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  1. Good afternoon to the serif team. For a whole year you have not bothered to fix what you yourself broke and unfinished, namely the work of the brushes in Affinity. Windows ink support is still not provided for XP-Pen tablets. What have you been doing? Oh, yes, you've been working on a new version of Affinity 2.0. Although this is just a major update with a new theme. At the same time, everything that was broken in version 1.10, to my surprise, was also broken in version 2.0. I bought non-working software initially and they offer me to buy it again. Your products are impossible to use, and you don't care! I understand you are not ashamed, you got the money once now you want to get it a second time. Although you promised that you would support the products. Affinity Publisher was released recently, although it was an unfinished product like all your products, but I really wanted to support you and bought it with the hope that you would at least bring your programs to working condition. To believe the words of the developers is stupid because you are liars, and you don't care that your products don't work. But you will make beautiful videos, and for the millionth time you will promise to finish everything sometime. I hope you will finish at least in version 10. I didn't ask for much! Just fix the brushes and add support for XP-Pen tablets, I even offered to help with testing if necessary. As a result, I don't have a working application package. At least I can work at Affinity Designer, thank you for that. Your support is terrible, you don't care about user problems. You don't care that the programs aren't working. You just brushed off the problem. But you didn't forget to release a supposedly new version. Commercial software makes the user absolutely disenfranchised. I had various problems in Krita, and everything was solved promptly. And this is in free software, where there are minimal resources and no money. But they care about the users. A couple of years ago, Krita had a problem with windows ink support, the problem was promptly solved in a month, but not completely. The developers spent another year, rewrote a bunch of lines of code and now, in principle, there can be no problems with entering a graphics tablet into Windows OS. Almost everything can be solved by switching input methods and each one works well. It's a shame and a disgrace to you, I wasted money! And in general, you know, I'm Russian. We are not people for you now. Block my access to your products. At least I'll calm down and calmly use Clip Studio together with Photoshop, which, unlike your garbage, work.
  2. Hello development team! I have a lot of questions. First and foremost: Are you going to fix your programs? For more than a year, the brush engine has been broken and many people have written about it. About the "convenient" quick color select, I generally keep quiet. When will this be fixed? Now the program is extremely unstable. Yes, you are making your own fast pixel engine. But what good is it if the program constantly crashes. There is still no normal Windows ink support. Either graphics tablets are not supported, or the program ignores the mouse in this mode, or something else. And again the question is, when will this be fixed? Many problems have existed for years, and it is not known that they will be solved at all. There are also just a bunch of things that are long overdue to add. Users have been asking you for years. But it’s like you’re just ignoring. Even free software developers do not allow this. Please share something with us. Programs are in a terrible state of disrepair. I bought them to work, but in fact I received non-working tools.
  3. It doesn't get better with updates! They broke the brush engine. Now they seem to be busy only with the Affinity engine. The fact that Affinity isn't usable right now doesn't bother developers.
  4. As I understand it, developers don't care about the brush tool and working with it. The brush settings have been broken since version 1.9. Color select on Alt is a separate kind of masochism. Windows ink support is disgusting. Some tablets do not support windows ink mode in affinity. It's been a long time already. Is it really hard to make brushes that work just fine.
  5. Hello everyone! I've made a macro that will make it much easier to create intensity brush from a selection. Now, to make a brush of intensity, it is enough to create a new layer, draw a brush shape on it. Then use the macro. Video instruction is attached below: Create Intensity Shape Brush from layer.mp4 Create Brush.afmacros
  6. Yes, apparently I was not destined to draw normally in Affinity. Not only is he extremely bad at drawing, but also constant errors and bugs in the work. The stability of work is also low. I'd rather get myself Clip Studio Paint. Because I can't suffer any more while drawing in Affinity Photo.
  7. Chris, if I can do anything to help with testing or debugging, just tell me. I am ready to spend time on it.
  8. Yes, brush strokes work like mouse input at low precision. The brush stroke is tremulous and not smoothed. All sensitivity functions of the tablet work.
  9. If necessary, I can help. Just tell me what to do.
  10. I tested the brushes on my second computer and ran into the same problem. Texture brushes preview is very slow. I cannot work normally on my second computer 😧
  11. The integrated video core is not involved. Video output and processing is performed by GeForce 1660Ti. I have the latest build of Windows 10 and all the drivers are up to date. As I wrote above, there are no problems with displaying the brush preview if you use the low precision mode. Here the problem is most likely in Affinity itself.
  12. For now, switching to Low Precision helped me. True, this is how brushes work without smoothing the stroke. But in this mode, drawing is completely impossible. Enabling and disabling windows ink mode in the tablet driver has no effect. Low precision.mp4
  13. I have also tried switching between different Windows ink modes and high precision input. Updated drivers for tablet, video card and system. But that didn't help either.
  14. I don’t know when it started, it’s just now that I started to study digital painting and came to using texture brushes. Disabling hardware acceleration did not have any effect. My system: CPU Intel i7 4770k, GPU GeForce 1660ti, RAM 16gb, Sata SSD, tablet XP-Pen Deco PRO small. The problem is observed when drawing from a tablet, when affinity calculates the minimum dynamics of the brush, if you paint with a brush with a mouse, no matter how I increase its size, everything worked correctly. Input.mp4
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