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  1. I use to use pageplus to make my greeting cards with a layout for greeting cards and then design and print how would I be able to do this in publisher if at all possible if someone is able to help I look forward to hearing from you many thanks David
  2. Just wanted to know if you can make a greeting card with this software like in Page Plus x9 with the template for blank greeting cards many thanks David
  3. Just So pleased at Affinity Designer on what I have achived and wanted to say what a great work book that I purchased to use with the software going to start using and working through it ​Two pictures attached with tis post the original picture and what I managed to produce from the picture. David
  4. Please could I ask a question I am using the picture attached to cut out one of the people in this image I have used the selection Brush tool but as you can see I have refined the image and you can see part of the fence where the brush went away from the person I can't seem to move it back so the fence is not shown just the person to be removed looking forward to any help with this many Thanks I have attached original image and the one I screen copied to show how far I managed to get David