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  1. There are other transformations on the js-ca.net website. They use a sequence of polar-cartesian and cartesian-polar transformations. Unforuntately, the bug in the Affinity implementation is still there, So I'll have to wait a bit longer to try this sequence in Affinity Photo.
  2. MANY thanks, John. I've been trying to see if we can use equations to create conformal mappings such as is possible in the (now free) Picture Window http://www.dl-c.com/site/downloads/pwp-apps.php I've not had much success so far. Maybe others here have less-rusty brains :-) Some examples: http://js-ca.net/a-shell-game
  3. ostonica

    Affinity and Wacom Intuos?

    Has anyone configured the buttons and dial on and Intuos 5 table to work with Affinity Photo?
  4. ostonica

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I really liked what I saw in the preview. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will include exporting documents to the Epub format. That's my main use for Indesign CC which I use daily.
  5. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    Here's the log file, Mark. Jim JHS-SP4-Log.txt
  6. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    Yes, Mark, it's working as expected on the desktop with that version. I just tested the surface dial with Sketchable on my Surface Pro 4. I've never used that program so don't know all the uses with the dial. But as far as I could tell, the menu items specific to the application showed with no problems and the ones I tried all seem to do something. The basic 4 functions of the dial, zoom volume scroll and undo all work as expected on the SP4. Anything I can do to help, please let me know. Jim
  7. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    Just FYI, the Surface Dial is not showing the APh options for a brush using V on the Surfae Pro 4 Jim
  8. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    Yes a document is open, Yes, the brush tool selected The radial blur works, but the surface dial still shows Volume Scroll Zoom, Undo. The only option that has any effect is the undo. If you cannot replicate this behaviour it must be something on my computer. Is anyone else using the Surface Dial with a desktop computer? I tried an uninstall and then reinstalled the Production version affinity-photo-, but the behaviour was the same.!!!
  9. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    Yes, very puzzling. I just tested it again with the same results. The update production version just shows options for Volume, Scroll, Zoom and Undo!! Is there any debugging information I could colelct that might help?
  10. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    A very odd situation. I updated the production version of APh on my Desktop computer to V this morning and the Surface dial no longer works with that version on the Desktop. I get the default Windows options, not your APh options. But when I run the Beta version of on the Desktop, the surface dial works as expected!!!
  11. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    Hi, Mark, Have you (or anyone else?) been able to replicate the problem of the surface dial with IUf not I need to find what's wrong on my Surface Pro 4. Jim
  12. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    That's what I see, Mark. I just tried it again, to make sure. Same results as I posted earlier. Jim Further to this, Sat pm. I paired the surface dial to my desktop computer running build 17025 (same as the surface pro 4) On the desktop the dial works as expected with It's a bit like the brush size indicator circle, it shows with no problem on the desktop computer, but not on the Surface Pro 4 Hope the feedback helps. Jim.
  13. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    That is still not working for me, Mark. I'm running, on Surface Pro 4. On starting the program with an image loaded, The options are now Volume, View Rotarion and Histroy. But when I select the brush, the options revert to the Windows 10 options, Volume, Scroll Zoom, Undo I thought this support was just a 1.6.1 feature, but I just tried it on and there the dial is working as exepcted. Also, I see there is an option to add your own programming to the dial for APh Will that interfere with your programming. JIm
  14. ostonica

    Radial Controller Support

    I just got the dial to test if on my Surface Pro 4, given the longer return polocy for Christmas shopping ( until Jan 7 now !) But I cannot find how to set it up to control the brush width with the dial. I have checked the setting above . But the opnly options on the radial menu are volume , scroll, zoom. undo. Are there any other configuration steps to make? Also is "in the future" more like to be months away rather than weeks away? Just curious. Jim