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  1. Hi, has someone found a way to record a usable frequency separation macro using median blue and 16 bit ?
  2. @Andy the raw persona now renders very fine detail with rather low levels of artefacts outperforming c1 in this regard but still lacks basic functionality like an easy way to safe conversion settings and reload them. can you give us an estimate when this will be implemented ? what I also miss is the ability to apply custom input profiles which was possible in earlier versions when I remember right, will we get this function back too ?
  3. thanks for the advise but that your company is unwilling to implement a correct vat handling following EC rules for B2B in your store is more than a shortcoming it is a symbol this days. I was about to buy publisher not because I need it I´m a photographer but I have bought all of your apps just to support your project and I thought it is better to buy direct so you don't have to share 30% with apple. maybe i´m too sensitiv but as I said it is a symbol and it tells me that you don't care much about doing business with EC creatives maybe it is really about time that GB leave the EC when even companies operating in this field care so less about EC rules....
  4. because you still have no option for european companies with valid vat id to place an order at your store without paying british vat.
  5. seems the developer have a special ignore button for this kind of posts, in the beginning they sometimes replied - patience folks, we are working on it , we will fix this soon.... - but this is long ago. we need to face the fact, we the professional and regular user are a tiny minority. not worth enough to be interesting business wise. they prefer to work on cool features good for marketing and to impress all the pseudos and wannabes which probably only start this software once right after purchase to find out it is to difficult for them ....... nevertheless i hope I´m wrong
  6. Andrew, totally agree with you. they made a lot of promisses what get fixed soon after the first release but never delivered but this did not hold them back from adding new features and now 2 years later most of the shortcomings are still there and it does not seem they get fixed soon. very sad...
  7. this was problem was there in the first betas as under 10.10 on my system and it is still not fixed.
  8. yes. and i can´t believe this is still not fixed ! ! on the screenshot you can see the problem between PS which uses the correct display profile and AP when the image is moved to the second monitor.
  9. there is a better solution, try this: open sys pref go to the monitor pref tab where you can arrange monitors. move the little white bar on top from one screen to the other. restart AP now.
  10. imho the menu bar behavior has nothing to do with this. 10.11 still has still a preferred main startup screen and it seems that AP only reaches for this profile, so when you move AP to the external display it has loaded the wrong profile and you get a color missmatch.
  11. you need to make the second monitor the main monitor for osx to do this go to monitor pref. - arrange tab - now move the little withe bar on top of the mac frame to the external monitor - restart AP dear developers when do we see a fix for this problem ?
  12. without seeing the image it is impossible to recommend a strategy but i´m sure you either need to recreate the hair or have to use cloned parts from the original or similar shots. to do this without traces need a lot of experience and knowhow - so there is no simple solution
  13. after reading this post i have the suspicion that the problem you face is related to a bug that seems was never fixed - AP can not handle a dual monitor setup correct. i assume you use AP on the external display. so try this: open sys pref go to the monitor pref tab where you can see and arrange both monitors. move the little white bar on top of the macbook screen to you pa272 monitor. restart AP now.
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