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  1. ostonica

    Polar to Rectangular implementation

    I missed a few updates but I am REALLY happy to see the bug corrected at last. MANY thanks, Now for some more Transformational Abstracts after the pause Jim js-ca.net
  2. ostonica

    eBook Export

    Every project I have involves exporting the book to Epub 3.0, so that would be a requirement for me.
  3. AfPub, based on a very quick test, does a pretty good job of importing a PDF that I created of a book in InDesign. Needs a lot more testing, but that might be a short term option. HOWEVER, the next very important step for me is missing. I cannot export to a reflowable Epub Is that feature also planned. It is needed for every project I have.
  4. That was also the first thing I tried. This is not going to work for me without the ability to open, at least, IDML files.
  5. There are other transformations on the js-ca.net website. They use a sequence of polar-cartesian and cartesian-polar transformations. Unforuntately, the bug in the Affinity implementation is still there, So I'll have to wait a bit longer to try this sequence in Affinity Photo.
  6. MANY thanks, John. I've been trying to see if we can use equations to create conformal mappings such as is possible in the (now free) Picture Window http://www.dl-c.com/site/downloads/pwp-apps.php I've not had much success so far. Maybe others here have less-rusty brains :-) Some examples: http://js-ca.net/a-shell-game
  7. Has anyone configured the buttons and dial on and Intuos 5 table to work with Affinity Photo?
  8. ostonica

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I really liked what I saw in the preview. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will include exporting documents to the Epub format. That's my main use for Indesign CC which I use daily.
  9. The brush circle does not show on my Surface Pro 4 using I wish this bug could be solved before 1.6 goes retail. Would it be possible for someone in development to verify this behaviour on a Surface Pro 4 with the Surface Pen. There is a new Surface Pen released this summer, I'd get that if it solved this problem, but it's the same technology. Perhaps the new Wacom/Microsoft developed Bamboo Pen would work, but it would be great if someone who has either of those two pens could let us know if they have the same problem.
  10. ostonica

    Polar to Rectangular implementation

    Yes, Mark I do understand, I thought that things that are simple to fix might get a little higher priority even if there is only 1 person requesting the fix as is quite likely in this case :-) But thank you for the reply.
  11. ostonica

    Polar to Rectangular implementation

    The bug is still present in all the 1.6 betas. Hope nobody minds the continued pushing for this to be fixed. Yes, it's an unusual tool, but it's one I use all the time for my transformation abstract work It's a bit surprising that it's not been fixed, since it looks like nothing more than a simple miscalculation
  12. I'm having exactly the same problem with my Surface Pro 4. No brush circle with the pen. But brush circle fine with the mouse, If I start using the brush with the mouse, I can continue using the pens and the circle shows, but as soon as I take the pen out of the image, the circle disappears. So I am only using AFPh on my desktop computer with the wacom tablet, until this is fixed. I use the brush a lot for dodging and burning and masks.
  13. ostonica

    Hangs on Surface Pro

    Has anyone tried the new Surface Pro Pen or the Bamboo Ink pen with the Surface Pro 4. I cannot see the brush size circle when I use the original surface pen. It shows if I plug a mouse into the USB port I was wondering if buying either of the two new pens would improve matters. This is a catch 22 situation. Users with Surface Pro 4 will keep using Photoshop on the Surface Pro until AFPH improves on the Surface, but AFPH development will not improve matters until there are more Surface Pro Users of AfPro :-) Jim
  14. Many thanks for the clarification, Mark. AFPh still performs differently on my Surface Pro.4 There is no circle showing the size of the brush tool when I am using the Surface Pen. I thought this might be connected to the DPI scaling, but now that's working well with Using the System setting, there is still no brush size circle when I use the Pen. The circle does appear if I plug in a normal Mouse. Is this connected with DPI scaling issues?
  15. The previous post was premature :-( The scaling is working well with the System (Enhanced) setting, but the menus are not. The menus are working fine with the Scaling performed by System rather than System (Enhanced) Does AFPH use GDI scaling? See https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2017/04/04/high-dpi-scaling-improvements-desktop-applications-windows-10-creators-update/