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  1. Helped my neighbor pick out color for his house using AP. Did some testing on interior color as well and works great!
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    Okay, this is the original photo taken on my way to an auction in Mannheim Pennsylvania. The Bridge was built in the 1800's. Thx MEB for the details on the car! I will definitely provide more details on all my pics from now on.
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  4. You will still have all your work there also
  5. Go to View, Studio and hit reset
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    Playing around with light,tonal and skin color on a statue, may be a bit overcooked.
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    Playing around with light,tonal and skin color on a statue, may be a bit overcooked.
  8. hi drippy cat...great coarse...i took your coarse and followed it up with Jame Ritson tutorial for refresh. Thx for your time and effort to make this coarse!
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    Call for Camera Images

    raw photos sent shot from Lumix G85
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all! My name is Kenny and I am currently making a career change at the young age of 53! Was looking just to get into the drone video and photography business and needed a program to crunch my photos with and stumbled upon this gem. Needless to say I am overwhelmed but learning day by day and enjoying every minute of the learning experience! I am hoping to get more involved with the people here and to learn more about photography and editing. Anyhow...I thought I was going to just develop cut and dry photos when the creativity side of my went berserk and created this. Any criticism is more than welcome since I want to improve on my work. Thx for this program and this forum and hope to hear from you all!
  11. Big shoutout to Affinity Photo! First time user of this sort of software. Tried Adobe first and was a little confused. Probably a great program also but did not like subscription based price point and stumbled upon this little gem. I am completely blown away! Will be posting some of my projects here to share and to highlight the capabilities of this program. I am still in the beginner stages but did take an online coarse which helped greatly. Then went back to James Ritson's tutorials and it really sunk in! I do have a couple of questions that I will post later on regarding memory usage and such when dealing with large files but other than that I am very happy with the program so far. Hope to hear from you all here and here is one of my projects I am currently undergoing.