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  1. JohnAffinityPR

    Tutorial Sound (Affinity Photo for iPad)

    Hi Baz, In light of the problem apparently being easily solved, would you be willing to reconsider the review you left on the App Store? We take pride in our customer reviews and feel a 1* review left as a result of this isn't an entirely fair assessment of the app. Thanks. John (Affinity PR).
  2. JohnAffinityPR

    Spotter's guide to stereotypes #9

    Hi - am I right in thinking there's a series of these which've been done in Affinity? I'd be interested to talk about maybe co-promoting them...
  3. Hi there, Could you drop me an email please so we can discuss opportunities? It's john@serif.com Thanks :)
  4. JohnAffinityPR

    fake or real?

    We've asked TechRadar to amend this, as I believe it implies an offer of free software with no restrictions, whereas what they're offering is the free beta which will expire shortly after the full version is launched. The download mechanism is also far from clear. If anyone does want to download the Affinmity Photo for Windows beta, you can do it direct from us at https://affinity.serif.com/photo/windows/