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  1. Hi, I make a seamless pattern, using "symbols", and i need to increase/decrease the canvas(artboard) size many times. But in AD, guides stick to the left, top corner of the artboard. Regards wp.mp4 wp.afphoto
  2. Copy all layers, and paste them into a new file, the file will be reduced many times. Bitmap remains in the file after removal?
  3. Thanks carl123! This is auto snapshot. Bug or Feature?
  4. If you place a fill layer in a vector object, the vector edges will be jagged. (Fill layer clipped by vector) test.afphoto
  5. But after export, looks fine. Render engine issue?
  6. Custom keyboard shortcut:
  7. Create empty Group in Layer menu. Button does not create empty group unfortunately.
  8. Just select the desired preset when creating the document.
  9. Snap to objects for Crop Tool. Outside the canvas as well. This will speed up work in many cases. Thanks! Snapping.mp4
  10. telemax

    Can't create empty group (solved)

    Thanks! My mistake.
  11. True, in 1.7 beta, all PDFs are imported without layers. With this problem, it is impossible to work with architectural plans 10 000 single elements...
  12. telemax

    Snapping Broken in Crop tool?

    But if you use ALT, the pixels will be divided. And you need to remove the decimal places each time. For not to lose clarity when exporting. That could be a problem.
  13. telemax

    Snapping Broken in Crop tool?

    And another way, create guides before, and snap to them.
  14. telemax

    Snapping Broken in Crop tool?

    Hold Alt. But the pixels will be divided, in this case.
  15. As i understand it, the file with "Linked" picture, should be sized as an empty file. Both options work as "Embed".
  16. Hi, After clicking "Replace image" there are two options. Embed Picture and Link Picture. What's different?
  17. Of course I understand that. An empty file .afdesign has a size of 7 KB. I meant a file without other objects, but with a link to an image.