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  1. mikerofoto

    Gradient packs

    The gradient pack can be installed in AP, that’s an afpalette file, go in swatch / hamburger / import.
  2. Go in your setting / mouse / and enable right click with your mouse.
  3. when you create that selection its from the pixel layer below, yes and its normal. Once you have you selection with marching ants, add a curve or a brightness/contrast if you want and it will be in a mask, the deselect the selection and do what you want to adjust and add more if you want. here’s a quick tutorial how to create luminosity mask https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/317427603/
  4. You can use the gradient tool
  5. Kind of yes for answer, AP is not a DAM and you have some few options to help with culling your images. With some search on this forum you can come to fastrawviewer or camera bits or you can even use bridge from adobe to be way faster than opening them all one by one in AP, there is also other program too! They go from free to expensive, yours to choose what fit your workflow. https://www.fastrawviewer.com/about-and-features https://home.camerabits.com/
  6. It work, there’s been quit a few thread regarding this. windows or mac?
  7. Good start, click “monochrome” box bottom left. Then change blend mode to linear light or overlay and reduce opacity because you probably over did it. Voila!
  8. Group your live filters, bring it above the pixel layer and merge down. Or just like Carl said, right clicking the pixel layer and select rasterize
  9. “cmd” “G” to group them then you can select merge down.
  10. Nope, one at a time and same way if you want to save them.
  11. mikerofoto

    Loading LUTS

    It doesn’t take too long to load and save them though, click on luts name copy/paste so you don’t have to type anything. You should get that done in like 5 min.
  12. mikerofoto

    Loading LUTS

    Nope, one by one while you enjoy your coffee!

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