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  1. Roland Dicke

    New Assets

    ok... there it is .... no worry. I'm fine with @MicRos suggestion.
  2. Roland Dicke

    New Assets

    yupp.... I went the wrong way .... yes! that woks ... :-) thaks a lot!
  3. Roland Dicke

    New Assets

    O.K. I tried this ... but it doesn't work. @Chris_K: I don't understand the problem.... what can I make an asset from? I place *.ai, or Affinity files into my document and can't make them to an asset. When I use the same files in Affinity Designer I can make an asset of them. Then I export this asset-set in Affinity Designer and import this set to Affinity publisher and can use these assets there... I did this workarround but this is not verry suitable when you want to enlarge your collection ... I just want to understand what's going on there ... are the assets in Affinity Publisher in an early stadium or do I missunderstand the Assets-thing. Thanks!
  4. When I try to create new assets in Affinity Publisher, that usually does not work. I always get the error message "Assets cannot contain embedded documents", even if the graphics are included as a link. The same graphics work fine in Affinity Designer's assets. When I create the assets in Designer, export them and then import them into Affinity Publisher, I can use them. Further I can for example scale them there and put them back as new assets in the asset bar. I'd like to use the assets for logos and oher Objects in the advertising-poster I usually prepare... for this they would be much easier to use than Adobe Bridge in InDesign ... my opinion :-)
  5. so I'll get "my" problem to Bug Reports...
  6. Well I prepared a stucture, but new elements doesn't work... just these I took from imported assets rezised them and put them back as a new asset... I can't just take our logo that I had placed in AP in a document as a new asset in my asset folder... it has to be placed to the assets in Designer before and expoted there.. :-( And yes: drag and drop would be great and getting from a PC-folder... just taking all your elements from outside... :-)
  7. H, just a between remark: how can I come as far as you are? How to get new Assets? I even can't get them in like in Designer. I ALLWAYS get the message "Assets cannot contain embedded documents" also the elements are not embedded and do work in Designer.... Edit: If I creat an Asset-Set in Designer export it and import it to AP, I can use these and even rezise them and get them back as new into the set (but also not by drag and drop)...
  8. Ok... thanks so I just don't like the actual way because me I don't need the widget ... Let's see whats happening in the next versions...
  9. I can't see @MEBs statement there... ?!?
  10. I opened this topic because I think that I can remember that in a former version I could double-click an image placing frame so that the frame of the embedded picture appears. Now I could resize or move the picture in the frame with its own "frame with nods". Now I need to use the Move Tool to switch to resize or to move the picture .... now it’s one more step each. That's not necessary. I think it would be best, having one frame for the placing-frame and one for the picture itself. And switching between these two just by double-clicking. -as in InDesign (by the way)-
  11. Roland Dicke

    undo Panorama

    well .... I think it dosn't work in the example because it's a 360-image --- :-(
  12. Roland Dicke

    undo Panorama

    yes I know how to extract a part .... but can I correct the distroition?
  13. Roland Dicke

    undo Panorama

    Ok... how can I get to the parts to copy them out... that could help... Thanks for your quick help ... I'm trying to convince our real estate department of the local government that AP is their product to buy for their work
  14. Hello, I have photos of a panoramic camera and would like to break it down into individual pictures. Can I do that with Affinity Photo? We have a drone that takes these shots to control roofs for leaks. Axamles are attached.
  15. In the previous version the layer jumped by double-klick to the image-layer itself and I could use the rezising spots to recize the image in the frame ...