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  1. glenbarrington

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I've started working my way through the book. I'm the sort who likes a structured learning environment and this is quite good at that. I've learned quite a bit by just reading about the user Interface even though I consider myself quite experienced when it comes to figuring out a UI. Highly recommended.
  2. glenbarrington

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Thanks I wondered about that, but i'm pretty sure you've had my CC info since PhotoPlus 7, no problems yet. BTW, I miss that old informal, not always for business, user's forum from that era. It was a fun destination back then.
  3. glenbarrington

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Wouldn't they already have your CC info from when you bought an Affinity product?
  4. I'm "reasonably" familiar with the use of brushes in Affinity, but I suspect i am only tapping the surface of how they can be used. Does anyone know of any tutorials or articles that address this? I'm looking for material that helps stimulate my creativity as much as I am in increasing specific skills. So I guess I'd be open to elearning sources for software other than Affinity Photo so long as what is taught can be applied to Affinity Photo.
  5. glenbarrington

    FREE Concept Tools PRO brushes from DAUB

    This may seem like a dumb question, but l look on it as an opportunity for others to feel good about themselves! Once I've downloaded the zip file containing the brushes, and unzipped them to a non compressed folder and then imported the brushes into Affinity Photo, can I delete the uncompressed folder? I'll likely save the zipped files, but not sure about the other.
  6. glenbarrington

    Licensing question

    Perfect answer in my eyes! Thanks. As an aside, in spite of the fact that Affinity Photo is most definitely NOT perfect, I am growing quite fond of it as an editor. The user interface can be a bit intimidating when you first see it, but once I jumped into the thing, I realized it's not THAT different from other graphics products with a tabbed user interface.
  7. glenbarrington

    Licensing question

    Does this still apply for Affinity Photo for Windows?
  8. Then Affinity is doomed. It might struggle along for a few years but it will become a 'me too' product. If you intend to break free of the hegemonic stranglehold Adobe has on the computer graphics software industry, you NEED the support of Apple, Google, Microsoft, ACDSee, and the other software publishers to create the mindset of inevitability and superiority. Your decision is just plain dumb.
  9. Everything I've found on the Affinity pages directs me here. I had a problem with Malwarebytes 3 that I didn't notice until after I installed Affinity Photo 1.5. So the logical thing to do was to uninstall Affinity Photo to see if that helped. It did not, so now I want to reinstall Affinity Photo but the install utility won't accept my Product Key. I have a screenprint proving the product key registered to me, and the the key I entered are the same, but obviously I would not post it here, since there isn't a secure and private way to share that with the tech support people. Can some Serif/Affinity people help? Never mind! It was a moment of stupidity on my part I had a copy of Designer loader on my HD that I originally mistook for Photo. The installation appears to work fine now. I have since deleted the Designer loader to avoid that mistake in the future. BTW I know I'm not the only one who gets those titles confused from time to time. It might not be a bad idea to develop some sort of design convention to help give those products a bit more 'separation' in people's minds!
  10. Thanks guys! I think I might change the color engine in ACDSee to Microsoft ICM and see if that brings them any closer together. Unfortunately Little CMS and Microsoft ICM are the only two color engines ACDSee supports. Does anyone know what engine Affinity uses? They, (ACDSee and Affinity) aren't radically different from each other, I doubt if I would have even noticed them not matching if I hadn't gotten a wild idea to officially check, but once I did, I thought ACDSee was a bit 'crisper' and brighter in color and tonality.
  11. Most plugins wont auto install themselves into Affinity Photo, it's too new. So you have to tell Affinity where to find the plugins yourself. Under "Edit|preferences|Photoshop Plugins", in the text area labeled, "Plugin Search folders", add the following text: "C:\Program Files\Topaz labs\Topaz DeNoise 6" "C:\Program Files (X86)\Topaz labs\" Don't add the dot in the front or the quote marks. The first will take care of DeNoise 6, which was rewritten last year, and the second takes care of the rest. Warning, if you have installed them in a non default location (i.e. somewhere else), you would enter THAT location. For the inevitable NIK Tools question enter the text below: "C:\Program Files\Google\Nik Collection"
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to integrate Affinity Photo into my ACDSee Ultimate 10 workflow. And the default values for color management makes the color and tonality fairly close between the two, but they aren't really the same. I prefer the rendering in ACDSee a bit better than Affinity. Color management has always been a big gray area for me, I never feel comfortable in anything I do along those lines. And any changes I made to the Affinity Panel didn't seem to make a difference, so I am reluctant to go any farther and screw things up any more! Can someone review the two color management panels in the screen print below and make suggestions on how to bring the two a bit closer together?
  13. glenbarrington

    Affinity Designer for Windows has launched!

    Without explaining this ON THE SCREEN, you are going to lose an enormous number of sales. I almost gave up and only then decided to check this forum out. Otherwise you are just going to sell your product to people who enjoy solving cryptic puzzles.