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  1. Layers panel > Adjustments > HSL
  2. Raster graphics should only be viewed at 100%. In any case, the final result, too, will only be displayed 100% or less 100% Viewing a bitmap more than 100% does not make sense. I'm glad that when i zoom in, affinity does not use interpolation, which leads to a blurry image. The text antialiasing method has nothing to do with how it appears when you zoom in. (even if antialiasing is set to Smooth for text and displayed smoothed at 150%)
  3. It looks like zoom level is bigger than 100% Or when the export is made with Nearest resample method. Select Bilinear.
  4. You can drawing/painting in Pixel Persona. But you can't work with channels like in Photo, for example.
  5. You can create and edit vector objects in Photo. But Designer has more important tools and features to work with vector.
  6. Ctrl/Cmd + [ Ctrl/Cmd + ] This moves the layers but does not select next/previous.
  7. group the objects move origin to center create a symbol (if you need an instance object) press Ctrl + J rotate the object 30 degrees press again Ctrl + J in the required amount (but with this method, the stars are rotated too) Array.mp4
  8. Edit > Preferences > Tools
  9. In Automatic mode, snapping to the center of the line works well. But in other modes, it does not work. Snap_to_grid.mp4 Snap_to_grid__NodeTool.mp4
  10. Before clicking on the Boolean icon, hold Alt.
  11. This allows to display a vector shape edges with Antialiasing when the fill layer is in it.
  12. The black color of the brush works as white. But only the eraser works as a black brush. Alpha_brush_test.mp4
  13. I thought black pixels in Alpha should be transparent and not added to RGB.
  14. When trying to draw in alpha, only black pixels are added, no matter what color is selected (black or white). And also adds black pixels to the RGB channels. Why is this happening? Alpha.mp4

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