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  1. Thanks Paul, I had seen Patrick's post but had imagined that v1.7.1.404 from one site was the same as v1.7.1.404 from another site! "Buying" a trial version of both apps from the "Buy Now" dialogue box in Publisher did the job. Lets hope my Product Keys will still work when I am asked for them.
  2. I still have the same problem - Personas in Publisher do not find Designer or Photo. Versions of all three Apps are, downloaded from the Affinity "Beta Update" URL's I have uninstalled and re-installed Designer and Photo I have created a document in both apps. I have rebooted Windows Then I have opened the apps again Publisher continues to tell me to install the apps I have uninstalled Publisher and re-installed it. Publisher continues to tell me to install the apps I think I'm ready for some expertise please. I should say that, up to this point, it has all run like clockwork.
  3. Having been patiently waiting for Personas to be revealed in Publisher, I was eager to test it in today's Customer Release. I was surprised to find that I was faced with an invitation to buy StudioLink for £30++ No mention of this before! Am I missing something?? I bought Photo & Designer in their pre-Release days. StudioLink.afpub
  4. Ralph

    Text time savers

    As far in the past as 2014, Dave Harris was envisioning a "Fit text to Frame" tool. Any chance of an update Dave as to when this might happen?
  5. Great job! May I add my name to the (hopefully!) HUGE number of people wanting you to add 'footnotes' at the earliest opportunity.
  6. Nothing Walt! You mentioned in a post that there are issues which might be linked to Windows. I was simply reporting that installing several Windows updates hadn't caused any problems with my updates. Just more data for the mountain Mere nuances which might result in a Eureka moment for somebody.
  7. Build 337 installed & worked perfectly. Picking up on Walt's comment about Windows, I have received a flurry of Windows Updates over the last fortnight. All have been installed. I am very impressed with the speed of response of the development team. It engenders a whole lot of confidence.
  8. I am seriously impressed by first look at Build #305. (WORD import) - it even makes a pretty good stab at rows, columns & even tables (imported in error on my part) Thank you Serif developers.
  9. .... couldn't have put it better myself
  10. I would like to suggest that the facility to fit text to a frame should be added to the context menu of Text Frames. The "Size Text" option in PagePlus X9 (see attachment) is a good illustration of what I am looking for. The same option can be found in InDesign and Quark. FitText.pdf
  11. Thanks Walt, I appreciate your effort and time. I'd kinda abandoned that approach as an option early in the process, life being too short Basically, it is like expanding a fixed ratio bitmap. Maybe it would work better in conjunction with a spreadsheet to calculate the correct ratio (I'm joking!!!) The other approach is to select all the text and incrementally change the size in the menu until it fits. Also abandoned for same reason. Maybe I'm not making the right sort of document (sic!) but I have yet to find anything I want to do that I can't do as well (or better) in PPX9 - which is somewhat depressing.
  12. Hi Alfred, well, I can't get the same effect! Dragging the disembodied handle (on my OS) stretches the contents as though they were bitmaps. That is, pull down and the text is stretched vertically; its size (and all the other good stuff) is not adjusted to fill the frame. Dragging that handle with the frame & text in different configurations produces some interesting effects, bu not one that I recognise as "Fit Text to Frame" - what Fixx is describing. Fixx, you say "there are many ways to do it". Do you mean "in Publisher"? If so, can you let me in on the secret Is it my OS? Windows 10 Pro, fully committed to Windows Update. Thanks everyone
  13. Yes Walt. I know all that, but I do expect to find that the developers have conducted some "due diligence". Even if PP was never looked at, if the developers think to include "Fit Frame to Text", "Fit Text to Frame" is an obvious corollary, unrelated to any other application. Though the fact that it is standard in both Quark & InDesign would make it (for me) an obvious function to include. There are other functions which are mysteriously missing (such as importing WORD - another thread I'm following) Don't get me wrong, I think there is some ground-breaking material in Apub - I just wish it had been built on a foundation laid by its predecessors. Hey Ho - I'm putting Apub back in its box All the best to everybody
  14. Hi Walt - knew you would be the first responder Yes, you are absolutely right. It is available in PPX9 and it makes life very easy when producing newsletters. Make a frame to fit the space, add text, then right click & <Size Text> to choose the option. Voila, the text is now resized to two places of decimals to exactly flll the space available. I am currently trying to build in PP and Publisher in parallel, 'fitted' in PP with a change in font size from 10pt to 10.06pt (!!) and then ran into trouble with Publisher. There are LOTS of variations available in PPX9 - far more than in INDD. I guess if you don't know about it, it doesn't exist - but I can't see why/how that could happen if "fit frame to text" (of limited value, I find) does exist.
  15. In INDD, and PagePlusX9 I (much more) frequently "go the other way" - fit text to frame. In fact, it's a newsletter life-saver Can't see how to do that in Publisher.