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  1. Hi Pšenda, yes, this makes sense. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, in the help for Affinity Photo there's mention of a preference <Font UI Size>. However, in the User Interface section of the preferences I can't find this option. Bug or feature? Thanks, affinian
  3. I guess, auto-exporting development recipe parameters into an re-usable and human-readable format such as a side-car file wouldn't be the most challenging task. I consider defining the overall (base) direction more difficult, since it implies careful considerations, for instance - proprietary approach vs. XMP standard (can of worms)? - write AND read (re-import)? - history support? - versioning support (sort of virtual copies)? But yes, this is a feature I also would like to see as soon as possible.
  4. Hi ostonica, I don't have the comparison experience on my own, but I can tell you why I didn't go for the i7: in contrast, to the - various - desktop family of processors afaik the i7 is "just" an i5 with higher frequencies. You don't get more real or virtual cores or other features relevant for your usage scenario. And an top when you do high duty stuff the i7 will be very likely throttled anyway thereby coming even closer to the i5 in practice. affinian
  5. affinian

    AP - Fast Fullscreen Preview

    Hi, Windows platform user here. Though I don't know the impact implementationwise (especially as compared to MacOS), and I don't need dedicated stretch options I indeed would welcome a full-screen mode like the ones all concurrent major browser offer (F11). affinian
  6. affinian

    [AD] Wacom Observations

    Good morning Sean, thanks for the hint. According to a quick morning test it seems to be the right one. At least I saw some dynamic. Tonite I will come back to it to understand all necessary and optional parameters better. Thanks a lot. :) affinian
  7. affinian

    [AD] Wacom Observations

    Hi, after I've updated the Wacom drivers to version 6.3-20.3 I still think the vector brushes' pressure sensitivity does not work. However, since I hadn't found much time to dive any further during the holidays the underlying problem might also be an user error. :D Hence I'd like to ask wether someone could provide a simple fool-proof step-by-step procedure to verify the pressure sensitivity is indeed working correctly over here (e.g. take default brush #123, with high pressure the strokes should become clearly wider.) Thanks a lot. affinian
  8. When I'm using my SurfacePro 4 as a "paint" tablet I also find the history panel a tiny bit too fiddly, with my finger it's a hit-and-miss thing. Surprisingly my hit rate with the context toolbar tool "buttons" is much, much better. But I also think, the toolbar isn't the right place. My wish - hey, it's Chistmas time :) - is one (or more) of the following options: - add support for a left/right wipe gesture - add two optional context toolbar icons for undo/redo (to allow for better separation from graphical tools they could be located on the bottom of the context toolbar) - bleduc's idea maybe is a good compromise? (post #16) affinian
  9. Hi, just: though I'm an "old" RTFM sort of guy, these are absolute fantastic guiding aids! I've watched them all. :lol: Extremely well done, and for a non-native speaker listening the speakers talking is a real joy. :) Thanks heaps to the documentation team. affinian
  10. Ok, found it out by myself. Indeed, it's the AppData pathway, in detail - for AD it's %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Designer\$version\user\ - for AP it's %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\$version\user\ Within these folders there seems to be put everything imported by the user (I reckon the *.propcol extension stands for property collection) affinian
  11. Hi, before I go into detailed learning, I want to have my settings backup routines set up (Windows 10). When tools (brushes, strokes, palettes etc.) get imported are the source files just referenced, copied or rather neither one, as the files serve as transfer containers only? Other way round: is it sufficient to backup %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Affinity? Thanks, affinian
  12. affinian

    [AD] Wacom Observations

    I've only just realized that Wacom tablet issues have been explicitly addressed with AD release So this thread and section might not be the best place for giving feedback on that. @mods: maybe a mod can move my post somewhere better, e. g. append it to the corresponding release thread? Thanks, affinian
  13. Hi, seems to me like a bug (or combinations) in the Draw Persona ("vector mode"). My setup: Win 10 Pro x64 AD Wacom Intuos S (driver 6.3.19-3) Oberservation 1 In the Draw Persona when trying all the "paint" tools and their parameters with the mouse I didn't see any draw dynamic with all brushes promising otherwise. I took several one and made sure that the (mouse) velocity option was set. But to no avail. Then I took my Wacom tablet and to my surprise nothing changed with the same brushes in pressure mode! All the brushed line get painted with no visible dynamic (apart from the brush inherent ones). As a sort of control I tried the same using the brushes in Pixel Persona (and Affinity Photo as well) - et voilà: all is fine, the pressure is translated into brush dynamics. Resetting all settings (<ctrl> on startup) didn't help either. Oberservation 2 This I noticed when doing some of my control checks. In the Pixel Persona when I use a brush and assign the width Jitter to velocity, the velocity information seems to have an effect only for the first pixels drawn. After some time (1 sec or so) the line becomes thin and stays thin, no matter how fast I move my mouse. What else can I do/check? Thanks, affinian

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