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  1. Expand Stroke, which will create it as a fill. What you want to do is "Weld" them together.
  2. Did you start with the "CTRL" button and reset? That could be it as well. Each update has its share of issues.
  3. Have you updated your drivers for your video card? I had the very same issue and had to do a bunch of stuff to get it working properly. Argggh, machines!
  4. I use a trilogy of programs to be rid of Acrobat (well, I have an old v7 pro, but it's dustbin material). I use Qoppa PDF Studio Pro 2019, Callas PDF Toolbox and until recently SoftmakerFlexiPDF, which I will purchase when it goes on sale. In total, all three have much more than Acrobat (I use Acrobat DC at work) but none have all of what Acrobat does. PDFToolbox is amazing for a lot of professional kind of PDF work that needs to get done, it is however rules based and not very interactive. Qoppa is amazing, it does a ton of cool things. One of my favorites is the crop tool, which unlike Acrobat DC, does not try to rasterize pages. It also has a great basic imposition program, allows for reversing of pages very easily and I can get most locked PDFs unlocked, it's pretty trick. Softmaker has the "edit item" that is great for many things, also changing colors is doable.
  5. Start your program with CTRL selected. you will be prompted to clear user data. I selected all as I have barely done anything that can't be figured out, YMMV. Also, click off "enable Open CL"
  6. Great question Carlos! Maybe this will help?
  7. I stay away from subscription software as much as possible. I have bought and regularly use, Affinity Publisher for PDF editing (lost causes, but it's really done great) I also use Softmaker Flexi PDF (subscription was 35 bux for a year), and I love Qoppa PDF Studio, it has several things that make it incredible, including editing and saving password protected PDFs (a cinch!) reversal of pages, and general editing, the Imposing feature is as good as EFI Fiery at 1/50th of the cost. Recently purchased PDFToolbox 12. It's a huge program, am trying to get it to do several things, including process to spot (I do prepress for an envelope printing and files come in all sorts of kaka). What I am trying to do with it is make the program respond to "Spotify" up to 4 common spot colors. I do a lot of making spot colors on common plate (jet presses have the ability). The "create" bleed is fantastic!! The white background builder is pretty awesome too. It has an imposition program too, breaking reader spreads is a great feature. I like the fact that it is stand alone program. PDFToolbox 12 is so huge, I have yet to scratch the surface. Affinity Publisher, I get a particular kind of file that is a pain in the neck to get into production. Two (2) color job, file never sent to size. I open in AP 1.8x, re size the document and spread to the correct size, then I move it around until it's in the exact right place and for two sided versions do the same I then create bleeds and spot color change. I have cut production from half an hour with the old way to 15 minutes for two sided 8 minutes for single sided.
  8. Here is a classic issue, you have uneven line spacing at the page level because you have unequal text flowing! Oh, terrible! It's a classic issue that can be easily fixed. Bottom text align. Go to "View - studio - Text Frame - Verticle align "bottom." Now your bottoms will align, your tops, not so much! Another workaround would be to make folios set at bottom, and just let the text flow.
  9. What version of Prinergy? Do you have the PDF trapping plug in? What was the actual trapping errors? Were spot colors on tone involved? Did it choke when it should have spread? Sometimes, you do have to make .eps because of odd transparency issues, but if it's font trapping that should be able to be done with the plug in. What version of PDF (1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7) is being exported? If it is black type not overprinting, there are a few things you can do. If it is fonts not embedding correctly, that's something else. I love to work on this kind of stuff. Detective work. I guess that somethings work differently with different apps and how the RIPS apply them, what they are expecting. In certain programs (Illustrator, for example) work arounds became the normal way of getting jobs out, then something new comes around and you gotta use your time and noggin to figure out how to make it work with your system.
  10. Export single page pdfs with bleeds, nomarks. Imposition software will take care of the saddle stitch. I always make the exported file size of full sheet plus 1/8" bleed so 8.5 x11 is 8.75 x 11.25. Remember to extend bleeds out. I set file up with bleed from the start. I regularly remove marks from supplied pdfs, but it's always better to have the page the way I described, your items will be in the position you set them in, with no chance of change since only bleed is included. Try the link below from your exported pdfs. http://www.imposeonline.com/instructions.php I use Qoppa pdf studio pro 2019. Works like a charm.
  11. I own the windows version, work is MAC only, having similar issue as John Fleet. Am running the trial at work. I hope this can get figured out because the trial really impressed my bosses, and we need more control over PDFs in editing mode, for a lot of jobs.
  12. I think for most efficient work, make a PDF, let the page layout be what it is a page layout, asking it to do more (even if other operating systems do it) can be time consuming. I betcha that you do this all the time, the right tool will be much better, if it's once in a while, well, ya gotta live with it. I like working on page layouts more than impositions... so I have the right tool for the jobs, not just one type of job. I hope that make sense!
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