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  1. Hello, is there any news about such Multichannel request… I quite needed that too.
  2. Hi, nice thank you for the update. My concern about resizing the main document was more about, how could I define/know the halftone definition at a given print resolution (e.g. size of the halftone stitch) in order to see the effect properly or at a desired printed size, specially if you have multiple image at various size (or resolution). Now I better understand the fact that you first choose to frame one or multiple image around the desired effect, then you export the result (if I get properly). I have to play around a little and I guess it easier in Designer, i should tried in Designer first. However, I am not sure to understand the meaning of "pixel-perfect" in this case. Thanks again for this nice sharing give away ! By the way, the youtube link above is private so I cannot view it.
  3. Okay Thanks, as I've opened this document in Photo i have not thought about this.
  4. Hi in this case i just tried in Photo
  5. Hello, Great, I agree quite amazing !! Hope I'll find some time to dig into it. Just a question: I cannot find why I cannot resize the document, the menu is greyed out. Is there something locked ? or because of some filters ? Thanks !
  6. Yes, exactly, that's what I thought too. I will reapply user's permission to that folder to see if it does change something... All the best !
  7. Hi, no I guess no special permissions I can remember or special location for my user'd home folder actually (previously it was on a different drive too but now it all togther again with 10.13.x. Which permissions do I have to check or care about ? (I mean which folders or files ?) If I compare App's permissions from Photo or Designer's privilege are system (read/write) and curiously Publisher does not have system as Read/Write but my user account ?How do I revert back to default system permission ? Thanks !
  8. Looks interesting ! I will check theses macros, thanks for sharing.
  9. Fortunately crashing is not an experience I had too much at this time… On my side those settings revert back to default (Best Quality) each time I restart or relaunched the app, ignoring my previous settings (at least on Mac OSX 10.13)
  10. I wonder why each time I restart Affinity Publisher the view quality setting is set — or revert back to — "Bilinear" (Best Quality) instead of Nearest Neighbour (Fastest) Why this performance setting doest not stay as selected ? Thanks,
  11. Hello, Yes I agree some optimisation should be done… I've also noticed that Publisher document with only a few pages and with high resolution linked image .tif files e.g. with a few of layers in it (tested with .psd or .afphoto as well) are "not usable", it's much too slow I mean. It takes ages to move typographic elements or move between pages… CPU usage is a maximum (over 250 < 400%) totally overwhelmed on my old MacPro 2008 (w. High Sierra). I tried to optimise the general performance settings… it's a bit better but honestly I'm going back to my old CS6 for now for such project as long as i can... Even on my iMacPro 64 Go with the previous highest Vega card this is not running smoothly. So I guess I have to change my workflow to use affinity publisher. Is it better on M1 ? Like why it is not possible to choose to hide those layer pallet icons at minimum (like no icon at all) It would help to have shorter rendering time and would takes less screen space as well ? I also don't mind having the possibility to have a linked element in low res… (like in Indesign options) that should be an option to improve rendering time on slower/older systems). Thanks for all the work but this prevent me to get more confident in moving totally to Affinity for now...
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