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  1. Hello, I wont to have a sqare reaching in the corner of a text filed. So the text in the fileld should not run into the Square. Thats works so fare with the test wrapping settings. But now I want to place the page number into this square. this smaller textfield should lay on the square. This textfield is also effected by the text wrapping of the square. Is there a possibility to block the Textwrapping for this field? Thanks for your help! Roland
  2. Roland Dicke

    StudioLink -Personas in Publisher

    Yeah.... that's it! :-) The thins with running as admin, once..... let's give this information to all---- ..... strange thing... Thank you so much!
  3. Roland Dicke

    StudioLink -Personas in Publisher

    Yes I uninstalled all the betas I have full admin rights after uninstalling I cleared the registry as fare I could find things in there via regedit I only have c: .... that is so strage.... I have a second PC with wich it works fine....
  4. Roland Dicke

    StudioLink -Personas in Publisher

    nope.... :-( .. no difference
  5. Hello ... I know that there are already topics to this Problem, but I would like to summarize this again, because I urgently need help. I've been using Photo and Designer for a while now - also from Beta paraell. I use the publisher since the beta phase. I have now all 3 programs on the version (bought). Unfortunately I get when changing the Apps (as Persona) in the publisher always the message that I should buy the other programs, even if they are currently running paralell. I have already reinstalled the three apps in different orders, reset the apps with Ctrl-launch and ... and .... and ... Is there a way to completely remove all apps from the Win10 PC and start over or reset StudioLink? Here something seems to be very confused.
  6. Yes .. all three are on after some experiments fresh downloaded and tripple-checked...
  7. same with me... tried it with reinstalling in diferent sequences ....deleting user files...resetting the Aps while starting...and ..and and... it still say I should buy the Photo and Designer (wich are open at the same time... ) win 10
  8. Nothing helps! Reinstalling with diferent sequences. Resetting any of the three Apps while staring them. I still get the message below. That's ... well not so nice, when you bought all the three....
  9. Now I have all three apps on 1.71 ... fresh installed and started but it still asks me to buy Photo and Designer. Win10
  10. Roland Dicke

    New Assets

    ok... there it is .... no worry. I'm fine with @MicRos suggestion.
  11. Roland Dicke

    New Assets

    yupp.... I went the wrong way .... yes! that woks ... :-) thaks a lot!
  12. Roland Dicke

    New Assets

    O.K. I tried this ... but it doesn't work. @Chris_K: I don't understand the problem.... what can I make an asset from? I place *.ai, or Affinity files into my document and can't make them to an asset. When I use the same files in Affinity Designer I can make an asset of them. Then I export this asset-set in Affinity Designer and import this set to Affinity publisher and can use these assets there... I did this workarround but this is not verry suitable when you want to enlarge your collection ... I just want to understand what's going on there ... are the assets in Affinity Publisher in an early stadium or do I missunderstand the Assets-thing. Thanks!
  13. Roland Dicke

    New Assets

    When I try to create new assets in Affinity Publisher, that usually does not work. I always get the error message "Assets cannot contain embedded documents", even if the graphics are included as a link. The same graphics work fine in Affinity Designer's assets. When I create the assets in Designer, export them and then import them into Affinity Publisher, I can use them. Further I can for example scale them there and put them back as new assets in the asset bar. I'd like to use the assets for logos and oher Objects in the advertising-poster I usually prepare... for this they would be much easier to use than Adobe Bridge in InDesign ... my opinion :-)
  14. Roland Dicke

    Assets should be much improved.

    so I'll get "my" problem to Bug Reports...