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  1. If the layer type is image, select the layer and click Replace.
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    Help Wanted

    Texture Brush Packs (Dots) by StuartRc https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/38801-texture-brush-packs-dots/ Other brushes:
  3. Vertex inside vertex and separate vertex, that's the reason.
  4. Are you sure? As mentioned above they have different context toolbar.
  5. You type in fields 4 and 5, it's too small. Write 40 x 50 or 400 x 500. And you can save the preset.
  6. I think because when you rescale a raster layer in Nearest mode, there is a loss of quality. Rescaling test.afphoto Rescaling_test.mp4
  7. You can use any vector shape for clip the Fill layer. Fill_Layer_Mask_2.mp4
  8. - select pixels from building layer (or other selection) - invert selection (or not) - select fill layer and press delete Fill_Layer_Mask.mp4
  9. As in Affine, texture fill has Repeat mode. Bitmap_Fill.mp4
  10. Because the Bilinear method is used for resampling. Switching to Nearest is not a solution, Bilinear will be applied during layer rasterization or during export. Of course you can export with Nearest mode, but it will spoil other image details. Nearest_test.mp4