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  1. Affinity Picture Viewer as an ACDSee alternative. Picture Viewer and Manager, with modern UI.
  2. Batch layers/slices Rename. Idea for Batch Renamer dialog box:
  3. I found the answer, Rasterise to Mask
  4. Hi How copy pixels information, to mask or alpha channle. For example, I need copy all pixels from the layer 1, and paste in the layer 2 alpha, or paste in the layer 2 mask. I'm stuck in this point Thanks!
  5. telemax

    Alpha Channels

    attach alpha for exr
  6. telemax

    Alpha Channels

    small hint for load background
  7. telemax

    Alpha Channels

    Export with alpha
  8. +1 Also, it was important to batch rename slices in Export Persona
  9. telemax

    Rename slices

    Yes, I rename the files in ACDSee. But when i change the texture color, contrast, sat., i must to rename it again ang again...
  10. telemax

    Rename slices

    Please move this topic to the Feature Request section.
  11. Hi. How to rename multiple slices? Batch renaming possible? Thanks!