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  1. Rick G

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.3

    Thank you for adding the REFINE button to the Flood Select tool toolbar - handy and appreciated
  2. Send them an email and ask them. It apparently does but I have no idea of what kind of depth you are seeking. They do cover TOC and footnotes and at the end they walk you through creating a magazine which is not a far jump from creating a book at least as far as a learning process is concerned
  3. Affinity Revolution has a nice beginner's course for Publisher https://courses.affinityrevolution.com/
  4. The crop handles look fine now and thanks
  5. You can but you have to "clip" it to the text Add the JPG you want to use Then on the layers panel drag it slightly under and in the text layer until a small vertical bar appears the let it go. If it isn't quite right you can grab the JPG layer and drag it around or resize it to suit you. Check this tutorial
  6. Thanks for the reply. It appears elsewhere too but again small and cosmetic
  7. Rick G

    Text Import Pannel

    Good ideas! Thanks
  8. This is a small cosmetic issue. The bottom and top center handles show the wrong cursors. The modules work fine
  9. Rick G


    That works well. I would still like to see them add a template extension so it would open up as an Untitled document. and let us save out the same way. This is fairly common with other software and probably not too difficult to implement That being said, your solution works and this is small potatoes in the greater scheme. I hope it is somewhere on the roadmap
  10. The learning curve is not that bad. Try going out to Youtube and looking for Affinity Publisher and watch some of the videos. There are some over views to watch but do watch some on the basics such as master pages, text wrapping and frames etc. Affinity Revolution has a course along with some good tutorials on Youtube.
  11. Rick G

    Find/Replace Sets

    +1 that is a great idea
  12. yes follow what @carl123 says as currently it cannot make a "break" Also look at you wrap to alignment. You are telling it to wrap to the RIGHT of a graphic that is positioned on the RIGHT in your document/ Get rid of that and use placeholder text until you get what you want
  13. It's a trade off. Small file size with linked files and it takes time to open or embed them and it may take a few seconds to open but there it is. You MIGHT try doing a save as and then changing the links to embedded. Then load it and see what you have gained
  14. Try it. Calibre is free so add a quantity of PDFs with witch you are familiar and batch convert them. Then open them and see if it has done what you expect I have done a lot of converting with Calibre and it looks good to me but I have no idea of what you are looking for or expect it to do PS you can edit in Calibre but all the formatting markups are there in the editor which is great if you know what you are doing. It is not the go-to editing program but you can fix things quickly if the need arises https://calibre-ebook.com/download
  15. There was another post that waxed a bit angry about Publisher not containing all the tools of Photo or Designer. Studio link apparently is more for corrections and some adjusting. The "heavy lifting" is better done within the respective programs first. That being said studio link is quite robust Glad that helped

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