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  1. Status: Beta Release. Purpose: Fixes, improvements, features. Requirements: TestFlight Acceptance. Mac App Store: Not Submitted Hi Guys, The second beta of 1.6.4 has been deployed on TestFlight. The changes are detailed below. You can download the App Store version at any time to stop using the beta - and download the TestFlight build at any time to go back to the beta. Thanks, Affinity Photo Team :ph34r: Changes this version - Macro studio (import / playback for now, recording coming soon. Supports interactive playback.). - Significant improvements in performance for large / complex documents. - Selection marquee tools support extra-finger-constrain. - Improved reading of DPI from files. - Exposure adjustment now operates in stops, not % and has wider range. - Arrow tool has more options. - Fixed B&C adjustment in CMYK, LAB. - Lighting tool tweaks. - Paragraph leading UI improvements. - Improved loading of images from photo library. - Fixed a couple of UI memory leaks. - Fixed issue where a document failing to load would prevent subsequent loads (again). - Fixed painting onto masks / adjustments. - Numerous other small tweaks. Changes since last App Store release - Photo library now shows all user albums / folders. - New option to dither gradients in preferences - defaults to “on”. - Significant pan / zoom smoothness improvements. - Directional lights in the lighting filter can now be directed using on-canvas handles. - Further fixes for the inpainting tool occasionally leaving red marks. - Fixes for liquify (and other tools) cancelling if you drag off the edge of the screen. - Smart selection brush improvements. - Selection refinement improvements. - Fixed welcome screen not reloading sometimes. - Avoided a (rare) deadlock case. - Fixed crashes when a font has no traits. - Adjustments / filters preview react to changes in canvas size. - Avoid crashes on app exit (which nobody will ever have noticed!) - Fixed issue where if a document fails to load it can prevent other documents from being opened in this session. - Further memory management improvements. - Localisation improvements. - Numerous small stability improvements.
  2. Hi, Do you have the latest update from the App Store (1.6.3)? Thanks, Andy.
  3. Hi, Thanks - we've reproduced this and it will be fixed in the next release :) Andy.
  4. It's likely that dithering is disabled on the iPad version - we should probably put that switch back. It will always dither on export though.. Different issue to the 32bit one - but both should get fixed. Thanks, Andy.
  5. Hi, We are aware of this issue - we aim to get it fixed for the next beta build. If it helps, it is only a view issue - if you export the document the banding will dissapear. Thanks, Andy.
  6. Hi, TrueTone doesn't have to be on or off - app makers can specify what type of app they are making, and the OS will configure TrueTone accordingly. Photo sets it to "UIWhitePointAdaptivityStylePhoto" - which means "an app for viewing / editing photographs". This has the net effect (we think) of making TrueTone less aggressive, but not turning it off completely. Hope this helps, Andy.
  7. Hola, Creo que el tema es su selección. Los puntos móviles indican el límite seleccionado del 50%. Si piensas que las otras áreas que estás viendo están seleccionadas, pero menos del 50%. Puede intentar cambiar el "Mostrar seleccionado como capa" para ver si esto es cierto. Espero que esto ayude, Andy.
  8. Status: Beta Release Purpose: Fixes, improvements, new features. Requirements: TestFlight Acceptance. Mac App Store: Released Hi Guys, The fifth (and hopefully last) beta of 1.6.3 has been deployed on TestFlight. The changes are detailed below. You can download the App Store version at any time to stop using the beta - and download the TestFlight build at any time to go back to the beta. As this build is going to the App Store soon, we would like to take this opportunity to say a massive "Thanks!" to everyone who has taken the time to be a part of this beta so far - we genuinely could not do this without you.. That said, we are not done :) 1.6.3 will go to the App Store, probably tomorrow - but we will be back in beta within a week. For the next 1.6.4 release, we are hoping to add Macros, non-destructive RAW support, improved Adjustment / Filter UI, improved compositing performance, full iOS11 support and much, much more. We hope you guys will stick around for that ride :) Thanks once again for your help.. Affinity Photo Team :ph34r: Changes this version - Run in native resolution on iPad Pro 10.5” device (yay!). - Fixed panorama crash after using transform tool. - Fixed crashes when adding many items from Photos library at once. - Wet edges setting now works properly in the brush editor. - Fixed a selection brush crash in 32bit RGB colour mode. - Stopped the refine selection tool post-processing twice. - Help improvements. - Localisation tweaks. - Improved icons and images in the welcome screen. - A new sample (“The Hotel” by Neil Ladkin). - General performance improvements. - Numerous small bug fixes. Additional changes since last App Store version - Improve performance with complicated documents. - Improve selection brush stability. - Improve