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  1. mikerofoto

    Affinity Sidewalk?

    maybe an option to go in "edit" open with... all 3 Affinity software icons, plus the ability to add some RAW software you use like C1, PL, Luminar, ON1 etc..
  2. now that Affinity is set with AP, AD and now Publisher, is there some more work in progress for a DAM interface? no import needed, using your file folder/renaming/creating/organizing, drag and drop, rating with numbers/colors/stars, option to open file with a selection of preferred software. What else to be included?
  3. http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/mac/ that's a list of what is supported. all you can do is save as .tiff or .dng and open in the other software.
  4. I thought only macros only could be imported not those without the “s” ? I don’t run AP on PC so I don’t know neither is drag and drop work for them.
  5. I usually just drag the macro to AP icon while AP is running, never had issues doing it this way. A pop up window the appear saying its been install without issues. maybe not the what supposed to be done but its faster then going in burger menu choosing import, locating the macro then import it.
  6. There’s another thread regarding that ghost plugin, some see them and others can’t get them. Sorry I don’t have the thread link for it.
  7. mikerofoto

    Photo Crop

    To apply the crop yes, you click apply or enter on keyboard. Once you select crop tool (c), you can choose unconstrained, original size or custom size, to get the lock to edges, if I’m not wrong is from the red U shape magnet icon top middle bar. When you move your crop selection you’ll see a red and green line appearing meaning you’re aligned horizontal and/or vertical. *that picture above was an image result of google search.
  8. Not free no, on sale now and come with PL essential. https://www.dxo.com/
  9. mikerofoto

    Photo Crop

    One of the top tool on left panel is the “crop” tool, once selected you’ll have option as what size and format you want it on top panel.
  10. I kept the old Nik plugin folder and created a new one for the Nik by DxO, but when you install Nik collection, it overwrite the old one.
  11. Viveza colours are still wrong and HDR won’t load your image with AP 1.7 Viveza don’t work neither in Luminar, so it seem to work only in Ps or as stand alone unless you have PL2.
  12. I wish Luminar Flex would work as plugin for AP but doesn’t, not sure why they released that version as it didn’t even get their last update accent AI 2.0
  13. Look at the “U” red magnet symbol on the top toolbar.
  14. Reinstall Nik collection and during process make sure you send the plugin to the same folders you already use with AP, the fonts issue was fixed by doing this.