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    I don't think that a stand alone app will ever been developped by Affinity. There are already many good free ones. I use Fastone Image Viewer and that's all I need. Before making the switch to Affinity apps I used PS and LR for years and always hated LR catalogs.
  2. Tried your file, I don't have any problem here, masking is perfect. I'm on Windows 10.
  3. I've been using Antidote since the first version years ago... integration with Affinity software, in particular Publisher, would be a big plus.
  4. Don't start a war Petar...
  5. Please don't apologize to ridiculous clowns like this @LarrySunshine
  6. @Ej2019 ... I think it is.
  7. AlainP

    Slightly background flickering

    The problem is related to your Iris graphic card. Configuration or drivers I don't know. WARP uses the graphic engine of your I7 cpu.
  8. AlainP

    Slightly background flickering

    You say it's not your system but everything was fine after a new installation.... and then it came back... Here I can't see any flicker with or without the ruler.
  9. Here Designer removes the fill when a shape is turned into a text frame. And there is no way of changing the background color. To change the background color first duplicate the shape you intend to convert to a text frame and group them. The new text frame has a transparent background so you can change the color of the shape under it to whatever color you want. Or just move it over any other shape of any color.
  10. Probably the same problem as here ....
  11. @adreamerCan you provide the text file only, plain text or Word format?
  12. With the shape selected click on any of the 9 points under "Transform". Then you will see an indicator (like a target) appear in your shape. Move it anywhere with your mouse, even way outside of the shape... this is the anchor point for the rotation.
  13. Did the test again this morning (with Hang_text1.afpub) .... Surprise ! It created and filled the new pages in about 30 seconds, maybe less, 1819 pages total. It took just a few seconds more to finish updating the pages thumbnails. So, in about one minute the whole process was over and I could keep working. I then saved the file.... another surprise.... Publisher shut down itself with no error window or anything else. But the file has been saved. I reopened the file, it took a few seconds to load and everything was fine. Save the document under another name and it took a few seconds and I was back to work, no shut down. Why it wasn't working yesterday.... waiting for the answer...
  14. I downloaded and tried your file. Task Manager shows: Affinity Publiser uses around 12% CPU time It shows "Not responding" And "crashpad_handler.exe" is present right under it but doesn't show any activity. I waited 5 minutes and gave up, terminated Publisher using Task Manager.
  15. In the Develop personna there are three buttons for clipped shadows, highlights and tones at the upper right of the toolbar. But I can't find any similar option in the Photo personna.