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  1. Adding OCR can be a can of worms. There are issues with the various flavors of English and then what about other languages? You have snagit so just check out the OCR issue on the Techsmith forums and you will see what I mean/ Everything in one place is not always better; I have seen programs that do everything but not of it very well You can set up preset in Snagit to do a panoramic capture and automatically have it run it's OCR over the results. I use Nitro for my PDF work and it has a good OCR engine Tessseract may do it; it is free but I have never used it but for you it may be worth a try if you do a lot of conversions IF you need a hand with setting up a panoramic capture to OCR just say the word No one is trying to be a wet blanket with your idea, but a lot of programs ditched scanning a long time ago and left it to specialized programs
  2. Let it fail Reboot Try it again and it will install. It totally blows out the previous installation. They had this fixed but it is back for some reason
  3. That is apples and oranges Max. That being said, I have no skin in she discussion ... it won't affect me one way or the other but if it affects others then by all means lets get it changed
  4. Hmmm Never bothered me. Rather than get rid of it, they might make the default text disappear once you start editing. That would not be such a great leap in programming
  5. Is that not indicating what kind of layer it is?
  6. Noooooooooo. There is a great community of us. Being fair ... they had it fixed in the last beta and this beta is a regression
  7. Precisely - the program is wiped out and after a reboot you are able to do a fresh install I did not save the install logs. I have attached so many and I think this is the first comment requesting them You can install an earlier beta then run this update as it fails consistently. It was fixed in the last beta Let me know if I can do anything or follow any steps that would help
  8. I think this is supposed to be fixed in the latest beta but for now, close Photo and clear all your temp files and that should remove the file that is causing the issue. If it does not work please don't shoot me but I believe that is the issue: Photo was not cleaning up it;s temp files
  9. Wow. Would you kindly put the steps used before you exported or attach the photo file if you could? I would be glad to try and verify this
  10. Setup failed for publisher - it was ok for designer and Photo See my notes for previous versions as the failure was the same
  11. Rick G

    Rasterize issue

    Chris, please ask if they can make a check box on the tool bar or do SOMETHING so that it can be set on the fly and remember where it is set?
  12. Good points and no disagreement. BUT if they are trying to cover the market, they will; need to consider a DAM at some point. AVDSEE has become a kludgy mess and lets not get into the adobe offerings. That market seems open if not ripe, but I am sure they will delve into the possibilities much deeper than we can before they commit anything to a new program
  13. Rick G

    Rasterize issue

    [RANT] Amen, +1. If you right cliok on the layer OR the picture OR chose "rasterize and trim" from the menu, ... there it is and you have to do it for every single picture you have to trim. And because of the wonderful brainstorm if you trim it then copy it to past elsewhere, you now get the ENTIRE UNTRIMMED PIC. It is the single worst time wasting work flow interruption they have yet come up with.It would have made a wonderful OPTION either under preferences or a check box on the tool bar I have asked but they stay strangely slent about it. Rally who decided that when we crop something, we really don't mean it? Again a sticky checkbox on the tool bar that offers "trip" would have been a good solution for those who want it [\RANT]
  14. While I respect your opinion, I do wonder what you bas that on. They have spoken of a SAM before and they have built all their products around a core code which has allowed them to integrate all their offerings. Not to oversimplify but much many of the pieces for a DAM are already theer