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  1. Here it works very well. Make sure that you select a good brush for the job, try with a basic brush.
  2. This looks like a file to test how long it takes a computer to blow out !
  3. Does it work if you do it on the layer below the one selected?
  4. Maybe... but it seems weird to me. OK for a vector object, but I'm not sure that it should work that way when placing image file, jpg, tiff, or whatever image format. It does not do this when you place a PDF file so it should work the same with image files. But I've never got this problem as I always open, copy picture and then paste it in my document. I'm doing some tests, I paste a "rtf" file and a ".txt" file. It also acts like a fill layer, selecting a color changes the text of those files, but I still can edit the text..... I'm not convinced that it should work that way.
  5. Confirmed, the placed image is like a fill layer.
  6. Here it disappears when you get to "Pixel size" (Ctrl-9).
  7. No problem. It only happens with the iPad version and after a few times I can download the content without any problem. Sometimes it works perfectly and some others it freezes, but I can always come back and download. And as I keep the items available once signed out..... I'm all set. Thanks.
  8. Still same problem in "My Account" with Photo iPad beta When I log into "My Account" the list of available and downloaded content is displayed. After a few seconds, if I try to scroll the list it freezes. After a minute or two the list disappears completely. If I wait a few more minutes and try to scroll the column where the list should be, some items appears but they are far apart and I see sometimes 7 items, sometimes only 3 items. Then, after a minute or so, Photo crashes. I had the same problem with previous beta version. But sometimes it works fine. I look like a server access problem. If so, Photo should not crash like that anyway.
  9. Quick and easy installation. Access to "My Account" and download worked perfectly. Thanks.
  10. C'mon.... that's a joke ! I'm very pleased with Affinity apps.
  11. OK I see it now. But that strange number becomes normal once you've moved or resized the item. That's why I didn't see it at first. I thought that he couldn't move the rectangle. My bad.
  12. Yesterday my ISP had problem and I've been two hours without internet access ( so awful 😉). I was using Photo (Desktop) and a few other software at the same time for the work I was doing, so when I was done with Photo I shut it down and reopened it when needed. Instead of the 3 or 4 seconds it takes to start it took around 15 seconds, maybe more. So I'm quite sure it's because it was looking to see if and update was availble and then, after a time out period, I could work. This is how I found out that I had no Internet access. So I was wondering if a check box of some kind could be added to the preferences module to enable/disable automatic lookup for an update at startup. An option could be added to the main menu somewhere to check manually for an update... some day when you don't have much to do.... as I know it's not the most important feature to add.
  13. Nothing crazy here. Have a look at pinning and unpinning in the help file.
  14. The problem I had before was that I was assigning an icc profile in Photo and another one in the Canon printer properties panel. Some apps, like Qimage, stop this from happenning. MacOS manages this well, but not Windows so far. I now print from Photo without any problem.
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