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  1. Probably not the .heic file format as I don't have any problem with that format on any of my computers, Windows 11, Macbook and iPad Pro.
  2. It works very well using Sidecar, but personally, I still prefer running Photo and Designer directly on my 12.9 in iPad. You can hold it any way you like, no table needed.
  3. Changing the dimensions to integer fixes it. But it shouldn't be like that.
  4. Exported to PDF, Windows 11 and MacBook without any problem and no line.
  5. Windows can't open your file here too. But I opened it in Photo and exported it in tiff again and now Windows can display it. Must be something on your side.
  6. Hey @Xtendo , t'as un sérieux problème, t'as le choix d'installer ce que tu veux. Alors pourquoi tu perds ton temps à te lamenter ici au lieu de le faire? Je suis convaincu que ton problème n'est pas le logiciel.... c'est pas mal plus sérieux que ça. Hey @Xtendo, you really have a serious problem, you have the choix to install what you want, So, why are you wasting your time whining here instead of doing so. I am deeply convinced that your problem is not a software one ... it's much more serious than that.
  7. I was working on two files, copying some items from one and pasting in the other. I had been working with Designer for a long time when it happened. All of sudden Designer became unresponsive, no crash, no message, was using 55% of CPU. The fan of the computer became noisy as it was spinning to the max. After about two minutes everything came back to normal. I kept working without anymore problem. HA is on. The last two crash reports are attached. Thanks. 2abc0b95-cc5d-47dd-811c-d442ee2dd8ff.dmp 0afb3c49-bc3e-429f-861a-8e5854927f5c.dmp
  8. I've been using Designer for four hours straight, worked on many files, and never had any lag, slow down, or problem of any kind. No crash at all. Only one thing I have to verify when I have the time is that some "placed" items are not displayed if I don't zoom in and out. But they print in the final PDF.
  9. Probably the same problem I had in Windows 11 reported here. I was using a custom setting of 115%. Removing custom DPI setting fixed the issue, but it shouldn't be.
  10. Hi @MEB You were right (once more), the Custom DPI setting was the culprit. Once disabled Photo works fine. Thanks a lot.
  11. I can't think of any third party app. I am quite sure I've seen the same behavior in the beta version. but I didn't use it much.
  12. Hardware Acceleration does not change anything. I have attached the video. This morning after Photo crashed, an error message appeared when I tried to restart Photo. After a few tries it started and I recorded the crash. I never saw that message before. Thanks. EDIT: More testing... it happens only if I double click on the color (the round icon). The error message seems to be related to a module ACDC Luxea recorder uses. If I stop it in Task Manage it seems to fix this popup error message. Photo Error.mp4
  13. Working on a new file with only one element, I used the "Gradient Tool", and as soon as I select a color in the right color panel Photo crashes. I have attached the Crash Report. It crashes each and every time I repeat the same steps. 206f300d-fe8a-4ba3-ba07-748e818242ce.dmp
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