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  1. It probably does not look the way it should, but I prefer the top one. The top and bottom part of the "F" look much nicer.
  2. Well, it looks like there is nothing you like about Designer. So, what are you doing here? If you want Affinity software to be exactly like Adobe software… Stay with Adobe...and keep on paying.
  3. It's been useful to me too, thanks.
  4. AlainP

    Can you turn spell check off?

    SelectText in the studio panel (a) - "Burger" menu at the top - Uncheck "Check Spelling While Typing".
  5. I love this app. It would be nice if creating a new document would default to the last one created. It always default to Device - iPad - .... and so on. I have to change it every time.
  6. When I abandoned Adobe CC suite it took me a while to find a Lightroom alternative. After trying many I adopted Darktable. Not the best and easiest interface, but it's the one that gave me the best results with all the camera I have. And it's free. I love Affinity Photo, but for RAW files.... too slow, no sidecar files, and no batch operations. For one or two RAW files it's very fine. But when I get back from a shoot with over 500 photos...
  7. I simply use Windows Explorer, it displays Designer files without problem.
  8. I've been using FastStone Image Viewer for years.
  9. AlainP

    strange black areas apearing after filtering

    This is weird behavior.... those black boxes disappear if you disable the following layers: suomi (Group) - Hamilton (pixel) - Gaussian Blur - Schaefer (pixel) - High Pass These two adjustment layers don't seem to do anything except creating those black boxes. But I can't explain what causes this. When those black boxes are displayed they change shape and move when you zoom in or out.
  10. Another discovery I just made... QuarkXPress 2018 Price: $849.00 (USD) Do you get it ?
  11. AlainP

    Brushes names translation

    Thanks Sean for this workaround. It worked very well.
  12. AlainP

    Error loading sample in Designer

    My 2018 iPad 9.7 has 2 GB of memory and it opens it without problem. It's probably something else...
  13. AlainP

    Brushes names translation

    My iPad default language is French, but I use Affinity products in English as my desktop is setup in English. I just noticed that the brushes names, as well as categories names, are always displayed in French no matter the app language used.