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  1. Also having crashes when starting up Designer and Publisher. Installed from the Mac App Store. Photo is the only one working correctly on my end. Have deleted and reinstalled but still the same as others. Is there a way to roll back to 2.4 while there is an update...? Note: sharing system screenshot. Intel iMac
  2. Please try to add to the 2.5 bug fixes.. This was reported (and acknowledged) more than 6 months ago... Thanks!
  3. My theory (I may be mistaken) is that this happened after a .1 update. I'm pretty sure I did NOT deselect the "Keep Selected" checkbox in Designer. Well, just happy to get my workflow back... thanks all
  4. Thanks GarryP! 😀 The "Keep selected" checkbox must have been unchecked somehow, I had to look for it. Been driving me mad for these past weeks... Hey PSendda.. thanks for the video! Fixed it now. and will surely remember it if it happens again
  5. Hello: Wanted to ask how can I keep an object selected after I create it. Not sure, but I "feel" that this has changed in the last couple of updates. For example I'm working in Designer. I create a circle with the Elipse tool and after I create it I want to keep it selected so I can move it and refine it... Right now after I create any new element (Shape, text objects, etc) I have to first change to the Move tool and THEN manually select it. A lot of extra clicks.. I feel (I may be mistaken) that this wasn't the behavior before. Any suggestions for this...? Is there a preference I should check or am I just going nuts..? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello Sorry, just following up on this issue. Any chance it could be added to the 2.3.1 patch before it is released? I don't think I saw it in the MacOS list Thanks!
  7. I'm still having issues in my old intel Mac... and 2.3.0. Will keep a look at this thread every couple of months to see if there is a fix.
  8. Hello. Just wanted to report this issue has NOT been fixed with the 2.2.1 update (at least on my system and hardware configuration) I applied the update using the Mac App store. Restarted my computer . Deleted and added again the Affinity Photo screen recording permission in System Preferences But still the same problem as reported. Regards,
  9. Thanks, I'll wait for the fix... I see there are threads starting to pop in the forum with this issue... Hopefully this can be a quick patch
  10. Hello: I'm having the same issue in my intel iMac... Tried different things but have not been able to solve it. It worked fine before the 2.2 update.. here's the thread
  11. Hello Nathan I allowed a Guest user... is this good to test...? I logged out of my Admin account and logged in as a Guest. I opened Affinity and it didn't recognize my license so I started the 30 day trial there. I went to the screen recording preference to turn on the preference (Photo was already there) I deleted it , added it again but still the same issue. my color picker only shows a R 255 G255 B 255 value outside of the app and doesn't sample the color...
  12. Very strange but have NOT solved this issue.. 😟 • I deleted Photo and installed again. • I've unchecked the "Enable Metal compute acceleration" checkbox (which I remember has caused some issued back in my particular Intel Computer) • I've added and deleted Photo to the screen recording allowed apps several times (until I get the system dialog) But I can't make the color picker grab color outside the Affinity App... The latest update "broke" it for me on my System... By any chance does any of you have my same computer?: iMac 21.5 - Late 2015 - Intel Iris Pro graphics 6200 thanks
  13. Thanks Hangman and Walt. I'll check on my end more exhaustively and see what's the problem... Have a nice weekend
  14. Hello again Any idea or suggestion why this stopped working for me...? It looks like I have everything set up correctly, or is this a possible bug for my particular computer and specs...? Regards, fjv
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