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  1. Also the polgonal selection tools no longer show the correct modifier icons , + plus (for adding to a selection) and - minus for deleting from a selection.
  2. New update I see now that for some reason my brush tool got set to Overlay instead of Normal... I changed it and now I can paint normally in the mask. Sorry for the thread - Please disregard. fjv
  3. Update. Just tried using the Pixel Tool to paint in the mask. (Which I've never used before) and this one works. So in short, the Paint Brush tool doesn't work at all in the Mask but the Pixel Tool does... Tried it in a whole lot of images and I can replicate it every single time. Thanks
  4. Hello In 2 minutes of using 1.9 I found a Big problem. in the new Affinity Photo I can't paint in an Adjustment Layer Mask. The brushes just won't do anything. Not sure if the workflow changed now with 1.9, I'm creating a new adjustment layer , and then I create a new Mask layer for it. I try to paint on it to select which areas are affected by it but I just can't paint anything.. Anybody else sees this problem? P.D. Mac OS Big Sur 11.2
  5. Thanks Jens. I was guessing as much but didn't want to disregard an issue on my side. It's been days and the status in this thread still says : Status: GM Seed Mac App Store: Submitted Regards fjv
  6. Hello Has anybody downloaded the official version from the Mac App Store...? I check everyday to see if it's in my updates but still not there.... Thanks, fjv
  7. Sorry just ran into this problem in my computer. Installed a fresh copy of MacOs Big Sur and noticed all these Noto Sans Fonts... I didn't; have this problem under Mojave ... So didn't know this was an issue... I checked the thread mentioned but found no solution... Does anybody have a fix or suggestion for this? P.D. I see there are other threads about this in the iPad forum. Which was marked as solved by an Affinity patch. But it looks like this issue is again appearing (at least in the Desktop Version) Thanks
  8. I've run in this issue many times also... and is one of the things that seems strange and "feels awkward". Not sure how Photoshop handles it (since It is kind of automatic and never thought of it) but I'm sure something can be improved in Photo. Thanks
  9. +1 on being able to keep "Original Ratio" as Sticky... or maybe at least be the Default option for the crop tool Thanks
  10. Developer Team: Congratulations on quickly porting the Affinity code for the new Macs with the M1 chips. But could we please have some response about these interface issues? I was reading the MacRumors.com news about this. Pretty much positive feedback but here's another user with the same comment.... "Love that Affinity is so quick to update. Although they REALLY need to update the way the floating interface items work. I'm constantly fighting the floating palettes. They seem to get in the way all the time, it's infuriating! Especially on a laptop that occasionally gets attached to an external monitor. They seem to be ignoring Apple's UI guidelines on these." https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/serif-updates-affinity-apps-for-superfast-performance-with-m1-chip.2267391/page-2 The "Astrophotography Stack" from the new Photo Beta looks nice but could we have this fixed first? It's a hassle to "fight" the windows (as this user describes it) every day we work and use the app. I'm guessing this is pretty much the last 1.x update we will get. Hopefully this will not be addressed until the 2.x releases... I would consider this to be an essential part of the program. Working correctly in Separate Mode. Thanks
  11. Affinity just following up on this thread. please take a read. Like I mentioned before last year (and I stick by it) if you don't add any more functionalities to Affinity Photo and just improve the UX from this thread I would be more than happy. After one year (or more) of not having to launch Photoshop these are the small details and polish that I miss. Which makes Affinity less productive for Design and Production work. Again I'm taking about having different images open in Separate mode. Having to move the windows manually under the tools/palettes, resizing and zooming on windows... etc. I'm sure there are many of us that like working on Separate Mode. Thanks
  12. Hello. Also curious about the Contour Tool. Could Serif please elaborate on what this tools does; maybe a quick video/animated GIF? Is this their naming for the Path Offset Tool in Illustrator? Thanks all
  13. Thanks for the new functionalities.But please don't forget sticky settings .. There are still some tools that don't remember the last one used. One example is the Selection tools; specifically the FreeHand Selection Tool. It always defaults to the first one (Not sure of its name ) The one with the ziggy zaggy lines. The ONLY one I use is the second one. The one with the closed shape and lets you do only straight lines. Affinity Photo NEVER remembers that I want to use that one. This week I had to retouch 100 pictures and in every new one I opened I had to select the second sub tool manually. And while we are in this subject I find it strange that when I want to add to a selection I have to press the "control" key modifier. I would think that the "shift" key is the standard to add.
  14. Hello. Just wondering if there's any news on upcoming betas. Mainly to fix the several issues that are now buging the App while working in Separate Mode. Thanks
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