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  1. Hi All, Recently installed Catalina and had terrible time getting Mac to work OK. Many apps didn't work including Affinity products. After a lot of deleting and re-installing managed to get Catalina OK (fingers crossed). But, still a little trouble with Designer, hung up on loading screen. Slow to close loading screen and couldn't switch off the loading screen option. To make matters worse I thought I would re-install all three apps. When I looked on my account I could only find Publisher. I was involved in the Beta testing of all three products and purchased them through the Affinity web-site. So why are they missing? I would like to re-install but can not at the moment.
  2. @MEB - just put my order in for the release version next week and downloaded the latest beta. Looking to play with assets so I followed the link at the bottom of your posts to Affinity Quick Reference Unfortunately most of the links on the Resource page end with an error 404. Could be useful to update or delete the links, it's a bit frustrating hitting that page a lot. Is there a tutorial for loading/importing and adding your own assets? Also are there any assets being shipped with the release version? Finally, what asset types are compatible with Publisher? Love playing with this package, getting really polished now. Thanks.
  3. @Old Bruce - second thoughts on this. Just to clarify, in case I do need to use it. You are saying that a second project development window or third etc, can be opened to contain separate documents in development. I haven't tried this yet but I am expecting three tools windows and one project window. Trying this as ~I type and opened a new file - and can see what I described. Now I merge windows and one of the windows disappeared, not present as a tab. So I removed separate windows - back to one window with the second file opened. Running separate windows showed me all five windows (two project windows) then after moving the project windows apart Publisher crashed. Reloaded the file, it loaded the combined file again with only the second file visible and when I clicked on separate windows again it crashed again. Think there is a flaw here.
  4. @Old Bruce - thanks for that, I assume merging will merge into tabs. Personally I would always stick to one document at a time. I take it some people may use separate documents for separate chapters. Horses for courses. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Just noticed the ability to change the UI from a combined window to separate tool windows. This is a great addition. I flip between the two options generally when I've used this in other packages. However, when you are in a single window mode and you change mode by clicking on Window > Separated Mode you get instant separation and a tick next to Separated in the menu. Plus the Merge All Windows is raised from greyed out to solid black. So, trying to return to a single window I clicked on Window > Merge All Windows to no effect. No probs - clicking on Windows Separated Mode removes the tick and changes the Merge All Windows menu option back to grey. This is just a little confusing, what purpose is the Merge all Windows menu option?
  6. Thanks for the latest update, installed and in general seems slicker than my previous Beta installation. Did on one occasion notice a lot of flickering and changing of imagery in the editing window, when I was moving my mouse across to the left hand tool window.Have not been able to reproduce it yet. Wondered about the option for epub export but still not there, hope this will be a future upgrade or plugin option. But, I played around with the option to print a pdf directly from the print menu and that worked very well for my simple small file. Will try this out with a completed/complex manuscript shortly. Another thought occurred, I have noticed in other packages (not necessarily publishing software) that they have included a menu option to view the development file in an external application. This takes the emphasis, for providing development of viewing as a finished external file, away from development package and enables the user to use a compatible viewer from another supplier. Allowing the parent app developer to focus on the creation of the project file. It would require providing a temporary (invisible) compatible file in memory as feed to the viewer software. Have you considered this option to feed to Affinity Photo, Adobe packages and epub/mobi readers?
  7. Thanks guys, need to use this a bit more I think.
  8. @GaryLearn Tech - thanks for posting that, I didn't know about the undo function in the corner. But, I think thre function provided is a little over the top. I much prefer the two button spproch on the button bar for undo/redo which is universal. If you want to refine that a drop down selection for category would be better. The use of sliders for things like this I find painfull to use.
  9. Hi All, Still learning with this so I may not have encountered the features of AfPub. Is there a universal Undo, a button on the top button bar which you can use to undo all actions? I use Xara Designer and Xara Webpage Designer, they have good systems in place for the Undo function. So far I have used Undo in the Text menu feature. Also, Xara have an excellent feature with fonts, in which your font menu is split with recent fonts in a small section at the top. The fonts used in existing files could be filtered out and loaded into this shortcut menu, together with your most commonly used fonts. Makes everything slicker and friendly to use.
  10. Hi All, Thanks for the great Beta, very impressive - I have a few observations: 1. When setting up for a Master page I set it up with the margins, A5, facing and the portrait orientation was ticked, but when I clicked OK the icon in the Master pages window looked like a portrait format. I set up a second Master with the same options but removed the facing option and the icon in the window was now definitely in portrait. The icons are a little confusing and I would recommend that face page icons are split with a line to avoid confusion. I clicked on the export option and, apart from pdf all the export options are graphic file type. Suggest you need, text, rtf, html and other file formats associated with Pub;ishing - I was hoping that you had, or was going to include epub - which is now a very popular publishing market. If no ebook save/export options are provided do you intend including the links to your code for users to provide their own conversion addons?
  11. Hi again, Oooops, lotsa systems seem to be the same - they wont let you save edits the first time round. Now sorted out my profile after logging out and logging back in.
  12. Hi, Posted something about this on another topic. I can confirm that deleting and re-installing Photo on th iPad does indeed install the new version. Many thanks for an excellent package, I’m sure all the teething problems on dealing with Apple will be resolved. On another point, editing my profile will not let me place a photo in the personal image dialogue, even tho I clicked on upload.
  13. Hi, Have purchased Photo and Designer for Mac Have purchased Photo for iPad Just received update notification of Photo on iPad but can’t find a way to do it. Photo is not in my purchased apps list on the iPad, I have to search for it and then it is the old version with only the option to open it. Do I have to purchase again ? These problems with the Apple and Affinity stores are frustrating. I appear to be able to download the extras for the update but not the update itself.
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