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  1. There is no need for any kind if "UI cluttering". Linked swatches could simply be grouped in a slightly thicker frame. I even feel the (subtle) indicators of the coreldraw screenshots would be too much here. Maaaaaaybe the the user could choose (in a context menue) which of the 3 possible adjustments will be synchronized: color, brightness, saturation. But I wouldn't add any more number-entering-thingies. Actually "synchronizing" might be the affinity-like term, and could explain the function better.
  2. What I'd like to achieve is the following: I define a global color (that works well) I define another global color (still works) I define the 2 colors as "linked" (probably not possible) I change one of the "linked" colors The other color automatically changes to retain the relative position on the color wheel. As an example: I set the first color to red. I set another color on the opposite side of the color wheel (in this case some turquoise tone) and "link" (or group) them together After the "linking" both colors are connected. In this case they are something like 180° apart from each other. Now if I change the red to yellow, the linked color also changes towards blue, keeping the 180° distance. The colors are not necessary global colors, but I'd consider this option particularly useful for that. This system could work not only with two complementary colors, but with any given initial position and number of different colors. 3 similar colors that are only 10° apart from each other also would keep their relative position. I hope that helps understanding the concept a little better.
  3. I'm working a lot with different color schemes. Therefore I'm looking for a possibility of "linking" several colors together. Linked colors would simply keep their relative position to each other on the color-circle. This would be useful to keep complementary colors, for example. I'd think this might be a great option, particularly for global colors. I just wonder, if its already implemented and I just didn't find the functionality. If there is no such option ... maybe this topic can be moved to suggestions? ;) (My naive mind suggests, this may be a relatively easy thing to implement.)
  4. When I wanted to export a publisher document as pdf, I got a slightly vague error message, there would be overflow text in "at least one of the testframes". It took me a while to find this frame. Is there a panel that lists all errors ... and where they hide? Something like Adobes preflight option? That would make locating the errors much easier. Thanks again Georg
  5. Hi, I couldn't find an option to use a custom image (or several different ones) in a list in publisher In my particular case, it would be a list where the bullet shows the type of item. I just found the predefined shapes for bullet lists. Thanks for the help. Georg
  6. Uh ... right. Okay I might go putting on this hat from Mike's avatar. I still feel, that this way it very likely leads to a horrible look. There should at least be an option to choose, like there is with the last line, that can also be stretched into uglyness.
  7. The image shows IDs behavior in this matter. Why not doing it the old fashioned way? Because we live in modern times and I want computers to help me in my work, not making it inconvenient.
  8. Thanks for all your help. The <tab>-maneuver sounds okay, maybe I can "find-and-replace" this into the document. I cannot agree with Joachims opinion Publishers behavior is normal in other (professional) software. This would quite frequently lead to ugly lines, just like in my case. (Just tried the same in InDesign. There it works as I feel it should be.) There should be at least a checkbox: "awful linereaks on/off" Thanks again
  9. I have an issue with the justified print. I want some space after a paragraph but I also use line breaks. Same paragraph, therefore no spacing. In justified print the lines with breaks are stretched. I attached a particularly ugly example. Where can I set this right. I want line breaks to be just like paragraph ends, but without the spacing. (Please don't tell me to fix this manually.) Thanks, Georg
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. If affinity photo provides the option, I'll add it from there.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a way of transforming text, to create the impression it's printed on a flat surface in a 3D space. Puuh, what a strange description ... somewhat like the example attached. It feels to be a likely option for Designer, yet I cannot find the appropriate tools. (Preferably the text stays editable.) Thanks for your help In my particular case, I do not need the depth of the space. (I'd manually decrease the fond size, If neccesary). On the other hand my text is not that symmetrical/centered but "floats" from different angels.)
  12. Hi again, I‘m searching for an option to mask (vector) layers. Again I hope I just didn‘t find it. (Also haven‘t seen anything about masking layers in the tutorials.) Thanks Georg
  13. Hi, is there an option to set global colors on the iPad? I use this option extensively in the desktop version. I really miss this on the iPad ... and hope I just didn‘t find it yet. Thanks, Georg
  14. Okay that works, I could put all fonts together into one folder I guess. That‘s a point actually. I will probably continue using Designer the most and won‘t have much use for text in Photo, but I haven‘t found a font import in pages so far. I‘m slightly reluctant to install one-time use apps ... does this AnyFont also work as font manager ... maybe even with tags? Thanks for your help, so far! Georg
  15. That‘s what I thought, too. But again the Open-option is inactive. The folders contain fonts. There are no more subfolders in the selected ones and I even tried to copy the fonts onto the iPad itself first.
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