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  1. Updated to new version of Nik Collection and everything works great! thx!
  2. Hi j3rry..I heard it is happening with the new nik collection 2 also. Would like conformation before I upgrade since I just bought nik collection.
  3. This is happening to me also since I updated to 1.7. Worked fine before the update
  4. Nik Collection worked fine until Affinity Photo 1.7 update. I get a message that says updating fonts and it keeps on running even when nik collection is closed and I cannot do anything in affinity photo. Also have to force quit Affinity Photo. Please help. Thank you. I am on a 2017 iMac running High Sierra version 10.13.6. Older running DXO collection but I have heard it does the same thing on latest version of DXO.
  5. Same thing is happening on my end. This is definitely a bug in the software. I am on an iMac.
  6. Helped my neighbor pick out color for his house using AP. Did some testing on interior color as well and works great!
  7. Okay, this is the original photo taken on my way to an auction in Mannheim Pennsylvania. The Bridge was built in the 1800's. Thx MEB for the details on the car! I will definitely provide more details on all my pics from now on.
  8. You will still have all your work there also
  9. Just purchased The Little Box of Tricks. Cannot wait to delve into it! Thanx for putting these videos out there!


    1. drippy cat

      drippy cat

      Good luck with the course!

  10. Playing around with light,tonal and skin color on a statue, may be a bit overcooked.
  11. Playing around with light,tonal and skin color on a statue, may be a bit overcooked.
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