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  1. and meanwhile Affinity Photo just keeps updating fonts and updating fonts ... big sigh! Sorry, I just haven't bin this frustrated for long. DxO acquires NIK Collection and in the name of cash and profit screws long time users of the plug in. And then Affinity Photo updates from 1.6 to 1.7 over night with no possibility of rolling anything back (apparently) - and we are fucked (pardon my French). At least I'm not having a customer yelling at me right this moment for not being able to deliver as promised - but come monday, I will have a problem.
  2. So we just have to shell out cash to DxO to fix something that worked all right until yesterday????
  3. Help! My Affinity Photo got updated yesterday without my knowledge. The problem is, that upon using the Nik Collection plugin, Affinity Photo updates fonts for hours blocking any work what so ever in Affinity Photo!!! What's going on? I can kill Affinity Photo in the 'Force Quit' in the Apple Menu, and re-launch it. But the problem reoccurs once I used Nik Collection. How the heck do I get the darn app to work? I'm running the latest iteration of Affinity Photo in macOS Mojave 10.14.5
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