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  1. I just read this note from BooXtreme, a Company that provides ebook services to publishers. " Ebook reading is going through the roof. Our server capacity was increased 6-fold last week and we’re currently handing multiple #ebook #watermarking transactions per second. Our customers are mainly publishers selling ebooks direct to consumer." Not at all surprising in these very difficult times, I am now creating 2 or 3 ebooks per week of existing titles for a small non-profit publisher.
  2. There is a HUGE opportunity going missing here. I am forced to use InDesign to create our Epubs because the source materials are all IDML files, which Affinity Pub now supports. (MANY thanks for that) BUT Indesign produces files with a bloated CSS file containing much unneeded code. Epub devlopers are forced to use other tools like Calibre and Sigil to fine tune the code. There is a huge need for a feature in Affinity Publisher that can produce very clean HTML5 code using the kinds of simplified CSS files developed by Jiminy Panoz https://friendsofepub.github.io/Blitz/documentation/docs.html#css-doc It would not take a huge amount of resources to tackle this and the resulting market for an efficient IDML to epub flow could be quite significant. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider your roadmap and investigate this option.
  3. My only use for InDesign is to create Epub versions of book for a small non-profit publisher. I was REALLY happy to find that Affinity Publisher can now open the IDML files that are the starting point for my work. But there is no support yet for epubs. :-(((( PLEASE, PLEASE, raise the importance of this requirement on your priority list. Without this, Affinity Publisher is no use to me and I have to continue to use InDesign . I have not found any epub creator that does as good a job making epubs as InDesign does. You have done a wonderful job with other requests I've made for Affinity Photo, so I hope epub support will come in 2020. Thanks for all the great work with Affiity products.
  4. I missed a few updates but I am REALLY happy to see the bug corrected at last. MANY thanks, Now for some more Transformational Abstracts after the pause Jim js-ca.net
  5. Every project I have involves exporting the book to Epub 3.0, so that would be a requirement for me.
  6. AfPub, based on a very quick test, does a pretty good job of importing a PDF that I created of a book in InDesign. Needs a lot more testing, but that might be a short term option. HOWEVER, the next very important step for me is missing. I cannot export to a reflowable Epub Is that feature also planned. It is needed for every project I have.
  7. That was also the first thing I tried. This is not going to work for me without the ability to open, at least, IDML files.
  8. There are other transformations on the js-ca.net website. They use a sequence of polar-cartesian and cartesian-polar transformations. Unforuntately, the bug in the Affinity implementation is still there, So I'll have to wait a bit longer to try this sequence in Affinity Photo.
  9. MANY thanks, John. I've been trying to see if we can use equations to create conformal mappings such as is possible in the (now free) Picture Window http://www.dl-c.com/site/downloads/pwp-apps.php I've not had much success so far. Maybe others here have less-rusty brains :-) Some examples: http://js-ca.net/a-shell-game
  10. Has anyone configured the buttons and dial on and Intuos 5 table to work with Affinity Photo?
  11. I really liked what I saw in the preview. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will include exporting documents to the Epub format. That's my main use for Indesign CC which I use daily.
  12. Yes, Mark, it's working as expected on the desktop with that version. I just tested the surface dial with Sketchable on my Surface Pro 4. I've never used that program so don't know all the uses with the dial. But as far as I could tell, the menu items specific to the application showed with no problems and the ones I tried all seem to do something. The basic 4 functions of the dial, zoom volume scroll and undo all work as expected on the SP4. Anything I can do to help, please let me know. Jim
  13. Just FYI, the Surface Dial is not showing the APh options for a brush using V on the Surfae Pro 4 Jim
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