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  1. I use Lock hunter which installs on the right click menu and will unlock or delete locked files and folder. SOMETIMES it can only do it by rebooting https://lockhunter.com/ There is also unlocker that does the same thing but the installer throws virus warnings. They are false positives but there they are
  2. Setup failed and needed a reboot to reinstall the program which had been wiped out by the attempted upgrade I really hope you get this fixed before you roll out the final version. It was fixed for one beta some time ago but then broke again. It only happens with Publisher
  3. Setup fail yet again when trying to update
  4. PLACE probably makes sense in the wider scheme of things. "Place" is used in Photo to exactly well ... place a picture rather than copying an image, pasting it then resizing it
  5. I had the crash here too although control J didn't crash it I removed all your adjustments and copy worked just fine so ..... if you saved with history it will make it a lot easier to slowly find the offending layer
  6. I get these once in a while. The black IS transparent in most cases as other programs read it as such. I thought it might be older versions of PSP causing it but I am not so sure. I don't think Photo is the problem either since sometimes I will pick up a black background PNG and if comes into PHOTO as transparent and when saved back out, the background is as we normally expect
  7. Clean out your temp files before you do anything else. WIndows is SUPPOSED to do that but ... well you know Microsoft make a text file with the following, save it then change the ending from TXT to BAT. They double click it to run it @echo off del "%tmp%\*.*" /s /q /f FOR /d %%p IN ("%tmp%\*.*") DO rmdir "%%p" /s /q OR just paste lines 2 and 3 90 in the RUN box (one at a time of course Then get something like Wise care utilities to do this for you
  8. If you would like I can send it to you via Wetransfer to "meyer.wil@gmail.com". I hesitate to post that link here
  9. I tried opening this in designer and irfanview and got the same results. I wonder if this is not an export problem with Houdini. However XnView shows the hatching background which indicates that it is reading the file as having a transparent background (OK I put those words on the graphic. That is courtesy of the Department of Redundancy Department)
  10. Well I certainly never had any of those issues and at first I did check for them. I will double check your comments and again try a reboot before attempting to update publisher but I have already done that in the past It seems that one has to run the installer and allow it to completely wipe out the installed beta, then reboot and only then will it install correctly. It is only this one product and it cannot update but only do a fresh install.
  11. Hmmm what sort of Windows problem are you suggesting? I have all the updates not to mention there is a substantial number of users here on the forum that experience the same thing Photo and Designer install with no issues which leads one to think it is an issue with the Publisher installer perhaps as you suggest, it's interaction with windows
  12. それは問題です。 ごめんなさい。 修正してほしい
  13. It apparently does for some people however there is a fair sized contingent that gets the update failures. They had it fixed at one point but the following beta broke again