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  1. Thanks Wosven' I did what you said but have an another question. I found where to change the text color swatches but was unable to find "Use it in your paragraph" to change the character styles settings. Also, please see questions in below
  2. I'm writing a book, and since the laocl Printing Company does not us or is familiar with Affinity products, they gave me the specs I needed. I was told I needed to make the text all black and the CMYK Color Sliders: C = 0 M = 0 Y = 0 K = 100 I had already finished the book and was in the process of making the CMYK changes. However, when I change to C =0, M = 0, Y = 0 and K = 100 and then save the document, the CMYK settings do not save. Even before saving, I found that after I make the change and then check, the settings and check, the setting revert back. The first image is CMYK settings changed as needed above. The second image is after I saved the document or go back and look with the settings not saved.
  3. Thanks for the reply Thomaso, The only thing I can tell you is what I posted on Jan, 6 below. I'm not sure how, but somehow I got the doc to save properly, and I'm not getting the message . You lost me on your question 🤷‍♂️. I did lose all the editing I did that day and have no idea what happened. I think my problem is that I only have 8 GB RAM. I had several programs running at the same time I was using afpub. I'm upping my RAM to 32 GB and have closed all the programs running except afpub. I'm thinking increasing the RAM will help. The only thing I can tell you about "Could you explain the message / the process of Saving a bit more" is below. I'm no longer getting message below and have no idea what happened or how the error it got corrected. I'm just not that computer savvy. Posted January 4 I was working on the book in Affinity Publisher and the app kept shutting down unexpectedly. This has happened to me in the past now and then, but I was always able to reopen the doc without any problems in the recover file without losing any work, so I kept opening the recover file and continued editing. However, when I tried to open it this time, something went wrong. It opened and then the program shut down immediately and did this every time I reopen the doc. I finally rebooted my Mac and got it to open and I started working on file again but lost ALL the work I had done for the entire day. Then after working on the doc again, I tried to save it and got this message: Failed to load document: My Grandfather's Story 1:3 Access to the document file was lost while performing initial loading. The document must now be closed. My only choice was to close and reopen the doc. Now every time I reopen the file and make any changes and try to save or save as, I get the same above message when I try to save the doc. I'm afraid all my work is corrupted and will be lost or not print right. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I have been working of this book for over 6 months. I'm sickened by all the lost editing I did today!
  4. Thank you Lee, I did Save As, and I think I have it worked out. I'm also saving the doc periodically, after loosing a day's work editing.
  5. THANK YOU Old_Bruce! Done!!! 👀😎 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Michael
  6. Thank you Bruce, What I'm not understanding is how to make two section as you have described. When I clicked on Document and then Section Manager the Section Manager pop up window "Start On Page" in Section Manager - is grayed out. So I'm confused on creating a new section. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I have Master A with odd pages and Master B with even. I have Master C without page numbers for the 1st page and Master D for the 2nd, and these two pages do not have page numbers. I assigned Master A to odd pages 3, but it doesn't have page 1, it has page 3, and the same for Master B. I'm sorry Walt but I'm just not getting it and don't understand how to get page 3 to be page 1 and page 4 to be page 2. I did it on another Doc in the past but can't remember how I did it.
  8. Okay I'm confused. I clicked on Document and then Section Manager. It's on the Section Manager pop up window that - "Start On Page" in Section Manager - is grayed out. So I'm confused on creating a new section. I thought that was done the was I stated above.
  9. Correction - "Start On Page" in Section Manager - is grayed out so I can't get it to start on page 3
  10. The option on Section Manager - Start On Page - is grayed out and I can't set the section printable page number to start on 1.
  11. How to remove page numbers on pages 1 & 2 and continue with page 1 on page 3 etc. in Publisher? In support help topic it says: "To suppress page numbering on initial sections (e.g. Contents or Preface) don't assign a master page." I wasn't sure about that so I added two a master pages without numbers (since the doc is single page non facing) and assigned one of the masters to page 1 & the other to page 2. Now how do I get the 3rd page to start with page 1 and not 3?
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