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  1. Just tried the above steps and no problem saving to a OneDrive folder.
  2. Two weeks ago I installed Linux on my laptop.... That reminded me why I gave up on Linux a while ago .... I can understand why a Linux version will never see the light. I'm sure that funding is not the main reason and it will not change anything. But I understand peoples hoping for a Linux version.
  3. AlainP

    RAW Development issue (

    Well... it's still a beta version so this kind of problem is normal. I'm sure this will be fixed in the next release, and untill then the fix is quite easy and quick.
  4. AlainP

    RAW Development issue (

    The official release version is also faster.... on my system at least.
  5. AlainP

    RAW Development issue (

    You're right, the Develop assigns a linear color profile.
  6. AlainP

    RAW Development issue (

    Here the RAW files is opened in the Develop Persona, but clicking "Develop" without doing anything also creates a washed out file. But the operation is as fast as it was in the previous version. I tried with 3 different cameras RAW files and same result. It's like if the color profile was wrong. But now I can hear the fans on the graphics card...
  7. Confirmed here too. It stalls for 2 or 3 seconds and then exit without any error message.
  8. You are right... spots appear only whith the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I tried two RAW editors and no spots. Affinity Photo on PC... no spots. All I can see is that other editors correct automatically the spots and make them disappear, but the RAW engine on the iPad does not do that. Have a look at the article on "Stuck Photosites" here. But let's wait for the experts advices.
  9. Well, I can't see how Photo would add "fake dust spots" on a picture... can you attach the RAW file?
  10. Where else do you look at your pictures? If it's with the camera itself the screen is probably too small. Take a few pictures of a white wall, set the camera to Aperture Priority, set it to F8 or 11. If the spots appears at the same place on each picture... well it's dust, or some kind of particules on the sensor.
  11. Dust on the camera sensor.
  12. Why didn't you start with the trial version before buying.... and then whining.
  13. I have the exact same tablet and don't have any problem, whatever the size of the page.
  14. I got that email too on Dec 26. I still have it.
  15. "A slap in the face" .... wow ! Some people have stronger emotions than others. I wish you have a better year in 2019 Oval.
  16. AlainP

    Photo 1.7 crashes

    Just tried it on my Win 10 with 5-6 Mb pictures and I never had crash.
  17. You can do all this with Affinity Designer without problerm.
  18. AlainP

    Image Policy a bit annoying

    When you create a new document there is the option "Image Placement Policy" where you can select "Prefer Embedded" or "Prefer Linked".
  19. I never used Remask, but all my other Topaz plugins have always work.
  20. Same here, Photo and Designer on iPad 2018 and Apple pencil. Everything works perfectly, selection, liquify and other filters work fine. It's a little weird to read such a post from a new member submitting it's first post, complaining about things we never heard of..... maybe he is from the "dark side".....
  21. You cannot use Affinity Photo without it ????
  22. Yes, no problem at all on iPad 2018 and Apple pencil. I use Designer and Photo almost every day and everything runs smoothly. And I work from iPad and PC (using iCloud) without any glitch what so ever.
  23. Don't waste your time with this clown please. We all know what it probably is.
  24. AlainP

    [By Design] Brush Lag

    I was curious and tried to replicate it. New doc 3650px x 3650px, textured brush at 1024 size.... no problem at all. The brush is very responsive, maybe there is some lag, but almost unperceptible.