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  1. When the Windows main menu pops up just click on "All Aps >" at the top right. Then scroll down to the Affinity apps and right click on the app name and select "Pin to Start".
  2. I also get this kind of behavior often. I'm not sure it has something to do with HA as it happens with or without it enabled. It looks like "scrambled" memory. Pressing "Ctrl" + "Shift"+ "Windows Key" + "B" resets your graphics card. If you see a difference it could be it.
  3. What is needed to fix this is a good masking function in the Develop module. In this case a Luminance based mask would make it very easy to recover the sky. The actual Overlays function makes it awful to select area based on lightness, darkness or any other. That is why I never use Photo for RAW editing.
  4. I don't have any preview for all Affinity programs files in Win 11. Thumbnails are fine but no preview at all. I can't tell if it worked with version 1 as I never used the preview window in File Explorer.
  5. I have to admit that I have more crashes since the version 2 release. I use mostly Photo and Designer and never did serious work with Publisher. It feels like if computer memory gets all mixed up. After a little while it become unresponsive, it stutters, then its back to normal... for a few minutes ... just to crash all of a sudden a few minutes later. I never lost any work as I save almost every two minutes, but I'm confident that crases will be a thing of the past some day.
  6. I used ZA for many years, years ago, it was the best. Until I began to have problem using legit apps and had connectivity problems. Nowadays programs are much more sophisticated and many of them have to "talk" to each other. Disable it to see if it's really the culprit. You could write a rule to make Affinity apps work together.
  7. Here it's still working as it always did, I can go from mouse to pen without any problem. I can select the pen tool with the pencil, draw a few lines, use the mouse to draw a few more and then select another tool with either the mouse or the pen. It's probably more a tablet driver issue. I use a Wacom CTH-470 that is many years old. EDIT: I just saw that you were talking about version 1, but I could use both exactly like version 2 in version 1.
  8. I will not tell you that you're doing something wrong.... But why does it work for everybody but you .... Why don't you show us a screen capture or a video of what you do to get that "strange" behavior.... Two things, you've been cursed.... or you're doing something wrong. This being said, if you don't want us to help you by giving us more hints or pictures... well... good luck, and Happy New Year. I'm done with this post.
  9. It could be a user fault because it works for everyone else (well... almost), and it depends on what kind of layer you're working one. And a few more reasons. So without a screenshot of your work or a video it's quite hard to help you. Nobody wants to be rude here, we all want to help, that's the reason of us being here. But without any clue there is not much we can do.
  10. AutoSave files are supposed to be in C:\Users\username\.affinity\Photo\2.0\autosave There is nothing like that in the Windows Apps protected/hidden folder. Version 1 does not install in an hidden folder as far as I know.
  11. I have this kind of bug , lag sometime working on a simple file with just 3 or 4 layers. Changing the brush size using Ctrl-Alt and the mouse the brush cursor stutters and disappears for a second or two and then reappears somewhere. I then stop, take a deep breath, wait a few seconds ... and it's back to normal. While this was happening the fan was getting louder too. It feels like a memory ... let's say mix up.
  12. It could just be a rendering artefact. If you zoom in or out it should disappear. And come back at certain zoom levels.
  13. In version 2 if you click "Yes" Serif will send you a brand new top of the line graphics card.
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