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  1. I am Having exact same problem. As Soon as I have any kind of Interaction with new updated version. Program crashes.
  2. I've installed and reinstalled it 2 times yet still suffering from same problem.
  3. I've updated my Affinity photo to latest version (1.6.3) and now I'm having problem of program keep crashing/Closeing down when I click any of buttons on either on menu or tool bar/navigation etc.(Close down program automatically with making pop up sound but no error message or pop up). I did not had this problem with previous version. It seems like I can open file like EXR or JPG with it, but as soon as I have any kind of interaction with it, it crashes and close down the program. My PC specs are: Window 10 Home 64-bit OS 32 memeory AMD RyZEN 7 1700 CPU Nvedia GPU(With latest update)
  4. Oh Thank you! I don't think I had to reset the studio (found Color)
  5. I've accidentally closed the Color Tab and now I can't find where to go to open it back. D: (Affinity Photo)
  6. So I've googled to see how to make curved text/ text following path of shape but it seems like they are either outdated or simply does not work? not sure if it's some kind of glitch or it was changed, just not updated on documents. I've seen tutorial of clicking shape then use text tool on top of it but it didn't work, nor manually selecting it from LAYER to convert shape into path (Convert to Path wasn't under layer tab. I'm assuming that it was outdated tutorial cause that tutorial was made 2 years ago-ish). Thank you.
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