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  1. Here on Window 10 Version 1903 (build 18362,418) all updates installed, and no problem at all. OneDrive is running and Affinity apps open and save files to this folder without any problem.
  2. For the last few days I noticed that Affinity Photo and Designer Icons of the Beta version disapeared in Win 10 start menu. The shortcut are there and work. But no icons, just an empty document icon. I know this could be a Windows problem. Icons for the release version are displayed. Here is what I see. Anybody else has this problem?
  3. Could this be related to the KB4524147 Windows update that caused similar problems to many. I would try removing above mentionned update, you have nothing to lose.
  4. AlainP

    Affinity Photo Icon

    Deleting the Icon Cache fixed it. It's probably a Windows problem, but I wonder... why these two Affinity Apps Icons only, out of so many... Here is a small app that deletes and rebuild the Icons cache automatically. Easy and faster than the command prompt. Got it (burried at the bottom) from the suggested website above. Thanks for your help.
  5. Maybe this post could help you...
  6. I can replicate this behaviour only in the beta version. Moving the fill layer directly under the picture layer works ok. But if I move it to the picture layer, to the right (as a child layer) the whole image disapears behind this fill layer.
  7. Works very well here too on both versions
  8. You can enter a number or just drag the cursor to the right on the image.
  9. Window 10 - 16 Gb - Intel I7 - 8700 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 If I uncheck the usharp mask the whole process takes 3.5 secs. So if the sharpness mask is needed it's better using a non live filter unsharp mask on a copy and save a lot of time. This being said..... I wonder if the live filter works the way it should.
  10. Here in Viveza 2 colors are washed out and have a purple cast.
  11. Here it took 3 min 52 secs for the whole operation on the latest beta version, and exactly the same time in the .481 release version. After the calculations it takes 2 or 3 seconds to write the file, so I don't understand the "5 minutes to create the file" or "about the same (4 minutes) to export".
  12. "It worked until the 4th of October!" On October 4th a Microsoft 10 update was installed: KB4524147, which is causing printing and start menu problems to many. Maybe this has something to do with your saving problem. Try uninstalling it and see if it changes something.
  13. The file can't be opened, it's a zero bytes file, so I get "The file type is not supported". It has probably more to do with your computer or Windows than AD.
  14. I have a few crash reports from today's experiments, I can zip them and attached them if that can be of any help...
  15. I removed my HP keyboard and install a MIcrosoft (wired) keyboard.... still the same.
  16. It's the wireless keyboard that came with my HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 790-0029. I don't find the model but I think it's KB-2065.
  17. It now crashes every time doing the following... This is a recording from Publisher .471, but it does the sameinversion .475 and with Designer .471 and .481 Pub-Txt-Crash.mp4
  18. Well .471 just crashed doing this. When I restarted Designer it poped a box saying that a crash report will be sent. I does that just once in a while. I create a new document, insert a Frame text box, insert filler text, select a Text style, Colors and decoration... hit escape and it crashes. So far it crashed once out of ten times.
  19. Weird... yesterday I had the exact same problem as Tim, version .471 and .476 crashed exactly the same way. This moring new version .481 doesn't crash but ... .471 does not crash anymore...
  20. I also get this with Firefox, Chrome, MS-Edge, but Edge Developper Edition does not show this behaviour.
  21. You can enter the percentage manually.
  22. You have to click on the "Blend Ranges" cogwheel.... Have a look at the video here.
  23. No problem here, I can't reproduce this with .471 or .475 versions on my system.

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