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  1. Hi Walt, how's things? Here you go - https://theeagerlearner.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/BlendModes01.pdf
  2. Hi Jim, I don't use Apple Photos. I import any files via iCloud, which I notice you have from your screenshots. I've just opened a Fuji RAW file that way to double check & it opens just fine. So maybe try that method? Hope that helps, Simon
  3. Hi Pedrober. I'm sorry to hear you had problems contacting me. Would you happen to remember which email you used? At any rate, let's try & get you sorted out. I've pm'ed you. Simon
  4. Hi everyone Just to left you know I've combined the Pen Tool videos from my Affinity Designer course into one half hour video and posted it on YouTube as a free resource. Hope it helps some people - The Affinity Designer big BIG guide to the Pen Tool Cheers, Simon
  5. Thank you to both of you very much! You've both helped me out in more ways than one... Simon
  6. Hi, I have a curious problem with Affinity Designer for the iPad. I spend some time drawing out and editing shapes on a file then quit Designer. When I come back a day later and open Designer I find that most of the work I've done has been saved apart from the last few things I did. I've checked the History studio and it bears out what I see on my screen. The last few things I did were not there when I came back to my work. The work is dragging out and editing simple shapes, using the round corners tool, duplicating shapes and creating groups. The problem has happened fairly consistently although the amount of objects created and edited seems to vary. The worst case was when I created 5 simple rectangles to test how many would be there when I opened Designer after a day. None were there when I opened the file, but also I found that a group I'd duplicated and moved wasn't there and a shape I'd duplicated & moved, flipped horizontally and changed the color had only been duplicated and moved. The flip horizontal command I'd given from the transform studio hadn't been recorded or anything after that. I've tried making a snapshot from the History studio to see if that makes a difference. I was also wondering about how I quit Designer. Normally I just swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Would going back to the Gallery before I quit make a difference? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi ydatak. I run a promotional sale at least once a month, usually towards the end in which all the prices come down to around £10-15 for about 5 days. Cheers, Simon Foster
  8. Hi Mark. Based on what you've said I'd go for Affinity Designer first then learn more about photo editing after. Simon
  9. Ok, the new sale is now on. For any Serif course I offer at Udemy just enter APR2020 in the Apply Coupon field to get the courses at the reduced price of $10.99/$9.99, depending on the course.
  10. H Martin. No, not yet. There's the iPad version of AD to do, plus maybe a project based course for both so I'm pretty loaded with courses to do for now...
  11. H Cecil. I've posted 1.8.3 updates to the Solid Foundations and Beginner to Pro via Reference and Workflow courses at the end of the lectures.
  12. I'll be running a promotion for all the courses in a couple of days time. I'll post here to let people know. Simon
  13. Thank you! I always worry about how a new course is going to be received and comments like this really make my day. I'm glad it's working out well for you. Simon
  14. Hi, I don't know if the keyboard command have changed or if this is a bug so I'll post here. There is a technique for creating luminosity masks where you, for example... 1. Create a Lens filter layer above a layer containing a photo. 2. With the adjustment layer selected, on a PC hold down ctrl + shift / Mac cmd + shift, then left click on the thumbnail of the layer below. You should end up with a selection of the layer below, something like the screenshot below: But instead of this, nothing gets selected and I can't go on to create a layer mask based off the selection. I've tried this on both the 1.83 PC and Mac versions of Affinity Photo. Some help would be most appreciated. Simon
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