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  1. Ok, so I decided to put up a newer clone stamp video to replace the old one. It's here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nifk0bGLnY and is one of the reference videos for a new series coming up which includes reference videos plus workflow videos so you can tackle learning Affinity Photo from both sides. Hope it proves to be useful.
  2. Ok, just got back from the hosting company. They've sorted it out & I'm back to being secure again. I didn't like being insecure. You should be just fine to go to the site now - http://www.theeagerlearner.com
  3. Yep; this is a weird one. I'll have to speak to the webspace providers because I forked out for the security features. I'll get back to you...
  4. Eh!? What on earth happened there? I'm pretty sure I didn't delete it and I had the copyright for all the materials in it so I don't know what they've done. I'll look into it, my apologies & thanks for pointing it out to me. Cheers, Simon
  5. Hi & try this. Start out with nothing selected. Press Q to enter quick mask mode. Make a few white brush strokes and press Q again. You should have selected areas where you made the white brush strokes.
  6. Just purchased The Little Box of Tricks. Cannot wait to delve into it! Thanx for putting these videos out there!


    1. drippy cat

      drippy cat

      Good luck with the course!

  7. @Yolanda - It is difficult at first. The trick is to do a little bit and often. Get comfortable with one or two basic tools then move on to some more and get comfortable with them & so on. I think people have problems when they try to get through a complete course without practicing anything they learn. So by the time they've got to the later stages they've forgotten the basics. It can be done! Little steps, and good luck. Simon
  8. @loulou and @SF Charter Boat, your are both very welcome and happy to help!
  9. To both Suzi-K and John a big thanks! It's always nice to know that someone is getting something out of the courses.
  10. Hi. If you go here - https://theeagerlearner.com/ I offer a free 90+ page guide to Affinity Photo which assumes no prior knowledge on your part. It covers the absolute basics and may help you. If it does, I'll be happy for you.
  11. Hi Jia and thanks for the kind words! Good idea to get in now as the coupon codes are only available for one more day. Simon
  12. Hi Lubiloo and thanks for signing up! I hope Christmas went well for you, and if you are anywhere near Ivy Bridge or Plymouth I’m sorry if the Devon part of my family was making a racket.
  13. Hi rolantos. That would work. Or maybe swap 3 and 4 round because I develop RAW files in the Landscape course. I explain what you need to know with the RAW files in question on the landscape course so you could do it in the order you suggested. If you are already comfortable with the concepts of RAW files then that would work. If you aren't sure about RAW files, go for the RAW development course first. Cheers, Simon
  14. Aw c'mon Alfred! Don't crank my monologue. My bra size is already making me fade all dizzy and upset.
  15. Hi rolantos. Given they are on sale, if you don't have any I'd go for the Solid Foundations course. To quote myself: 'Just a quick note here. If you already have the Solid Foundations or iPad course, there's no point in you getting the Five Steps course. The Five Steps course is intended to be a very basic introduction to Affinity Photo and the topics it covers are covered in more depth, along with plenty more topics on the Solid Foundations and iPad courses. I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they's paid more for the same information.' Man! Do I know how to do a hard sell, or what?! The Box of Tricks course is for people who are comfortable with the basics; it was designed to follow on from the Solid Foundations course. The Developing Landscapes course? I think you need to know a few basics, although I do include a few tutorials which cover the kind of things we do on the course. This course is about workflow - taking a picture right from start to finish so a newcomer to image editing can hopefully gain confidence with a workflow. Cheers, Simon