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  1. AlainP

    Affinity products for Linux

    This thread is getting ridiculous.
  2. Same here, everything looks fine.
  3. Did you try the "Tab" key. Everything disappear but the image you're working on. "Tab" again to select another tool or anything else and then "Tab" to go back to full screen image editing.
  4. AlainP

    permission denied message(s)

    Many antivirus programs will deny access to the desktop and Windows Defender is one of them.
  5. It's your sixth post on this forum and already "Shame on you Serif...." what a nice way to start ! And it's a comment on a Nov 2016 post... This is probably not the best way to get someone to help you. It works very well with my Wacom tablet, right-clicking with the pen on layers or tools brings up the menu without problem.
  6. I don't have any problem (so far) with the latest official or beta version on Windows 10 - 1803
  7. AlainP

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Congratulations! You guys really deserve it.
  8. AlainP

    Thumbnail not displayed on OnDrive Folder

    I have the latest versions of Win 10, Office 365, and OneDrive, icons for Affinity files, Photo or Designer are displayed correctly under OneDrive folders. RW2 RAW files display the large Affinity Purple Logo in any folder, OD or not.
  9. Well... I don't know why you would need this but here is how I do it. My keyboard is configured so I can toggle it from French Canadian to English Canadian. When in Fr-Ca mode, AltGr + ' puts an acute accent on any typed vowel, a two steps process. This is on Windows 10. When in Ca-Eng mode, AltGr + ' displays the inverted question mark. I'm sure this behavior changes with keyboard configurations.
  10. On my French Canadian keyboard, If I configure it to English, then "AltGr + e" displays "é". "AltGr + Shift + e" displays "É". Here is the result I get with " AltGr _+ ' " : ¿
  11. AlainP


    Very glad you went somewhere else.
  12. AlainP

    [ADe] Swatch opacity changes to 0% on it's own

    Confirmed in Photo.
  13. AlainP

    Affinity Photo workbook for iOS?

    I have been using Affinity Photo on Windows since it came out. Tutorials are very useful, and so is the Workbook. But the only way to learn and to become proficient is to use it, there is no magic receipe. I started to use Photo on the iPad a few days ago and I love it. I'm getting "not too bad" with it. But, here again, I'll get better after using it a little more. Personally, I found the Affinity "iPad Tutorials" very useful to understand iOS version, more than the workbook.
  14. Yes, I do and it works perfectly. I have the 128 Gb model and I did not have any problem so far. If you use a very large brush on a very large picture or canva, then you will see some lag. But I see the same lag on my PC. The Pencil is very responsive and pressure works very well.
  15. I have two Canon Printers and I don't have any problem printing on any kind of paper at any size on any printer. When you select "Print", at the right of the selected printer, you click on "Properties". You then acces all of your printer properties, including paper selection, size, borderless or not, etc.... Once this is done, you click "OK" at the bottom and you're back in Affinity Print. Just select "Fit to Printable" in Fit Type, or select the Scale. You then should be good to print on the paper and at the size you want.