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  1. telemax

    Snapping Broken in Crop tool?

    But if you use ALT, the pixels will be divided. And you need to remove the decimal places each time. For not to lose clarity when exporting. That could be a problem.
  2. telemax

    Snapping Broken in Crop tool?

    And another way, create guides before, and snap to them.
  3. telemax

    Snapping Broken in Crop tool?

    Hold Alt. But the pixels will be divided, in this case.
  4. Of course I understand that. An empty file .afdesign has a size of 7 KB. I meant a file without other objects, but with a link to an image.
  5. File only with linked picture, and without any objects.
  6. As i understand it, the file with "Linked" picture, should be sized as an empty file. Both options work as "Embed".
  7. Also, i try it on beta 1.7 for windows. Also not working. Both files are the same size. In theory, the file with "Linked" image, should be sized as an empty file.
  8. AD/AP 1.6.5. 135 Place image in the document, select image, press Replace image button (top panel)
  9. I was really hoping for that. But both options work as internal image. Linked external file/image not work. Maybe it's a bug. Thanks!
  10. Hi, After clicking "Replace image" there are two options. Embed Picture and Link Picture. What's different?
  11. Сгруппировать - wrong verb (trans: create group) Группа - correctly noun (trans: group) AD & AP. In the context menu, all is correct:
  12. This bug also applies to other effects.
  13. Fonts 3_Fonts.zip GOST Common Italic, is installed inside the root folder of GOST Common font.