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  1. thanks for the advise but that your company is unwilling to implement a correct vat handling following EC rules for B2B in your store is more than a shortcoming it is a symbol this days. I was about to buy publisher not because I need it I´m a photographer but I have bought all of your apps just to support your project and I thought it is better to buy direct so you don't have to share 30% with apple. maybe i´m too sensitiv but as I said it is a symbol and it tells me that you don't care much about doing business with EC creatives maybe it is really about time that GB leave the EC when even companies operating in this field care so less about EC rules....
  2. because you still have no option for european companies with valid vat id to place an order at your store without paying british vat.
  3. thanks Andy , but what is the value of this feature when the mask can not be altered because the masked image is corrupted ? I understand that contamination is removed when you do a simple cut out but this adds contend to the image and I´m sure I'm not the only one how will see this as a bug because it makes zero sense.
  4. against my decision to never post here again because all suggestions for a better usability are ignored anyway I want to let you know you still have a bug in your refine selection tool which is there since the very first beta !!! when you select output to new layer with mask you get artefacts surrounding the cut out. less with open gl more with metal. would be nice you fix this before the final release.
  5. It was a mistake to come back here like everywhere elses on the web this form seems dominated by guys with an tribal attitude derailing discussions and judging what should be discussed, ask for or not. enjoy yourself I have better things to do.
  6. ok just forget what I posted. I´m only a professional advertising photographer with a lot of experience in image editing using PS from version 2 on, almost on a daily basis giving lectures in high end retouching for graphic design students and doing pro workshops for canon and sony. silly me to think I´m entitle to ask for improvements.
  7. ..yes and liquify, blur filters, repair, sharpen...... all have separate interfaces so what is the point ? wouldn't it be great when you could get back to the dev persona and AP opens the raw image again and applies the last used settings even when the image is part of a layer stack no ? I really don't get it how anyone can argue against this kind of improvements ?
  8. as far as I know photoshop and I I use it almost daily since version 2 ACR is not a separate software it is fully integrated in ps like other filters. ever heard about smart objects or ACR as filter ? you can do things with ACR impossible with any raw converter on the market. maybe you get a little educated on the subject first before making assumptions.
  9. so you know and define what photographers want and need and what a photo editor has to be, maybe it will surprise you but different user have different needs.
  10. so adobe should have stopped developing ARC when Lightroom arrived ? arc is till very popular because not everybody wants to work with a DAM software.
  11. Andy, thanks for your response but you really calling this behaviour a bug now ? to have the tools and settings stick is such a basic necessity for productivity it should have been designed this way from the beginning. your team has made a lot of progress and some tools works so much better than their adobe counterpart but you cripple photo with usability issues. I really hope you get this fixed and I think I speak for a lot user you should add the possibility to copy, save and apply raw develop settings in an easy way.
  12. I really don't unterstand why they don´t fix this, everybody working on more than one image runs into this problems. after the initial release the promised to improve usability with 1.6 they made same small progress but now it seems they simply don't care nothing changed. I have clicked - clone tool - use all layers a couple hundred times today this is so ridiculous..... makes me wonder who they see as their target audience for sure not user which do professional retouching.
  13. it is interesting to see how you ignore a fundamental flaw version after version of your otherwise great software - sticky tools and setting incl raw development adjustments. do you really think this is what your user want ? keep on clicking the same buttons over and over again because it is such fun ? right now im retouching more than 100 interior shots and I have to say I´m totally pissed because your repair tool works better in some instances than adobe but I very much hate that I have to work with affinity in such an idiotic way.
  14. seems the developer have a special ignore button for this kind of posts, in the beginning they sometimes replied - patience folks, we are working on it , we will fix this soon.... - but this is long ago. we need to face the fact, we the professional and regular user are a tiny minority. not worth enough to be interesting business wise. they prefer to work on cool features good for marketing and to impress all the pseudos and wannabes which probably only start this software once right after purchase to find out it is to difficult for them ....... nevertheless i hope I´m wrong
  15. Andrew, totally agree with you. they made a lot of promisses what get fixed soon after the first release but never delivered but this did not hold them back from adding new features and now 2 years later most of the shortcomings are still there and it does not seem they get fixed soon. very sad...