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  1. Your right. Thanks for your help.
  2. The burn/dodge 'rope' went when I unchecked the stabiliser box. For the cloning I had picked brush size 1 and I couldn't change the size. when I picked. When I picked brush 8 the size could be adjusted and cloning worked as normal. Thank for your help.
  3. I use the clone tool but the size of the brush does not increase/decrease when I use [ or ]. It doesn't select a source but creates a vertical line which moves across the screen when I move left or right. When I use the Burn/Dodge tool I now have a small red line with a circle and one end and cross at the other. This has just started to happen. Any help most welcome.
  4. Thanks for the update.
  5. Thanks for the update.
  6. Lots of magazines include DVD tutorials and free templates and presets for photoshop. Will these work with Affinity Photo?
  7. RedSnapper


    Everything now works as expected. Thank for the help.
  8. RedSnapper


    Thank you for the update. I have realised my mistake. I was trying to get it to work with the selection brush where width and hardness make no sense. I tried it on another brush and it works perfectly. Thanks for your help.
  9. RedSnapper


    Thanks for the update. I tried that but it didn't work.
  10. RedSnapper


    CTL+ALT does not change brush opacity or hardness in Windows 10 Pro
  11. I am also using Windows 10 pro and I get the same problem. CTL+ALT does not alter brush hardness or opacity.
  12. Thanks very much for the tips. I'll give then a go.
  13. I am referring to Photo. I have tried you suggestion and it does what I want. Display as DPI means when the image is projected on to a screen. When projected the surround is usually black. If the image is B&W there could be areas where the image merges into the background making it difficult to see the edge of the image. If this happens it's probably good to put a keyline/border on the image. Changing the background to black in UI allows me predict if the image will cause a problem when projected and I then see if the keyline(colour,thickness) will resolve the issue. It would be useful if the background could be changed to any colour that would allow users to see the affect of using coloured mount boards for the printed images. Many thanks for your help.
  14. Is it possible to change the colour of the workspace background in the beta version 1.7? Thus seeing what an image would look when mounted or displayed as DPI.
  15. When I download from the website or via the app I get this message This site can’t provide a secure connection d1gl0nrskhax8d.cloudfront.net sent an invalid response.