the Character panel, it still offers UK English only (see screenshot). Are you seeing both UK English and US English in the list?

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