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  1. Does that mean the end of summer is pushed back to October 22?
  2. Did you do the coloring of this?
  3. Could we get some of what you are smoking?
  4. Nope. The seasons are based on astronomical
  5. Just the facts ... Autumn 2018 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Saturday , September 22 and ends on Friday , December 21 All dates are in Eastern Time. AUTUMNAL EQUINOX 2018: FIRST DAY OF FALL WHEN IS THE FIRST DAY OF FALL 2018?
  6. Summer doesn't END until September
  7. They have an issue in here somewhere
  8. I was definitely NOT getting that but I just tested and it is apparently performing as you stated. I will watch it a bit more Thanks for the feedback
  9. Single monitor 1920 X 1080 and this issue only started with this beta. I have not shrunk the window from full screen Thanks for the reply
  10. I am brushing on a mask. The brush is appropriate with nothing fancy If I start brushing a ghost appears and will disappear after a few seconds The shape of the ghost in no way matches the brush which is a standard round brush
  11. New in this beta Many tools will start a bit off screen. If you move them back to where they belong they will stay there until the program restarts
  12. Nice! Thanks for posting
  13. Corel is where good programs go to die