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  1. hi and thanks but this is simply a bug Bildschirmaufnahme 2022-11-27 um 17.27.08.mov
  2. the problem is independent from the mac hardware ( can reproduce it on 3 different Macs, m1 and intel ) and it is very annoying hope we see a fix soon
  3. when the size of the tool is changed with alt / cmd / drag than after the first but sometimes after the second or third use the tool is displayed as arrow instead of the round outside border or content, hitting the space bar brings the correct form back. who the size is changed via the menu everything works fine. ventura on m1 ultra PSA.: just discovered the bug is also related to the tool size, bellow 100px it works !
  4. @PaoloT hm, adobe says: Photoshop 24.x is compatible with macOS Ventura (version 13) with these known issues... the problems with AP started long before Ventura at the end adobe works affinity is buggy
  5. the core issue ist that I have to deal with all kind of bugs for too long now, moved to an m1 ultra with ventura and things got worse understand that they want to focus on a new release but that does not change the fact that I have no other chance than to use this broken software or get back to adobe !
  6. Bildschirmaufnahme 1.mov when I open a bunch of .aphoto files ( more than 3 ) the app freezes after closing the first image but when I alter the images and save them everything works as expected. this happens with the current version but also with the latest beta. the problem is only related to .aphoto files tiff work normal. reinstalling the os did not solve the issue
  7. thanks bruce, this is not the case but I will test it with a new user account.
  8. hi and thanks, this is totally weird there are no crash reports. maybe this an os problem, will download the lates Catalina combo and reinstall it.
  9. when I open some images at the same time .aphoto 500-1000mb the app crashes when I close the first file I have worked on. same with the beta, cleaning and reinstall did not solve the issue. any ideas ?
  10. I hope for a fix since they have released the very first version 5 years ago ! so now 5 years have passed without much progress which makes clear where the priorities for serif are so I don't think much will change with version 2.0 . " i really did try hard to make AP work for me, missing plugin support is not an issue i even can live without actions but non sticking settings drive me nuts. working on more than one image is simply frustrating when you have to apply the same settings again and again. this does not work in a professional situation. the repetitive tasks are time consuming, annoying and prone to introduce mistakes. it is sad but this for me is the main reason i have to stay with photoshop until a fix is available.! ...this is a posting I made 3.9.2015
  11. this is maybe point. they are obvious not interested much in in this user groupe as long as they can sell it to the masses which very likely will never really use it anyway. the development roadmap seems also more determinated by the developers personal interest and hobbies than what would benefit a majority of user . not to forget that they made promises during the first beta to fix this annoying problems........
  12. it is totally frustrating that they see the need to implement a astro persona serving a tiny niche market already covered by specialized software or linked layers but completely ignore the need of many user asking for this improvements since years now. seems sticky settings are not cool enough for marketing purposes......
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