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  1. Can you curve them out? Click on the PNG, and go to curves, CMYK, and up the k and remove the others. I do this in Adobe products (Little more time consuming opening up programs than StudioLink, LOL).
  2. When push comes to shove, I use the vector doctor. Excellent work, great pricing.
  3. Had a pdf file that normalized, preflighted, trapped and imposed. Proof sent. Couldn't proof or plate. All kinds of shennanigans to fix the file. Export to .eps., Import to InDesign and export to pdf, redistill, nope. Illegal file command. Today I take the file and import it into Affinity Publisher 2, and yes, it finally worked out. I find V2 on my pc is much more confident. Sometimes V1.1 x x would open and crash. Great news was it took a couple of pdfs to make it just right, black type is black. Kudos, you beat a pdf from illustrator to make it work.
  4. That is very hard, because one program is not another. As a graphic artist, I can tell you it's hit or miss in conversion of one file type to another. Really the big question for you is, is this 1,000 problems that have to be fixed now or can they be fixed upon need? It is really hard to leave Quark (lol, it's me!) because v3.33+ was great and stable, but InDesign really did work better after 2002. I have converted many files to ID. Conversely, you can save as Package, import pdf and some of the issues may go away, especially if you have the fonts.
  5. Thank You! I will say that is awesome!!!
  6. I wish that Affinity Suite could be one or two decimal points longer, instead of 0.000 it could be 0.00000 to accommodate 1/16" of inches, 0.4375" instead of now 0.438" or for a 1/32" instead of 0.031" it could be 0.03125" . My work is pretty technical and needs this. Thank you! Rodi
  7. If I have to edit a PDF, it exports fine, lol. Only when just placing multiples of one pdf into an AP file does the black process out.
  8. They are imported PDFs from customer files. Honestly, I have a "Basic" export I made that works for danged near everything, but when I get this issue, I export all different ways to see what may fix the friggin thing, so my specific pdf type may not be what I usually do, duly noted on the pass through, I will try to export at the latest and greatest.
  9. 90% of work comes in as PDFs, nad Had an all K pdf job turned into a perfect bound book, same thing. Ya know what I did? turned all the work into PANTONE Black C spot color. LOL, it worked, but it's lunacy that my RIP system needs to convert that to black (when only spot colors) because of an issue it has with not making side guides in Spot colors. A little sweating, but it got done. Cursed you AP for not being perfect! AP really does the job of both Illy and ID combined, and I like that, it's easy where ID is easy and flexible where Illy is flexible. Setting up panels is easily done in every page layout program, yes I get it done in em all and then some (still use Freehand!). I get many jobs just sent in PDF format. A tool that has been great for much is Callas PDFToolbox, it does a lot cool stuff cutting readers to single page, removing crops, even adding bleed (works a good portion of the time). I use AP/Designer as you probably use Illustrator, but I have never found Illustrator good at handling regular text, it's awful. AP works in similar fashion as Oris PDF Tuner, and with the advent of 1.9+ Passthrough is great. If I don't have the fonts I will make a PDF Copy of just text and eliminate the text on the art copy. Then I am free to move around.
  10. PDFs come from everywhere in my shop. I need to be able to make folding panels go quickly, next job is on deck! Here is the thing, it's a great tool, if they get these small things ironed out, it's gonna be a dragon slayer, and I want it to work. I have a job that is a two (2) color item, done in Illustrator, never to do size with bleed always has to be fit in. I would spend a lot of time fixing it in Acrobat/Illustrator/ID. I get it done in a few minutes now... It's a great program.
  11. Lagarto, I will try that next time. I am not knocking Affinity products. I actually have found them quite useful, and they do things that I could never get done otherwise with ID/AI.... but some of the things that should be straight forward are not. I think what I will do next time is make duplicate copies, I think it really gets hung up on multiple copies of a pdf in a document. Thanks for all the input. I am optimistic and I think they will get it done at some point. Good thing is they aren't even in the radar of most printshops/design houses so they can mature the product some more. I used ID 1, 1.5
  12. Yes I can, but to be clear, since there is no way to check seps in AP at this point, it could be the program doing it, not the export, who knows, right? My long term mission is to get out of Adobe net, and fighting through this. File uploaded with embedded art. The 6695 Hedges_REF_Trifold.afpub
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