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  1. Seems like pixel tool should round the starting/ending points when shift-clicking or the algorithm chosen makes lines that are inconsistently jaggy.
  2. This one has been there since 1.6 for sure, now in 1.7.3. After merger, all thats left is an empty pixel layer.
  3. Sometimes tool would get stuck and won't change via keys or even tool bar. Sometimes hand tool, sometimes zoom tool. GIF shows its stuck in zoom mode, but fixes itself when I select move tool. Affinity Photo 1.7.2
  4. I'm creating texture maps that have a lot of copies of same embedded document, and every time i make any changes to embedded document, AP will lag like crazy, propagating the changes and updating view of main document (which i might not even have visible). Since I don't think this performance issue can be fixed, please consider adding an option to disable propagation of changes and make embedded documents 'savable' into main document.
  5. Hoping to get update on this issue.
  6. After scrolling using a trackpad and switching to a wacom, scroll bar covers all the checkmarks. It probably should 'move' the UI elements to the side, not cover them.
  7. antonkudin

    Recording a Copy command in macros

    Touting unfinished feature in marketing wasn't a great idea ;/
  8. Got a pixel selection on a pixel layer. When I try to record a Copy command (or any variant of it), nothing is recorded. Cut command is recorded, but when macro is played back, Paste posts something that was copied before, not one that played in the Macro.
  9. antonkudin

    Export again

    MEB, Continuous is unchecked and stops working after document is closed. Is this by design?
  10. Here's how its layed out. Started new doc, created pixel layers and duplicated them. Grouped. Created pixel box for mask, drag-dropped on to group to make it a mask. Selecting 3 of 5 boxes and using merge selected: Layers disappear, leaving new empty layer behind:
  11. Merging (down or selected) pixel layers within a single group that has a (vector or pixel) mask deletes processed layers and makes a new empty layer. Currently only possible quick fix for me is to group layers and Rasterize. That produces same result as Merge layers command should. No issues outside masked group or inside group that has no mask. Another potential issue: Not sure if by design but Merge visible produces new layer merged layer, without actually deleting any layers that were processed.
  12. antonkudin

    [Fixed] Layer pixel alignment issues

    If i disable 'Move by whole pixels' and leave 'Force pixel alignment' on, i can move layer a little and it snaps to pixels.
  13. antonkudin

    [Fixed] Layer pixel alignment issues

    MEB Nope moving miss-aligned pixel layer after rotating doesn't fix it, have to remove .5 from position in the Transform palette.
  14. antonkudin

    [Fixed] Layer pixel alignment issues

    Another issue thats related: if layer is odd-width or height and rotated, it will be rotated around point thats at .5 pixels at some coordinate, resulting in half-pixel position, again ignoring the 'Force pixel alignment' option. If that option is on, no matter what, i expect positions to be exactly on pixel grid.
  15. I have a pixel layer, and if i use pixel tool, put brush outside of current bounds of this layer and switch to move tool, resize/rotate rectangle handles would be incorrectly the size of layer+bound of the brush tool in a position it was just before switching. Should always be the size of layer's pixels.

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