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  1. Rick G

    Snapping Broken in Crop tool?

    You are correct and thanks for the response The alt key temporarily bypasses but there is an unwanted change in the basic behavior that I believe needs to be fixed If snapping is shut off one should expect it to be OFF
  2. I grabbed the wrong one. Thank you
  3. Is there anywhere where we can see the changes explained? There are changes in the levels, the crop, HSL and a lot more Where can we find that?
  4. There are Thanks I attached it. They did give directions elsewhere for generating logs but those directions do not work
  5. still does not update correctly Update fails and destroys the current install and is remedies only by rebooting Setup.log SetupUI.log
  6. Formerly I would turn off snapping when cropping to get a fine tune on the edges so it would not jump In this beta it seems to sump / snap anyway Confirmations anyone? Thanks in advacne
  7. Formerly I would crop an image then rasterize it to remove the areas outside of the crop. It is apparently not working in this build Could someone please confirm? Thanks
  8. Bump this again as it is still present in although I am having a lot less trouble with it for some reason, just one file last nigh and I had loaded several batches of 10 or more files
  9. Rick G

    Thanks: Fuji X-A5 RAF Support

    Ours is too .. he is a Russian blue "mix" which you can say about yours Ours was 8 years old and had been returned to the shelter 3 times (Vignette added in AP so we are still on topic)
  10. Rick G

    Thanks: Fuji X-A5 RAF Support

    I don't know what happened in the first picture but in the second you have a pretty cat. Russian Blue? He looks a lot like ours
  11. Rick G

    2 v.188 crash reports

    Thanks I swear I looked there
  12. Rick G

    2 v.188 crash reports

    Not trying to be especially dense but where do you find the crash reports? I know the are in some obscurely named DMP files but there does not seem to be a place under USER\APPDATA LOCAL and in USER\APPDATA LOCA\TEMP? If I ever feel the need to post them, where are they please? Thanks