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  1. Try Filmora Scrn https://filmora.wondershare.com/screen-recorder/ Perhaps this will relieve the headache. It allows you to select the desired area of the screen. Built-in video editor, allows you to cut and combine the desired parts.
  2. Hi In the text fields, only lowercase is applied. When using upper case, nothing happens. And there are no uppercase warnings. Windows, AP Thanks carl123
  3. Hi To create a non-destructive gradient - use vector shapes - or use the Fill Layer (Layer > New Fill Layer) - or use a Vignette (Live Filters > Vignette) Gradient.afphoto
  4. As mentioned above, the dpi does not matter. Example image 150x150px, 1 dpi: 150x150.afphoto
  5. Hi Multiple styles from lines, are not added to the same category. Only one style from lines, is added to the category. It seems that styles do not distinguish between different lines, and seeing as identical. Windows, AD Line_Styles.afdesign
  6. Hi I can't create a document preset with 25.4 DPI, you can only set an integer. But 25.4 can be set in the document settings. So, why do I need a document with 25.4 DPI? I'm creating a scheme, on a scale of 1:1. In a document with 25.4 DPI, 1mm = 1px. This greatly simplifies the work! 👍 Thanks! Windows, AD
  7. This file shows the principle: Concept.afphoto I don't think this is the only right way to solve such tasks.
  8. You can try to extract reflections from the glass, and place them above the red element.
  9. That's right, I fixed the Windows just_another_bus_3.afphoto Black and white images need, to work white colour in the design. The first vector shape is needed to apply a black and white effect only for the bus silhouette. The second vector form is needed for cropping the design.
  10. This is classic Render Elements/Passes Compositing. For example, this is used for Product design 3d renders, or Product photography.
  11. The grey background in this case is the silhouette of the bus, and contains details and shadows.
  12. Hello again In any case, you need to add a grey background just_another_bus_2.afphoto just_another_bus_2.mp4
  13. Hi These are different ways to apply the mask: v1 v2 v3
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