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  1. Just made so other tests with regular and beta version of Publisher on Windows. Didn't have any problem exporting it to any pdf format . I took the text from the link you posted. I copied the text, pasted it in plain "Notepad", re-copied it and pasted it in Publisher. Success every time. Maybe some of the fonts you used, or the Mac version is different... I let the pros come out with the right answer.
  2. You're on Mac, I'm on PC, maybe that makes a difference...
  3. I can, but as there are some fonts and images that I don't have, there could be some issues. Why don't you install the latest beta and try it with your document.
  4. No problem here when exported to PDF/X-4 with the latest beta, all accented letters are fine.
  5. AlainP

    So now what?

    This is the way I understand it too....
  6. There is the "Reopen document at startup" that could be used if all you need is the last file you worked on. Or you simply double click on the file in filemanager.
  7. There is another post somewhere requesting the same thing.... I'd like it too at least for Publisher.
  8. I have recently uninstalled ON1 Photo Raw and I now use only Darktable 3.0 for my RAW editing. One thing I don't like about ON1 is that you have to be connected to your account to use it. Their support dpt told me that they don't "spy" on us but that they only look how we work with the programm.... well, for me, it's kind of spying. This aside, I sold all my Canon stuff and I now use Panasonic cameras and Darktable does a very good job, the "Denoise profiled" module works wonderfully well. I really took the time to learn Darktable, and once you fully understand the UI and the modules.... it's hard to go back. And on top of that.... it's free.
  9. As mentionned above, just a selction of the green part and then paint black over it on a new layer. Then add the catchlight on another layer that you can be dimmed and blurred as needed. The red eye removal tool works but not very well on this type of picture. Here is what I got in less than 30 seconds.
  10. Well it didn't take long.. brush tip is back with newest beta .526 with my Wacom tablet. Thanks.
  11. Same problems as above here with my Wacom tablet. It always worked perfectly but not anymore with this beta version. In another post it is mentionned that it should (or could) be fixed in the next beta. So...let's hope...
  12. AlainP

    Question about a couple of the latest patch notes

    I use a Wacom that always worked perfectly. But now I am waiting for the next beta as this "missing brush tip" is bugging me also.
  13. I did it three times without a crash. On the forth time the perspective worked fine, but when I clicked on the tab of another opened image Photo shut down without a trace, no error message. Did it a fifth time.... no problem at all, perspective worked fine and couldn't get a crash by clicking anywhere else. All this with the latest beta. It's a mysterious mistery....
  14. "Live Perspective" tutorial from James: https://player.vimeo.com/video/192599738/ I will try to find the time to try it on the released version of Photo.
  15. I was editing a live perspective, doing each and every step from the tutorial. Photo (beta .514) crashed twice without any error message or anything, it just disappeared.

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