selection refinement stability. - Don’t allow HDR merge with less than 2 images. - Made studios more useful when the software keyboard is showing. - Fixed tooltip positioning in left handed mode. - Fixed issue when starting a new document whilst another document is still saving. - Small PDF import tweaks. - Make adding multiple files from Photos more reliable and show progress. - Numerous other small improvements / fixes. - Improved brush performance on large layers. - Canvas rotation will snap to 90 degree increments if within 5 degrees. - Improved help - including new FR, DE, EN-US localisations. More to come! - Improved RAW metadata support and reliability. - Further HDR stability improvements. - Fixed incorrect zoom level readout in navigator studio when canvas is rotated. - Fixed inability to correctly disable colour overlay layer effect. - Fixed issue whereby using Pencil would make canvas rotation available in all tools (!) - Fixed issue where the “RAW” logo would appear randomly on Photo library images in the new chooser. - Fixed crash when using the Interactive Introduction. - Fixed portrait issues with the keyboard toolbar. - Fixed weird red artefacts when using inpainting tool. - Localisation tweaks. - Portrait mode implementation. - New chooser for Photos - supports multi selection, indicates RAW. - Improved pencil / gestures support. - Undo / redo buttons available in full-screen mode. - Support pasting of images from other applications. - Ability to duplicate open documents from the home screen. - Panoramas can now be created from RAW files. - HDR Merge can now be performed on RAW files. - Panorama stability improvements. - Can now choose font face - not just family. - Inpainting improvements and stability fixes. - Improved iCloud folder support. - Improved performance in documents with lots of masks / adjustments. - Fixed export crashes. - Cancel split screen preview when converting filters to live filters. - Develop UI improvements / fixes. - Fixed “Date Shot” metadata issue with RAW. - Font stability improvements. - Fixed Post-Crop Vignette in develop. - Fixed weird highlights issue in develop. - Ability to turn off spelling red underlines. - Some pretty animations in the document manager. - Fixed failure to obey RAW tone curve, output depth preferences. - Numerous other small stability fixes. - Improved help. - Improved localisations. - Transformed / portrait develop fixes. - Selections persona should have canvas rotation tool. - Fix share button - Fix panorama-from-photos stitch bug. - Fixed share to Flickr, AirDrop, etc. - Better text for Place menu items. - Fixed “Save Affinity Layers” in TIFF export. - Pixel tool improvements - erase and other alternate modes. - Show the build number in the preferences panel. - Fixed flip document flipping in the wrong axis. - Fixed HSV mode of HSL adjustment. - Fixed shadows, clarity sliders being dodgy in develop persona. - Fixed problems loading PSD files made by Procreate. - Curves tool should refresh the channels list if the colour space changes. - Fixed adjustments which can be applied in any colour space. - Shear filter fixes and improvements. - Fixed failure to load anything if photo library contains RAW but user has “Optimise iPad storage” enabled. - Preference option to limit touch to gestures. - Fixed some broken LAB blend modes. - Further efforts to make inpainting, panorama more stable. - Improved layers studio - you can now see / select unto 2 masks / adjustments without expanding a layer. - Attempts to mitigate crashes with weird fonts. - Fixed issues where documents would become “Unable to load” until an app restart. - More tutorials! - Numerous other small improvements and fixes. - Localisation improvements.
  9. The blob is gone in the next beta (coming today!). Thanks, Andy.
  10. Hi Alex, We only enabled the cyclic behaviour on lists with a lot of options. Do you think it would be an improvement to enable them everywhere? Thanks, Andy.
  11. Thanks, Your last two suggestions have been implemented in the new beta (coming today!). I agree with the other suggestions too - we will get them done. Andy.
  12. Hi, Sorry about this - it's caused by saving history with the document, or having text objects. You can download the current 1.6 macOS beta build (from this forum) - that will give you total compatibility. We will to get 1.6 macOS out in store as soon as we can. Hope this helps, Andy.
  13. KBeat, When I say "may support" I do not mean that we would choose not to be able to open HEIC files from the Photo album. I mean that I am still not sure whether Apple intend HEIC to be generally used as a replacement for JPEG (everywhere - including web pages, etc.) or whether they just use it internally to make Photos more efficient. If they intend it to be used globally, we will adapt our code to import / export it. If they intend it to be used internally, we will make sure we import it, but will probably not support the export of it. Thanks, Andy.
  14. Hi bbum, Thanks - we are aware of this limitation. We are working on a solution and it will become available in the next beta, then the App Store soon. Andy.
  15. Hi, Yes, sorry about this - it should also work with the pencil! We will get it fixed. Thanks, Andy.