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  1. Except fort text and geometric shapes, aren't strokes already "curves" ?
  2. I agree with you, that would be very useful.
  3. Before saying that there are issues with the brushes and it creates a mess.... learn how to use the tools the way they are intented to, read the help file and look at the tutorials. The Overaly Erase Brush is intended to remove some parts of the overlay that you create with the Overlay Brush, that's it. If you are trying to increase the "luminosity" of only the people on the picture, go in "Overlay" tab and use the Overlay Brush to brush over the people. Using "Edge aware" will help. Then you go back to the "Basic" tab and increase Exposure or Highlights as you want. It will be applied only on the "overlay" area. Then you can use the "Overlay Erase Brush" to remove some of the adjustments you just made.
  4. As I mentionned above, the PDF file created by rubs is not displayed corectly with any program that can open pdf files. So far, everybody that opens and export his .afdesign file does not see any problem. it opens correctly with all progs. So the problem has to be on his side when it is exported, a font or language, or ascii code problem of some sort.
  5. I loaded your afdesign file and exported it. It opens correctly in Nitro Pro 8, MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, PDF Xchange Viewer, and Word. The problem is probably on your side when you export it, as your "pdf" shows the wrong bullets on the right side. A different language maybe....
  6. OK I was able to reproduce it. It's the second "Ctrl-C" (copy) that leaves the traces. It does that in the release version ".93" but not in the Beta ".94" version. So it's probably something that has been fixed. btw, you don't have to rasterize the image for this to happen.
  7. I tried many ways to replicate that behavior with all three versions I have and I could not.
  8. Do those ghost pixels disappear if you zoom in or out? It looks like a screen redraw problem and could be particular to your system...
  9. There is none in the dialog box from the right panel. But the last tool on the left "Tools" panel is the White Balance Tool (shortcut "W"). Having one in the dialog box would make sense.
  10. I too have this problem once in a while. It happened with beta .93 as with beta .94. This is hard to reproduce as there is no pattern to make it crash and it's really random. I don't have any other problem with AP, sometimes, while i'm using the pen tool to cut out something, AP shuts down suddenly, no notification , no crash reporter window, no error dump file, nothing at all. I restart AP, open the same file, use the pen tool and start all over again and it works without problem. It happens maybe once out of 10 times only, with no other layers or opened images. I think it has something to do with the speed at which I click to create new nodes. Maybe I'm too fast for my aging computer.... WIn 10 - i3 - Integrated graphics - 8 GB ram
  11. Reproduced here too. Same steps as Chris, it took a while before it happened but it did. I kept doing it and the cursor stayed as a square. The brush tip becomes a square inside of a round.
  12. As I have a Canon Printer (MG7120) I tried printing to see if I had the same problem. I printed the file at 50% on a Letter Size page. It is centered in the AP Print manager and also centered in the Canon Print Manager. And it printed centered. So the image is always centered, never pushed to any other side. It would be nice if we could define the margins in AP. If I don't want the final output being centered, I create a new document to the desired size and paste my image anywhere I want and then print it.
  13. The White Balance I metionned above is the one in "Photo" Persona. In Develop Persona it's the last tool at the bottom of the Tool box. Shortcut is "W". Having a "picker" on the right Panel itself would make sense also. EDIT: I'm talking about the WIndows version, I don't have an iPad... Just noticed that I am in that section.... sorry.
  14. If you click on the White Balance Adj Layer you have the button "Picker". Click on it and then click anywhere you want on your picture, or drag it. You'll see the color change.
  15. It also crashes AD here too. Win 10, i3-550, 8Gb RAM, Intel Integrated graphics.