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  1. Bug still in Very frustrating, basically unable to use brush tool on layers without resorting to palette.
  2. Good! If it helps im also running new Mac Mini M1, macOS 11.1.
  3. When I click layer palette tool shortcuts stop working, producing the 'error' mac sound. If I then click inside document, shortcuts begin working again. As if focus on the tools/document is lost. I'm in Separated mode, if thats important.
  4. Thanks for the update @Gabe! Also, am I dumb or is there no way to make brushes that are not just color stamps now? I make Image brush or brush from selection and both are not affected by tool color.
  5. Bitmap brushes i made a while back for pixelart are buggy: some don't paint, some are wrong. It looks like if pixel brush had odd size it would work incorrectly. You can see 1px don't even register and 21x21 brush that is diamond-shaped checkerboard paints a blob instead of checkerboard. Brushes file attached. Using pixel tool, obviously. Pixel art.afbrushes
  6. There should be an option to copy and paste layer effects 1:1, without any changes to parameters. When copying and pasting layer effects, editor would change some parameters like sizes, offsets, blurs etc. Assuming it compensates layer size differences. When working on UI its very annoying to keep values in sync between layers.
  7. Preset is pre-set. It shouldn't change. Unless user forces overwrite or somehow confirms the action of updating the preset with new settings. Just my 2c.
  8. Merging pixel layers under a group with layer effect applied will 'render/bake' the effect on to resulting merged layer. Let me know if i should post this as a separate thread in beta bugs forum.
  9. Definitely, and i do that sometimes. But it means it will affect the output, which is not ideal.
  10. I miss this from other apps, and its a big deal when you're working on white icons or assets for UI. Please consider adding a checkerboard slider (or even better, bright/dark color selector) into preferences!
  11. sent file. Issue I've mentioned seem to come and go, but most often editing anything is very slow and laggy in later updates (i've reported that before) 2011 3.1ghz i5 iMac, macOS 10.13.6
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