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  1. To rotate the canvas: •From the View menu, select Rotate Left or Rotate Right. The canvas will be rotated in 15 degree increments. From the same menu, select Reset Rotation to reset the canvas back to its original rotation.
  2. You probably have to use the "Export" function, you will have many options.
  3. AlainP

    Grid does not match page size

    I think you will have to buy a brand new iPad Pro 12,9 in. I'm sure that would fix your problem.... but I would first wait for the dev's opinion...
  4. AlainP

    Digital painting with Affinity Photo

    You have a very good reason to be proud!
  5. AlainP

    Grid does not match page size

    Corrupt download.... I doubt. I would wait till the devs get online, I'm sure they will find out what it is.
  6. AlainP

    Grid does not match page size

    I tried to reproduce this but te grid is displayed correctly here. I tried with existing files, new ones, mm, inches, two fingers rotation.... always works fine.
  7. AlainP

    Grid does not match page size

    Weird... I tried on my 9,7 iPad and it works fine, mm or inches. It always fill the canvas.
  8. I think they put that padlock there just to piss you off..... what a way of asking something..... everybody is rushing to help you.
  9. I used to run Designer and Photo on an i3-550 PC with 8 GB ram and only the integrated graphics. It was not a speed demon but never had any problem, and both programs ran very fine. Yours is a little faster and your memory should be faster too, and an SSD drive on top of that …. IMO you don't have to make any investment to run Designer.
  10. I don't think that you can "pin" the help page to the main app. This is what can be done in Windows... You can shrink the help page until the left pane disappear and the "hamburger menu" appears at the top left. Move it to the left border of the screen and put the main program on the right side. You now have both windows available. If the working space on the main app is too crowded, the "Tab" key makes it cleaner. But all this is working fine on 27" or 32" monitor. The other solution (the one I use) is to have the app full screen and move between the two windows using the "Alt-Tab" keys. If you have a Mac.... someone else will help you.
  11. Quick an easy installation. Thanks for your hard work.
  12. I can't see why it wouldn't work.... the "photo.exe" file is probably in another folder than the one with the "Serif installation" (the path mentioned above), but once you know the folder it is installed it should work.
  13. I downloaded and opened it in Photo on Windows. No problem at all.
  14. If something is not in focus there is nothing you can do. Sharpening a face not in focus will probably make it worst.
  15. I work on the same document on an iPad and a PC without problem. So I imagine that it should be the same for Mac/PC.