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  1. Well, if you use Windows Ink you can't change the size and hardness of the brush with "Alt". So with Windows Ink enabled I have to use keyboard shortcuts or the context toolbar to make those changes. When Windows Ink is disabled I can then change size and hardness by holding "Alt" and the "upper" button of my Wacom Pen. While changing size or hardness with this method the cursor or "pen tip" does not move at all, it just get smaller or larger moving right or left and hardness changes moving up or down. It works the same in the latest beta and the release version. I remember there was a time when the cursor was moving away from it's initial place while using "Alt" and moving the pen. I can't remember in which version it was fixed, but now it works very well. It would be better if "Windows Ink" was out of the equation but this is not a deal breaker for me. Hoping this help...
  2. I don't see this problem in the beta .623 and the latest release .620 versions. Mouse or Wacom tablet it works fine.
  3. Not too many answers.... I have a 2018 iPad (6th generation) which should have 2 Gb of RAM. I don't have any problem with my RAW files. Files are from a 20 Mp M4/3 camera so they are not that big. I didn't have any problem with the previous version either.
  4. Same here. It just disappears, no error message. Same in Photo and Publisher .619 beta
  5. I have the Serif retails of the three apps and they all appear in the list, including the beta versions.
  6. Same bug here too, and it does the same in the latest release version
  7. Same problem here. Works fine with the mouse but same results as above with Wacom Bamboo.
  8. I'm not sure I understand you well as it works fine here. If you're trying to remove part of the middle of the blurred square you added on top of a picture you can't remove it in the "Blur" mask. Yo have to add a mask to the square and then remove part of it. That being said, maybe I don't understand exactly what you mean...
  9. I can do anything on it with text or images without problem. But as soon as I use "Save as", type a new name and click Enter... Aff Pub vanishes. I just noticed that the file with 0 bytes is saved.
  10. Yes, it's a pain in the .... you know where... but I'm confident that it will be fixed in a not so far release.
  11. If I don't enable Windows Ink Right click works for changing size and hardness, but then I loose pressure sensitivity.
  12. I also use a Wacom Bamboo Touch and it works well, but "Alt-Right click" to change size and hardness does not work anymore.
  13. No, not just you, me too... Pexels shows Connection failed.
  14. Well.... Use a document that has a few pages and a master page, or just create an empty document of a few pages. Duplicate the master page and the delete the copy you just created... you should see it. It does not freeze but it makes a trip around the earth and comes back after a few minutes.
  15. I have the same problem with assets. After dragging a few, Designer dies. If you double click on the asset and then put it in on your page Designer does not crash.
  16. I imported a few brushes without any problem so far.
  17. I repeated your steps a few times and never had a crash.
  18. Yes, that seems to work, I pasted a lot of assets and never had a crash.
  19. I have the same issue but I have to drag a few assets on my page and all of a sudden the interface disappear displaying "Affinity Designer (Not Responding)" at the top left and I have to shut down Designer with the big red "X" at the top right.
  20. I deleted 3 pages (130-131-132) from the above document. It took almost 4 minutes before I could keep up working in Publisher... Undoing the operation (Ctrl-Z) took almost 5 minutes.This can't be normal on quite a decent computer.
  21. No problem here with the old version of the plugin. Version from Serif
  22. I see the same thing but it's not when saving it's right after clicking the "home" button after opening an image event without editing, I just open it and then press the home button. It happens only with large files. It's like if the screen redraw has to wait for Photo to finish his thing. Sometimes, with the same image, I click the "home" button and it takes up to 8 seconds to display the home page. But when this happens the redraw is immediate and all images are displayed. This does not happen with the beta version.
  23. The trick is the "right mouse button" as discovered by @DegasBrush ! It's not mentionned in the "Vintage Logo" video you posted.
  24. When using the pen if you click "Ctrl" it becomes the "node tool" until you release Ctrl.
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