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  1. velarde

    EXR and JP2 still unsupported

    I noticed also the crash when opening images downloaded from Google ( jp2) . Both Designer and Photo (Mac version) crash when trying to open these files...
  2. Just noticed this exact same problem
  3. velarde

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thanks, Just downloaded. Everything looks great. Nice extra features Like the new Crop tools options implemented. The Darken (which we already had) + the Reveal checkbox ( very needed) . Not a a bug but Just PLEASE add the sticky settings to the Crop mode. Hopefully it's added on this version. fjv P.D. Also Just a quick question. If I use this Beta an create a 1.7 Beta file will I be able to open it on the final 1.7 Release or is there a chance they won't be compatible...?
  4. velarde

    Window Zoom

    Please consider adding this to the list of interface improvements... You can't imagine the number of clicks and manual resizing one has to do without this feature. Sometimes I open 10-15 images on Affinity photo to compare and see them all the same time, but have to manually resize all the windows.... Now that i'm using Affinity every day (instead of Photoshop) as my main image program, I think this would be my favorite thing to add to the list..... (+ Sticky crop settings..) Everything else is working ok.... thanks
  5. velarde

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    All this little fixes and features for 1.7 look great... One question, though.. will this be only available as final release when you launch Publisher...? Is the release of all three apps now dependent of each other...? Wouldn't mind getting Photo and Designer 1.7 sooner and wait a little bit more for the Publisher release...
  6. Haven't downloaded the latest beta since I'm still waiting for Affinity to add Sticky settings to the crop tool... I just read the beta release notes before I hit the download button... But from reading this thread, it looks like the programmers are overthinking and making the crop tool more complicated than this simple (but important) function should be....
  7. A tip that may work for some (And if you are in a Mac): PDF Expert for Mac on sale $20.00 USD (down from $80) . The sale should last a little longer but I've seen it come and go in the past couple of months. ( I bought in the last sale) Nice utility. You can add hyperlinks there. (You could view it as an add on). https://deals.x-mirage.com/sales/pdf-expert-for-mac-2 I know it costs extra and It's not really integrated but the plus is that you can add links to PDFs created in both Designer and Publisher and not wait for Affinity to add this. It could be months or years as we all know. I personally found it useful , hope somebody else benefits from the tip. Regards, fjv
  8. Being looking to do this for a while in Affinity Photo ! A quick way to copy and paste an objects effects (Without creating a Style as a step between) If I haven't read this thread... I wouldn't have found it. So selecting the object with the style and choosing "copy" (while right clicking) makes this happen... Like other have commented I would suggest these changes: 1) When you right click an object rename the "copy" for "Copy Layer Effects" . For me the "copy" options means I'm copying the object (not the effect) 2) Once the effect is copied to the clipboard add the ability to have a "Paste Layer Effects" option appear when you right click on another object. 3) The "Paste FX"in the Edit menu is good to have... but adding the other options would really be great. Right now we are copying and pasting the effects in two completely different areas of the interface... P.D. Also the "Layers Effects..." right click option could be renamed "Edit Layer Effects" and be placed right under the "Paste Layer Effects" Thanks ! fjv
  9. Thanks Rocketdrive. It's not perfect but you are right; this is the work around for now and useful in some cases.
  10. Just ran into this issue also. Please a +1 to add this functionality. Have the color picker be able to pick up Pantone colors. thanks
  11. This point has been asked for a LOT of time by different users..... over 2+ years... Downloaded the 1.7 beta yesterday and still the crop ratio is not remembered... Not really sure if it's hard to implement, they have forgotten about it or what's the issue with this. Would love to see it implemented in this next release or at least a note on the developers if they acknowledge this issue.
  12. velarde

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Thanks for the work. Like the new Crop tool . It works much better now seeing the original image size as reference. Just to make it complete please don't forget to add the "sticky" setting to the Crop Mode. It still reverts to "Unconstrained" EVERY single time you use it.... PLEASE.... fjv
  13. Thank you for the suggestion Aammppaa. I tried these but in this case the erase white paper doesn't help since my 3D render is not created with an all white background. It's part of a complicated render. I have an alpha mask/buffer which is created in the 3d package and helps me isolate the object. The problem is that little extra color fringe that I get when I extract the selection.... It need to be very precise because of the Ambient oclussion drop shadow I have. Deffinitetly like Metin comments we don't seem to have a similar Remove White/Black matte in A Photo... I can manually blur the edges a little bit and that helps.. but Just wanted to see if there was another solution I was missing . thanks