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  1. Not a bug, but something you may want to have a gander at someday...
  2. You guys are dev ninjas can you tell me what the issue had to do with? I do development and usually I can pinpoint what causes something, but this one had me stumped! Thanks a million! PS Glad you liked the book!!! Look for a nod to you guys and "Affinity Serif Publisher" in the final copyright page
  3. Just to add one thing - this file which is the one that I went back to before creating the 23 versions after does not crash when I do save as... maybe you can see the differences! TRM_Final_Print.afpub
  4. Hi Gabe, Thanks for your quick reply! Yes, attached the file (v23) I don't remember which build, but it was before 1.7 (a build of 1.6 I think). I can't recreate it from scratch ... though I've also been adjusting files that I created around the same time without issue (a lot less complex, though). TRM_for_Print_v23.afpub
  5. Thanks for the reply! I updated the build and still had some issues. Looks like it's related to the styling... if you change the styling of the numbers, you lose the hyperlink (at least that's what I saw). I'm trying to solve another issue (crashing :p) but happy to send you the file to have a gander! Or, once you guys get past the release... it's not as critical as the other issue I ran into :). (I run a dev team so I have a sense of what your schedule looks like right now!) PS just in case you don't hear it enough - you guys are the bomb... A really fantastic team
  6. I have a very long file with images, multiple page masters, embedded images, etc (best way to test! ) which crashes randomly (haven't yet been able to determine the exact cause). 1) I had this happen once, went back to file from 2 days earlier, opened fine, made changes, saved 23 versions of the file without issue (file v23). Next day, opened file v23 (same Publisher version) and tried to do save-as to create v24 - it crashed. Then try to go back to 22, 21, 20... all crash... but didn't crash when I did save-as originally (obviously, because I got to v 23). 2) Can save many other files, no problem. Save as creates a zero byte file when crashing. original file still exists with data. Can open, can work on it, also can export (if I am fast enough ) but save / save as / autosave all cause crash. Tried updating Publisher to latest RC1 (384) but didn't fix the issue. Can attach crash data as needed (please let me know what you need). Here is beginning of Mac OSX crash log: Also happy to send you afpub file that is crashing so you can have a look!
  7. Affinity Serif Mac OS Mojave v. 10.14.4 (18E226) MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 View > Studio > Index Create index entries (Style Override set as body text or book title) Export to PDF - Expected behavior: all index page numbers link to anchors Current behavior: some index page numbers are hyperlinked, others not Update - discovered that by removing all unlinked items and using "find topic" then relinking, all hyperlinks show as expected (but this is very very tedious :p )
  8. ea0723

    Crashes upon Saving

    I am having this same problem. Tried moving my file to a local folder, but crashed on trying to save. I am uploading my crash report so hopefully you can see what's going on and get to the bottom of it Because I LOVE Affinity and this program and want it to succeed Affinity Crash on Save - Mac OSX crash report.txt Update: I found this was only happening on a specific file after moving pages around.. however, even after removing and reinstalling and updating the beta, the file still crashes. Luckily, I had a previous version that I went back to and could work from. That one works mucho perfecto ... so something must have gotten corrupted. Happy to send you the file (but it's big). (btw, the best way to find bugs is to work on something real - just like when learning to write code )
  9. Also, tooltip on Character panel > S: is incorrect. Shows Vertical Scale (same as above it) vs. Sub / Superscript. So so so happy you guys are getting closer on this!!! Great work!! :)
  10. Had same issue (slider staying on screen) when changing Preferences > Point decimal places. Slider wouldn't close when moving to another field, nor after closing dialog (slider remained on screen) until I closed Publisher and reopened.
  11. Agree! And other effects to fill zones (like the graphic pen, angled strokes, etc)

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