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  1. I'm worrying enough for both of us!
  2. Yep! I am clueless too
  3. I did not change a layer, delete anything nor accidentally add a blend mode. I was painting in the red and the red changed color. It is in the file I attached. The other recoloring layers were not affected I have deleted the recoloring adjustment and redone it but when the Serif people get a chance, it would be worth finding out what went wrong in this file. If it is corruption then I hope the keep in mind that it happened while working. It painted correctly, I changed the color to paint something out and when I changed back the color had changed If it is user error I am more than happy to learn what I might have done wrong
  4. No way of telling. It is happening and that is the first time I have seen it. The file is attached. The red on the barn seems to be the only one affected Thanks for the response Red Coloring Issue.afphoto
  5. Just to bump this ... the issue struck me as potentially serious
  6. I have several pages in one document and have now selected two objects that are on different pages for export to export together as PDF (selected elements without background). Have tried several times, did not work, only one at a time.
  7. I recolored an image to a dark red, inverted it and started to paint the red areas in. I went to another image and did something and now the red is totally different! I had not closed the image so I restarted the program with no effect. You can see the color change at the cursor
  8. You might post your system information and let the pros take a look when they get back to work. I am not experiencing that so there may be something else going on on your system IF you feel like playing with it, clean out all temp files then close all programs except designer and see if it goes away. If not run MSCONFIG and boot with a minimal start up and see if the issue goes away. IF it does, make notes and start adding things back in one at a time until it crashes Designer again. If Designer crashes with a minimal boot then go back to normal and wait for them to be back on Monday and then you could even bypass the forum and call support Good luck with it
  9. Ok ... I just posted that as it is a new issue in windows 10 1709 build. Checking out the runtime broker is a troubleshooting step. Once you have turned off the WIndows garbage you should not have to do it again although updates will often turn on things you had turned off
  10. No one has actually said it it is affinity that is exhausting resources or if it happening as they switch files. Verify it is actually Affinity as the lates runtime broker has some issues that will slow your system to a crawl and it could happen as you load a file. Read more here https://www.ghacks.net/2017/04/06/what-is-runtime-broker-and-why-it-is-causing-high-cpu-load/
  11. Please do NOT discourage them!!!
  12. TRANSLATION: Hello, in the new beta version the brush selection (main group) bar is no longer available
  13. It will buy the caviar ...