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  1. Clicking on one of the presets in the palette (no matter what type of adjustment type) doesn't apply the setting 95% of the time. Using Wacom Intuos in the video, seems to work fine if i use my trackpad. 2019-12-13 18-42-21.2019-12-13 18_47_04.mp4
  2. Gradients need a few advanced options, useful for UI/technical/game asset designers, since we sometimes need precise control of their gradients: Disable dithering This is major feature I'd love to have, similar to how Preferences option works, but it would work for exporting as well Linear/eased blending Toggle easing of values near the color nodes Steps/band blending Altho this can be achieved with couple effects, would be awesome to have as well, useful to get bands/steps of color for artistic or technical reasons. Precise handle positioning Again for control, would be great to be able to put in coordinates for the gradient tool's handles.
  3. I'd love to see an option to instantly create a copy of the current document as well! Copying usually means some objects are incorrectly positioned upon placing or document would be incorrect size.
  4. antonkudin

    Grid snapping not behaving correctly

    I think it works better with OpenGL (Basic). Not sure whats the difference between the two.
  5. antonkudin

    Grid snapping not behaving correctly

    Its inactive, i can't even select it.
  6. antonkudin

    Grid snapping not behaving correctly

    OFF, no metal support on my old imac.
  7. I've set up a Standard Uniform grid, and snapping just doesn't seem to align to anything correctly. In Snapping options i only have 'Snap to grid' and 'Force pixel alignment' on, nothing else. Document has 1 layer, just a single black Fill. AP 1.7.3
  8. Can you also log the issue thats visible in my gif: when I select an are the Transform palette stops showing size and reverts to zeros. Only after i move the selection the correct values appear.
  9. antonkudin

    Tool selection gets stuck

    Ill try it next time it happens.
  10. Here's me doing same thing. Yes, pixels are selected when crossing 50% of the pixel. When holding shift its very glitchy.. screencast 2019-10-29 14-05-49.mp4
  11. macOS 10.13.6 20" apple cinema running off 27" iMac 2011 i5. AMD Radeon 6970M 1gb graphics card All native res, no scaling.
  12. magic trackpad and wacom. no difference in what input i use.
  13. Selecting a square box using marque tool with shift held down bugs out and occasionally 'jumps' in size while dragging. Generally one of the sides is 1px off, if you drag from top right or bottom left, diagonally. When dragging from bottom left it jumps to incorrect size when it reaches 11px in gif below. Expecting same sides in pixels, no matter how selection is made, with no "jumps". PS. Issue doesn't appear when creating a vector rectangle, just marquee. Ive reported this once, in beta (1.5 or 1.6).
  14. antonkudin

    Bitmap fill tiling issue

    Its even worse than I originally thought: if fill is rotated, the pattern issue disappears in the editor (left), but is visible in exported image (right).

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