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  1. THANKS, great you added median for FS ! I use median since I have learn to use it from earth Oliver for product images and it works impressive well. he suggests to run the median filter twice to get rid of the artefacts you get with just one pass in the lower frequency layer so I wonder if this artefacts as in your implementation can have an negative impact or if you could implement it in the oliver way so that the settings are applied 2 times in the background ? https://www.adobe.com/de/max/2020/sessions/frequency-separation-20-part-1-photoshop-fs20-reto-l6153a.html
  2. I hope for a fix since they have released the very first version 5 years ago ! so now 5 years have passed without much progress which makes clear where the priorities for serif are so I don't think much will change with version 2.0 . " i really did try hard to make AP work for me, missing plugin support is not an issue i even can live without actions but non sticking settings drive me nuts. working on more than one image is simply frustrating when you have to apply the same settings again and again. this does not work in a professional situation. the repetitive tasks are ti
  3. this is maybe point. they are obvious not interested much in in this user groupe as long as they can sell it to the masses which very likely will never really use it anyway. the development roadmap seems also more determinated by the developers personal interest and hobbies than what would benefit a majority of user . not to forget that they made promises during the first beta to fix this annoying problems........
  4. it is totally frustrating that they see the need to implement a astro persona serving a tiny niche market already covered by specialized software or linked layers but completely ignore the need of many user asking for this improvements since years now. seems sticky settings are not cool enough for marketing purposes......
  5. ...this is for sure an argument but what works for accountants is not necessary great for creatives. todays imaging software also resamples a supermarket, endless aisle cramped with stuff you never need.
  6. almost all new imaging software today is a more or less a copy from an existing concepts with interfaces without style and bad design and speaking about old times 30 years old "livepicture" (http://lensgarden.com/uncategorized/live-picture-software-that-was-way-ahead-of-its-time/ ) comes to my mind a revolutionary software with an resolution independent concept, still unmatched in some points and how great this software would work on our mobile devices today . seems younger software developer are not only unaware of the past but are also blocked to think outside the box not able to develop n
  7. ....maybe i simply make the wrong assumption that AP is targeted at photographers and retoucher working with real images when it fact it is the new painter & illustrator. looking at how they promote it, what features are added and what user post indicates this.
  8. hi jowday, fully agree ! I think the core issue is that the developers don’t understand or ignore the need that for some user working on more than one image at the same time is important. so with no surprise there is not even an elegant way to display more than one image, not to talk about the option to apply the last used adjustments settings as in PS but the most crazy thing for me is that the warp tool starts with bilinear instead of bicubic. all this is a clear indicator that they do not listen or talk to professional user or see them as an important audience and I think this
  9. I know this has been brought up since the very first beta and it is sad to see that no real progress has been made now over a long time. when you work hours, weeks retouching images as i do it is total frustrating that tool settings are still not sticky. the same is true for filters and raw develop settings. another issue for me are macros which still do not offer equal functionality as actions in ps. i really hope this fields which negatively impact work experience for user doing commercial retouching get some attention.
  10. hi, gabe attached a screenshot. the file was a .psd and rather large 1GB + . the screenshot is after the app crashed. because i could not find a way to record a frequency separation based on median blur in AP I have to use PS causing all kind of issues with large files .psd and a lot of layers.....
  11. when the tranform tool is used on a layer with transparency set to below 100% it crashes AP. latest version, Big Sur.
  12. ok, i do need to manage and know already a long list of essential software so adding another one just for .afphoto files which offers no other value is not on my list, but thanks !
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