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  1. jer! Nice to see you but sorry to hear that. As I told El Chele in the post above, I only get a few coupons per month to offer and they only last for a limited mount of time.
  2. Sorry about that El Chele. I only get a few coupons per month to offer and they only last for a limited mount of time.
  3. Hi Alfred. I think there's sometimes a problem unless it be 'twixt Micklemas and Lent, and 3 carrion crows fly westwards to the sea. Or something else equally random. I'm just glad you got it.
  4. Oh! I didn't realise anyone took any notice of what I said in those videos.
  5. SOAMILOL? Is that the name of the vaccine the politicians are promising us?
  6. I'm sorry Cecil! I do. try and keep my voice slower but sometimes I do get a bit excited about whatever it is I'm talking about. If it's any consolation I'm typing very slowly right now. Simon
  7. Hi Cecil. I'm glad it finally worked out for you. I know that using Safari on an iPad has been a bit of a PITA when dealing with Udemy, but I thought they'd sorted it out. Apparently not but the important thing is that you get free access. So, 6 courses by now? You must be sick of the sound of my voice! Simon
  8. That is odd. I logged onto the site myself under the name (& permission) of a friend. I found the course to be advertised as free and all you had to do was click on the Enroll button. I've also tried clicking on that link in my post above without being logged on to Udemy. I entered FREELANDSCAPES into the Apply Coupon field and the price changed to Free. Do either of these methods work?
  9. Sorry to hear that. If you follow this link - https://www.udemy.com/course/affinity-photo-developing-landscapes/ and enter FREELANDSCAPES where it says 'Apply Coupon' does that work?
  10. Serif have announced that because of this wretched virus, they are generously making their software more available. I think it would be an idea for me to follow their example. If we can't get out and enjoy our countryside we can at least develop the photos we have taken of it. For the next 3 days until 24 March, 3:36am PDT the following course is free. Click on the link below and enter FREELANDSCAPES in the coupon field to get $59.99 off the price. That is to say, It's free. $0.00. Affinity Photo: Developing Landscapes Hopefully this will give you something to do if you are stuck indoors. Thanks for your time. Stay safe and stay healthy, Simon
  11. Stuff happens. I know Serif is very conscientious with this sort of thing. Cheers, Simon
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