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  1. Is that a photo problem or just your graphics card trying to keep up with the high resolution?
  2. I may get struck soundly for this but ... this beta has a lot of problems. crashing being one of the big ones. I had to go back a beta. Just wait a bit. They are good about getting things fixed
  3. They'll get it fixed. I went back a beta since I do a LOT of cropping
  4. Oops, you are correct. My way was posted because it avoids the reboot and I had the issue on all the betas for many months
  5. And, as one who has been there and done that, if those instructions don't do it for you, go into program files and delete the designer folder. You won't lose your setting but the installer will then finish successfully Ok just RENAME the designer folder to be safe rather than deleting it I went through this for months. It seemingly has been fixed for me. It is not a permissions issue at least no one you can fix
  6. They were all at 100% to see of the effects of the unsharp mask were exporting. The next logical step would be to keep dropping the settings and see where the problem shows up. It may be softening the effect somehow You are exporting to the same size as the original are you not?
  7. I just applied an unsharp mask to a photo and exported it to both PNG and JPG and theffect was maintained. I did run the contorls all the way up
  8. +1 on that one. I use Open office a lot too. But in the meantime you can always export to a new fie that Publisher can read
  9. It is not available yet but check these threads
  10. From the Document Menu you can find the rotate and flip options along with the handy shortcuts
  11. I used to be able to hold down ALT and click the picture on a layer to select the highlights. This no longer works in the release nor the betas I suspect something broke in the feature update to Windows 10 2004 Thanks
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