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  1. I can confirm this fixes the crash on startup for me - first 1.9.x which does - see
  2. I can confirm this fixes the crash on startup for me - first 1.9.x version which does - see
  3. Yay! This is the first 1.9.x which will start on my computer. Thank you.
  4. I don't have a PerformancePreferences.xml yet, so the tool didn't make any updates. I tried creating a simple one with just the UseHardwareAcceleration setting, but that doesn't seem to have worked. PerformancePreferences.xml What next? Thanks, Ian
  5. Hi, I've just reset Windows (10) on my computer and am reinstalling my apps. After that I'm getting all three apps crashing on start. I have upgraded to the latest version of each, and that at least got far enough to enter my licence keys but they still crash. I have checked the FAQ and made sure I am fully up to date with all updates. I am not using any of the apps mentioned in the FAQ thread. I attach the crash dump from Photo. Let me know if you want the other crash dumps as well. 303c872c-809e-4a8c-9adc-4640780b7121.dmp Cheers, Ian
  6. Printing out some A5 portrait pages double-sided on a landscape A4 sheet, so I need to flip on the short side. AP forgets that I told it to flip on the short side, and every time I go back into the Print dialog it is back to flip on long side.
  7. In case it affects anything, my settings for all of these: I'm on a Lenovo X1 Yoga 1st Signature Edition, 16GB RAM, i7 6600U @2.6GHz 2.81GHz. Resolution 2560x1440, scaled at 125% Windows 10 64-bit version 1803 (OS build 17134.345).
  8. Just installed 157 - nice and simple, though again I had to go through and download for myself. Working on another flyer based on the previous one (though now portrait A5 instead of landscape) Copied and pasted logo. Fine Copied and pasted text box with a couple of different styles and about 30 words - seemed to take a long time to paste in :-S Now editing the text; I want a subheading, so change style to Heading 2. Where do I do that? Ah - using the Paragraph tab. A bit confusing, but I'm sure I can get used to it. Oh, that's left-justified, I want it centered.
  9. Just downloaded and installed 133. It would have been nice if AP had told me there was another Beta, rather than saying "this Beta has ended", but at least it took me to the right web page where I could find it. Installation all very smooth, and clicking on my taskbar button set up with the previous version still works (which I can't say for other products I've used - iTunes seems to regularly break this). I opened it and was prompted that "unsaved work has been found. Do you want to restore it?". Which is good...but I felt left a bit in the dark. What was this unsaved work? Did I
  10. Hi, I have read and understand the various threads on why directly importing .ppp files won't happen, and I have tried the workaround of exporting from PP as PDF and importing to AP. This seems to work reasonably to get the documents into AP, but it loses all the information I would want to continue working on that document in AP, in particular styles and master pages. I have spent a lot of time setting these up for PP. Is there any way I can save redoing all this in AP? Apologies if it has already been answered in a previous post, but I couldn't find it on searching. Che
  11. Okay, now got the sizes right with some manual moving around. How do I turn off the borders? Select all, border, click all to try to turn it off (usually a toggle). Hmmm. It appears not now. And there's no preset for "no borders". A bit of playing around - eventually found I had to select a certain border set then set it to "none" - that wasn't obvious, and is slow for such a common operation :-( Adding footer with charity details and links. Text added - check. Select email address and hit Ctrl+K - standard shortcut (on Windows) for hyperlink. What has that done? It seems t
  12. Now creating a dance programme flyer. Copy the dances from the Excel spreadsheet and paste into AP. Comes in as a single text box :-( Surely PP managed to insert it as a table - quick check, yes indeed. Please can we have this for AP as well? Oh, well. Create the table manually. How do I do that...ah, table text tool. How do I choose the number of rows and columns? It appears it just decides for me. It's come in 6x16. 6 across works, but I only need 8 rows. How do I fix that? Let's try selecting the rows, right-click. No delete :-( Okay, hit Delete. Nope. B
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