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  1. GrosseFreiheit

    Symbols panel vanished

    Thanks for all the help and you surely shouldn‘t apologioze for helping me. Actually I also feel that symbols are a very Designer‘ish functionality and belong there. So far I understood assets as a comfortable way of the „copy-paste“-maneuver. (More like copy-paste-paste-paste-paste-paste...) Do assets also update their instances like symbols do? I‘ll take a closer look into the suggested solutions. Thank you all for your help.
  2. GrosseFreiheit

    Symbols panel vanished

    That‘s a pity. Especially as I used it extensively. I shouldn‘t have closed the panel ... I once had thge impression that it seemed possible to apply masterpages on other masterpages. That could do the trick. In my case all the master pages have a logo. Next to the actual icon, it also includes some text and its position varies. Symbols were perfect for that. Has anyone an idea for an elegant solution?
  3. GrosseFreiheit

    Symbols panel vanished

    Sadly that's not the issue. Checked the separated view, then unchecked again ... just to see if this works as a reset. Didn't change anything. Maybe I'm just missing the symbols-panel? The reset studio option didn't help either.
  4. I just now released and (accidentally) closed the symbols panel. Now it also vanished from the view>studio menu. existing symbols are still labelled symbols, but i cannot place new instances or create new symbols anymore. Made the latest update before.
  5. GrosseFreiheit

    Layer Masks

    Hi again, I‘m searching for an option to mask (vector) layers. Again I hope I just didn‘t find it. (Also haven‘t seen anything about masking layers in the tutorials.) Thanks Georg
  6. GrosseFreiheit

    Global Colors

    Hi, is there an option to set global colors on the iPad? I use this option extensively in the desktop version. I really miss this on the iPad ... and hope I just didn‘t find it yet. Thanks, Georg
  7. GrosseFreiheit

    Copy/paste symbols -> crash

    Hi, I just tried to gather all my drafts and ideas together into one document. When I tried to paste a bunch of icons from an other document into my „collection of everything“, Designer crashed (just quit without any further message or sound). After a few more tries, I found out, that this occurs every time I try to copy symbols. Copying itself works, pasting leads to a crash. (I later tried on my desktop-computer. Here it works, but the icon is no longer a symbol, but converted intio a regular shape.) But in general I‘m very happy with Designer on my iPad. Best regards Georg
  8. GrosseFreiheit

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    I never had any doubts, that it works well on your iPad. For now I‘ll try to get my folders back into iCloud. Thanks.
  9. GrosseFreiheit

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    Deleting the folders wasn‘t such a good idea, it seems. The folders are not recreated. In the save dialog is still the option to save into „Affinity Desiger -iCloud“ but this option leads to a folder „mobile documents“ in the user library. Even worse: After trying to save there, there is an error message „document cannot be saved and will be deleted.“ Not really a great improvement... Does anyone know, how to recreate the document folders? I tried all possible resets and even uninstalled and then reinstalled the apps on both the desktop computer and the iPad. Thanks for substatiated help.
  10. GrosseFreiheit

    Installing fonts

    Okay that works, I could put all fonts together into one folder I guess. That‘s a point actually. I will probably continue using Designer the most and won‘t have much use for text in Photo, but I haven‘t found a font import in pages so far. I‘m slightly reluctant to install one-time use apps ... does this AnyFont also work as font manager ... maybe even with tags? Thanks for your help, so far! Georg
  11. GrosseFreiheit

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    I bought both iPad and software 2 weeks ago, Just checked, for updates anyway. There was a small iOS update. Problem remains... Could there be a compatibility issue with the new iPad Pro?
  12. GrosseFreiheit

    Installing fonts

    That‘s what I thought, too. But again the Open-option is inactive. The folders contain fonts. There are no more subfolders in the selected ones and I even tried to copy the fonts onto the iPad itself first.
  13. GrosseFreiheit

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    The screenshot shows the Designer save-dialog. I selected the Affinity Designer folder, which opened, indicated by the arrow icon on the right. But the folder is not activated and the add/save-option (Hinzufügen) is inactive. Tapping the Designer folder opens/closes the folder. (This dialog seems to display only folders, not actual files, so there‘s nothing to see in the Designer folder.) But the folder does not stay active (grey), like the ones in the other screenshots) When selecting the iCloud folder itself or any of the manually created folders, the „Hinzufügen-Button“ is active, blue and working.
  14. GrosseFreiheit

    Installing fonts

    I tried to install my frequently used fonts on the iPad. It was a bit exhausting to install every single version of every single font seperately. Is there a way to install complete folders? Thanks Georg
  15. GrosseFreiheit

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    I seem to have a similar or at least related problem (despite the previous comments). I cannot access any of the automatically generated folders of the iCloud drive. When saving a Designer document from the iPad in iCloud, I can see all the existing folders but I can only open the manually generated ones. This way I cannot safe into the Designer folder, which was generated by the Desktop-Designer (also on an Mac). Is there a particular setting to help? Thanks