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  1. What icc profile are you using in AP? That make a difference within plugins, that’s something I’ve notice using AP
  2. I did went through that as files were in the 300-400 mb size. there’s some other thread about it and I ended up with this. copy/paste make it look like I’m screaming the words, sorry for that =) This is typically because developed raw images are processed to 16-bit - it offers more precision but increases file size exponentially. Before you save your .afphoto file, you might try the following: Go to Document > Colour Format > RGB (8 bit) to convert the image to 8-bit and save file space. Go to View > Studio > Snapshots to bring up the snapshots panel. You should see an initial "Background" snapshot. Delete this as it's essentially a backup copy of your image that takes up file size space.
  3. I decided to reset AP, good thing I did, problem solved. well.... now clicking "cmd S" shows bar export item, why? I'm not exporting, just saving progress.
  4. I have a folder named “to be process”, images goes in there before sent to my library. I just drag the image(s) down to AP app to be open. Never really had issues doing so, just happening more often now, but since there was no update to AP then its something coming from my computer, obviously I did something in setting somewhere.
  5. just doing cmd s haven't did the save as. I'm going through a bunch of images and just using the inpainting brush to remove dust spot. I'm not editing them yet. I don't know why, I haven't changed anything either AP or my computer. must be a bug I'm getting.
  6. Its not the first time but its happening quit often now, every time I edit an image and hit save (cmd s) it just freeze than need force quit, and reload the image to keep going. os sierra 10.12 (latest before high sierra)
  7. They both work, the plugin are not in the same folder for google and dxo, the last of dxo work, not the first release https://nikcollection.dxo.com/release-notes/
  8. mikerofoto

    exporting folder

    system feature, got it. I just thought that would be nice to have the option to choose which one to choose.
  9. mikerofoto

    exporting folder

    Thanks for that. would be easier to just be able to search and select that folder then adding them to the sidebar. fine with the favorite sidebar, but why there is no option to export to a specific folder?
  10. mikerofoto

    exporting folder

    The problem isn’t “save as” but two below, the “where” why can’t I just browse to the folder I want to save it instead of generic recent folders?
  11. mikerofoto

    exporting folder

    Im on a Mac and all I got is the suggested, no search field, so I always end up dragging in the specific folder I need it to be. Files are tiff 16bit and I export in jpeg 8bit.
  12. mikerofoto

    exporting folder

    I know there is “common” but instead of having a long list, why not keep like 5 used and the option to select/search
  13. why in AP I cannot save images where I want to? an option to select where and which folder to saved your work. all is there is whatever last export location or main disk. or am I missing something? thanks
  14. mikerofoto

    NIK Collection

    You have to install it the same way you installed it at first, create a folder for the pluging and select it to be installed in. Delete the plugin you had before in AP (restart AP) and add the new one (restart AP), done.
  15. There’s some that work and others not, I can’t get luminar working as plugin with AP, either it crash or images look wrong. You can always save as .tiff and work on it in luminar, click save and reinsert your image on a new pixel layer and move on from there in AP. here’s what I found on the forum regarding plugin http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/mac/