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  1. In many editing apps it's possible to show under exposed areas in blue and over exposed in red. Can the same be done in Photo?
  2. Thanks dmstraker. The pdf is very useful.
  3. I have placed 4 images on a black canvas but the where the image backgrounds are not totally black the edges of the images can be seen. How do I remove / soften them so they merge into the background? I have tried Burn but nothing happens. Any help much appreciated
  4. Unlike most photo editing software there is no Export function in DPP4 to save the file in a different format than the original. To do that I need to go to File ---> Batch process. This gives various formats the file can be saved in, e.g., jpg, tiff,etc. It also has the option to name software that will auto open the file after it has been saved. I specified the path and exe of Affinity Photo.
  5. Thanks for the tips.
  6. How do I open raw in DDP4 then edit in Affinity Photo? It installs with a link to Photoshop as the only option.
  7. Thank for the update. I'll have to continue using Web Plus or one of the free web site designer apps.
  8. I have seen comments about about Web Plus not being replaced. Also comments/courses about web design in Publisher and Designer. As a former Web Plus user which app this the best to pursue?
  9. I have never had a problem assigning an ICC profile in Photo. Either in Document ------> Assign ICC profile or in Layer --> Adjustment Layer ---> Soft proof Adjustment or Print ---> Color management ---> printer Profiles
  10. Many thanks for all the feedback.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I cleared the history from Chrome. Ran a windows diagnostics check and it said something about can't detect proxy server. I ran Advanced System Care then rebooted. I can now download.
  12. When I try to download the new version get a security message. Site cannot provide secure connection..
  13. Hi Walt, I have tried that. Same problem with the selection brush. It draws the box with snap to edges option but when I release the mouse the selection disappears.
  14. RedSnapper

    Patch tool

    That simple. Thank you for your help.
  15. I draw the box to select an area that I want to copy but when I release the mouse button the box disappears.