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  1. Just tested this, the process is inverted. If you don't check "Scale with object" it works, the filter is adjusted for the new increased or decreased size. If you check it then it doesn't work.
  2. Is it normal that Photo or Designer don't display at startup that version is available?
  3. I liked very much the first version, but I prefer the one without the hands. If fact, what I'd like is to be able to do that.
  4. Ok, now it works, I was selcting the whole group.
  5. When I first open the image it works. As soon as I have selected any layer just the background layer is movable. But the Blur layer is locked. When it's unlocked it works as intended.
  6. h_d, I can only move the background image, the blurred square can't be moved around.
  7. Here is the closest I could get. Select the "Transparent Object" with the Move Toll and move it around. The original above looks like there is some programmation behind it. tranparent-blur.afphoto
  8. Are you sure the file is not opened in a pdf reader when you try to save it.... Also, if you use Windows Defender as your antivirus, it often prevents apps from creating a file to the desktop.
  9. You're right, the Yeti is a good mic but it picks up any sound around, even sound in the other rooms. But don't wait to have a boom before making other video tutorials. We can live with that.
  10. I don't have the problem with the arrows, but I agree with the double click.
  11. Samething here in overlay mode. It display the same jerky patterns, and sometimes when you toggle between Eraser and Overlay Brush the cpu usage goes over 95% et the computer becomes unresponsive. But everything else so far ... sings.
  12. Yes the book is really nice and useful. It's probably just a batch of books that has this assembly error. But I don't want to spend my time ordering and returning the book until I have a good copy.
  13. Same here, just selecting it shuts down APhoto. No error message, no report.
  14. Smooth intallation and no problem found so far. Thanks for your hard work ... and working late.
  15. Will someone from Serif have a look a this post ....