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  1. Just one post, a nickname like this, trashing ... do you really think someone will rush to help you?
  2. I tried to replicate what you get but it works flawlessly on my side. It looks like a rendering issue.
  3. They will for sure, untill then you should state your computer specs.
  4. You can try this, but you should first try to start Photo using the "Ctrl" key and clear everything to see if it fixes your problem. If it doesn't you could reinstall but restart your computer before reinstalling.
  5. I don't have any problem opening any Canon or Panasonic RAW files, TIFF and JPG files. What kind or error do you get?
  6. I'm sorry.... I was using the beta version. Did the same tests on the release version and get the same results. The more I play with it the worst it gets, pasted parts are now bigger than the source.... I have to take a break...
  7. I just did the same tests this morning... in the beginning it was working fine. But now I also get fuzzy results.... I think it happend after I clicked on the "More" option at the bottom but did not change anything. Weird.... still testing...
  8. I tried to replicate what you get and I couln't replicate it. Until I enabled "Force Pressure" when Hardness is low, then I got the same result. With "Force Pressure" disabled and Hardness set to 100 it works fine.
  9. 1 st image: Normal screen opening the picture when the "View Tool" is selected by default 2 nd image: As soon as the Brush Tool is selected the bottom of the screen display the menu from "Apple Notes". The brush cannot be changed using the pencil. Selecting with the finger still works. Only happens if Scribble is enabled. It works normally if Scribble is off. But let's not forget iOS 14 is in beta as is Photo version .186.
  10. I use a French Canadian keyboard and I have to remap the shortcut keys for changing brush size (and other tools). I use the same [ and ] that are displayed on the physical keys, but they send another ascii code. It takes a few seconds and it's done for good.
  11. Use "Ctrl" + "Alt" while you drag the mouse with left click.
  12. beta .186 on ios 14 The pen always stays black an the width does not change anymore when Scribble is inabled. Can't select anything in the menu. I noticed that the font menu bar is always displayed at the bottom when Scribble mode is on.
  13. I just tried and noticed the exact same thing.
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