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  1. After trying a few things I finally got to a point where some of the above mentionned adjustments seem to disappear or be unavailable. After selecting the "Adjustments Studio" button from the right pane, once you used the arrow, right or left on each side of the "Adjustements" title many options don't display their context tool bar at the bottom, so there is no way to use them. You have to keep scrolling left or right until "Adjustments" returns as the main title. Then all adjustments tools are back to work. This is on iPad OS 16 beta 2.
  2. A subscription plan will make me walk away on the day it comes out .... if it ever happens. And I would not be the only one I'm sure. A permanent Internet connexion to be able to use the software would get me do the same thing. So many users walked away from Adobe to go to Affinity... why would they do that ? But I dont worry very much about that.
  3. I agree with you that integration of Antidote would really be a plus to the Affinity Suite. I've been using it for years, mostly in French, but also in English. It's an invaluable tool for documents creation and correction. It's really more powerful and useful in French documents but does a decent work in English. But like all these tools you need to have quite a good knowledge of the language and its grammar. Reading some useless posts here... reminds me why I don't use this forum as I used to.
  4. I still don't understand... these apps cost so little for what they do !
  5. This thread is becoming ridiculous. Why just we don't wait and see... and enjoy what we already have for so little money...
  6. Please Affinity don't do that ! The "Ribbon" interface was in some way "innovative" when it came out. But now it makes such a mess to go from one function to another that it now makes me miss the WordPerfect interface from years ago... "Ctrl-...". I work with Word and Excel, but feel more at home when I open Photo or Designer. And as metionned above, it has to work on Mac and iPad. But your mileage may vary...
  7. Why not trying to improve it to the point it does not crash anymore.... not just less often...
  8. Si les modifications ont été faites sur des calques différents et non sur l'original juste à supprimer le calque, en créer un nouveau et le refaire. Si ça été fait sur l'original et enregistré ainsi.... désolé mais il faut recommencer. Si le fichier a été enregistré au format Affinity avec l'historique vous n'avez qu'à reculer dans l'historique et reprendre à partir de là.
  9. WOW ! I appreciate very much that kind of work and I'm speechless too.
  10. After watching this video I'd say that the shape building tool becomes less important (to me at least) in Designer.
  11. I get this error after dragging the scroll bar 6 times using Pixabay. With Pexels after dragging 7 times it stalls, displaying the spinning dots for almost one minute and then "Connection failed" is displayed. It does the same in Designer. The closer you get to the end the smaller the slider handle becomes. After two or three drags it become a dot hard to grab with the mouse.
  12. Background removal can be a blessing once in a while, but most of the time it makes you work very hard, wasting your time to get not so good result. Invest some time to learn the Pen Tool to select and mask your subject. It does not take long to master and you will not go back to anything else.
  13. Currently, in their actual versions, only the following ON1 Plugins work in Affinity Photo: Effects 2022, Portrait AI 2022, NoNoise AI 2022. Resize does not work as a plugin so far. It could be different with the next versions.
  14. I use Photo and Designer apps on Windows and on my two iPads and never had a problem. I use iCloud to sync files and it works very well.
  15. Is it a file you can attach here so we can test it?
  16. iPad OS 15.3.1 came out on February 10. And Designer and Photo have not been updated in a while. Does it crash with any file or newly created one, or just with some?
  17. Wasn't it the day of iPad OS update 15.3.1 ?
  18. There is something you don't understand here.... of that I'm sure ! Or you're very sensitive.... I have blue eyes and my hearing is not what it used to be.... so do these expressions make me feel sad or mad in anyway.... not at all. My first language is French and we use the same kind of expressions... but maybe I'm wearing pink glasses...
  19. I can't say I have problems with all three apps ( I don't use Publisher very much), but since the first versions of Photo and Designer I always felt that there is something wrong with the memory management and filesize. This is from day one, on Windows at least. I understand that implementing hardware graphics acceleration is not an easy task with all the different cards and configurations. I never had any problem so far with GA, but reading comments from so many users having problems with it.... there is something wrong there too. Maybe third party modules and libraries... I can't say. But this being said.... I would never go back to Adobe. I much prefer Affinity apps.
  20. Affinity latest beta versions... Photo: https://beta-downloads.serif.com/download/affinity-photo-customer-beta- Designer: https://beta-downloads.serif.com/download/affinity-designer-customer-beta-
  21. If you log in your account on the website you will be able to download all apps you purchased as well as freebies.
  22. I have a nVidia GTX 1060 and all Affinity apps work very well with Open CL. It has to be something else... and I think I know where the problem is....
  23. I downloaded your RAW file and the metadata has remained the same from start to finish. Affinity Photo - Topaz Denoise AI (3.4.2) as a plugin. The data is still in the exported JPG file. This is on Windows.
  24. With my G9 files Affinity Photo displays automatically the correct lens info and adjust the image accordingly, I don't have to specifiy the lens. The correct lens info appears in the metadata panel. After I "develop" the image and then come back to the Develop Persona, the lens info is still there. After exporting the file to JPG the lens info is included in the exif data. So far I used only Panasonic lenses on my G9, I don't know what happens with other lens. Are you using a Panasonic lens?
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