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  1. antonkudin

    Slow performance

    Too small of an issue to investigate? Is it by design? Are non-metal macs no longer supported? Weird silence. I mean if 1.7 hits App Store in this state its pretty much unusable for me. Hope there will be a way to revert to 1.6
  2. antonkudin

    Slow performance

    Any updates on this issue?
  3. antonkudin

    Export persona visual issue

    Just FYI, some layers are pixel while others are vector shapes with filters and layer effects in that example gif.
  4. When switching to export persona and zoomed, all pixel layers become blurry and vector become sharp as if document is higher res than it actually is, completely ignoring actual canvas/pixel size. From what I can tell its a visual only glitch, and exported files are fine. Because of that strange high resolution its misrepresents actual pixels I'm about to export and is slow to update on screen. Gif showing before and after i switch to Export: .
  5. antonkudin

    Slow performance

    No, my iMac doesn't have Metal support, that setting is grayed out.
  6. antonkudin

    Slow performance

    Experiencing very large pauses/lag that doesn't happen with 1.6.5 with same document. Selecting, drawing, moving a layer, using keyboard nudge, all is very slow. Im here drawing inside an embedded document that has a lot of instances/copies in root document (for effects and filters), so maybe that has something to do with it? But root document is minimized. Hope this will get corrected before 1.7 release. Let me know if theres things/info you want me to provide. My iMac is oldish but isn't that slow and has 12gb of memory.
  7. Good, just providing as much info as possible for a repro.
  8. Opening document (saved in 1.6.7), making copy. Selecting, opening embedded document and moving a single layer a few pixels. Pressing Ctrl+Z and its return to spot somewhere between it's origin and new position. Here's a gif: Bug?
  9. antonkudin

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    When I click select and move curve point, AP most of time lags before updating/rendering the change. Same with moving points using arrow keys. This is an embedded document, so maybe that adds to the issue.
  10. Hoping to get update on this issue.
  11. After scrolling using a trackpad and switching to a wacom, scroll bar covers all the checkmarks. It probably should 'move' the UI elements to the side, not cover them.
  12. antonkudin

    Recording a Copy command in macros

    Touting unfinished feature in marketing wasn't a great idea ;/
  13. antonkudin

    Recording a Copy command in macros

    Got a pixel selection on a pixel layer. When I try to record a Copy command (or any variant of it), nothing is recorded. Cut command is recorded, but when macro is played back, Paste posts something that was copied before, not one that played in the Macro.
  14. antonkudin

    Export again

    MEB, Continuous is unchecked and stops working after document is closed. Is this by design?
  15. Here's how its layed out. Started new doc, created pixel layers and duplicated them. Grouped. Created pixel box for mask, drag-dropped on to group to make it a mask. Selecting 3 of 5 boxes and using merge selected: Layers disappear, leaving new empty layer behind: