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  1. Unless I didn't understand well, I don't have any problem here, just select the two shapes and then the substract button at the top. It substract the shape on top from the one under it.
  2. I can't get it to crash with the lines I draw, but Designer crashers everytime with yours....
  3. I'm quite sure "Copy and Paste" is the culprit as this new version is also available on Mac .... But this one is for Windows.
  4. I always used third party apps for bar and qr codes. But I agree that, for me, it would be nice to have this is Designer. But once it's in Designer... why not in Publisher and Photo. But untill then there are so many free apps and website you can use. I don't think it's one of the most important function to add.
  5. I can open your file without any problem in Designer and Photo. If you provide more specs of your hardware and OS it will be easier to help you.
  6. What you have will do an excellent job. At that time I had a Canon EOS 80D and a Canon 100mm macro lens. You really need a stand and a remote trigger. Once the picture is centered on the stand (on which there are marks) and found the best adjustments on your camera. you're good to go. As I had so many b&w pictures of different sizes, I made sure the camera was adjusted for the larger size. For the smaller pictures you crop them in Photo. This way you are on a stable tripod, use a remote so you won't get blurry pictures, and you don't have to play with the focus for each picture. Once you found the best adjustments make sure you put it in Manual mode, so nothing changes till you're done.
  7. I didi that a little more than a year ago. I made a lightbox and a stand and took a picture of each and every photograh I had using my DSLR and a macro lens on a stand and a remote control. Then I did the same for hundered of color slides. It took a while but I does a much better job than with the HP scanner I had with the negative and slide adaptor. I took all pîctures in JPG and used Affinity Photo for cropping and levels adjustments. But I think the most useful tools were the inPainting and Healing Brushes..... there is so much dust and particles on those pictures and slides once zoomed on your screen. Before each photo I cleaned them with a brush and a blower, but there is still a lot left. It's tedious job but it's worth it. Now all family members have copy of those pictures.
  8. Made some tests just by curiosity tried to open this file using some apps. Hoping that will help. Affinity Photo Beta .834: NO Affinity Photo beta iPad: NO Faststone Image Viewer: YES Windows Photo Viewer: YES Windows 10 Photos App: YES Windows Snip and Sketch: YES Microsoft Word: YES iPad Photos App: YES Procreate: YES
  9. Why does it seem than rendering is not over yet. Just a small square part in the middle looks OK, all the rest is still blurred like if rendering had not finished his job. Maybe you try to save while renderring is still going on. Or it could be the quality of the video file.
  10. Confirmed here too, and it does exactly the same in the release and beta versions.
  11. Hello @Gabe, I don't know if you worked out something in the latest beta of Photo (.834) relatively to the problem I had, but I couldn't get it to crash since I installed beta.834. Your work is appreciated.
  12. No problem for the delay, One thing I didn't mention in my post is that it happens right after I click the "Apply" button. I just repeated the same operation using the same file about twelve times and got a few crashes but not everytime. I cannot pinpoint what could trigger that crash. Here are the steps I did every time: - Open an aphoto file on which I select one object. - Create a transparent letter size empty document - Paste the copied object on this new document twice - Enlarge about three times their size each of them - Select the Mesh Warp Tool on one of the pasted object. - I created about 20 nodes and moved almost all of them for about one minute, and click "Apply" The fan becomes loud but, again, it does not crash every time I have attached the crash dump files I got this morning doing those tests. Thanks. 3251a9b2-107e-44a9-a308-4be2a08d34bc.dmp 0f7be207-30fd-4903-9a65-f8c357409c39.dmp feadee06-787d-4be1-a00b-c3a7dc800852.dmp 4178f599-2726-46c8-acba-a1b834c4f0bc.dmp 22f38766-4c54-47da-b811-c0e2ca3f441e.dmp 0d59352e-904d-4ace-97c6-a8ee3b5c0b01.dmp
  13. Beta Crash after Mesh Wrap. I copied the same image twice, pasted them on a new empty canvas, Used Mesh Tool on one of them and after a minute or so the fan became loud. Checking an unchecking "visible/invisible" in the layers panel did nothing and Photo wasn't responding anymore. Here is the crash report. f9d0b390-22c0-4c81-ae3a-a9ff11b2e8df.dmp
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