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  1. Hi @MEB, fortunately, I haven't had to use Designer since my last comment here. Now I do. You noted back in January that "Something is wrong with object detection/selection." I agree! What is it? Some of my files work. Some don't, like the one I provided. Selecting the elements and pasting to a brand new doc doesn't fix it. So looking forward to learning what your dev team concluded. ?? Cheers.
  2. Did your dev team find the bug @MEB?
  3. Hi @MEB, thanks for your questions, and apols for delay in responding ... I have been on hols. The file was created from scratch in Designer. Nothing imported except the odd jpeg (hidden).
  4. Thanks @MEB ... done. Not the most interesting / attractive file you'll have received :-)
  5. @gdenby, thanks for your question. When the line is selected (per the animated gif above), and I then select the node tool and Select All, the line that's selected simply has solid blue squares at each end, as expected. No orphan dots. Nothing else appears (or disappears). But now I can see how some of my lines got broken into two (per my 2nd comment in this thread). With the line selected, clicking anywhere on the canvas to the left or right of the line (and I mean far away) inserts a node on the line.
  6. Affinity Designer is currently a no-go for me until I can find a way to fix this. Such a simple thing wrecks my workflow. Just did a clean install to see if that would fix it. Unfortunately not. :-(
  7. Thanks @R C-R. I can confirm that when I have the move tool selected and click on a part of the canvas well away from anything, a vertical line gets selected that isn't part of a group. See the attached file.
  8. Now I find, when I can click on a line, that it's been severed into two lines at some entirely random point. This is most strange. Haven't seen anything like this in the couple of years I've been using Affinity.
  9. I'm running 1.6.1 on Mac and my select / move tool is acting a little crazy. Normally when I click on nothing, nothing is selected. Today when I do that, it appears to select a line seemingly at random. I have noticed that the line it selects is typically to the left or right of the 'nothing' I've clicked, but far enough away to know something is acting up here. Another symptom is that when that line is selected, clicking another object does not select it. No amount of clicking will work. I have to select with a drag instead. This is really annoying to the point of disabling. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix?
  10. Found it! https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1105-export-to-png/?hl=transparent+png&p=4237
  11. Hi, try as I might, I can export a slice as a .png with transparency. I've tried with an artboard and without, no luck. I've searched this forum and the www. What I'm I doing wrong?! Thanks in advance.