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  1. Rick G

    Selection Brush in Photo Issue

    You might want to start clicking on the color channels until you find the one that gives you the most contrast ... green for the ducks. then tweak that and make the contrast greater withou clipping detail. THEN do your selection, get it the way you want it, hide that layer, select the original layer and you are good to go. There are a bunch of tutorials about color channels and channel masking here is a great one. Below this is just the green channel from your pic
  2. Rick G

    Selection Brush in Photo Issue

    That happens sometimes when the areas are close in color or the lines are not well defined. Switch to background and a smaller brush and paint out the areas that were incorrectly added If you over do it switch to foreground and paint back in what should be "ducks" in this case. Then back to matte and the brush should fix anything around the edges
  3. Rick G

    Asset mangement for affinity photo

    Search the forum for Asset management. There are a lot of good ideas out there many of them free. I have used ACDSEE for years and since you are using Affinity, you only need the bottom of the line product. They try to sell it like it is photoshop. It is not. Affinity is better although.I used to do a lot of editing in it, I seldom do any now.. Besides you can define outside editors and load the default (Photo in my case) with a hot key
  4. Rick G

    Selection Brush in Photo Issue

    It also is not clean and leaves an irregular bleed (for lack of a better word) and often a strange blockiness that has to do with pixelization I guess. I always end up doint a lot of clean up with the erasure
  5. Rick G

    Selection Brush in Photo Issue

    I seldom get clean selections so I too will be awaiting an answer. Feathering can help a bit. I often just put things like the ducks on a transparent layer, add a solid rectangle with a light color and clean up with the eraser tool set at zero hardness. Then change the rectangle to a much darker color and double check It is not usually as bad as it sounds if I paint the edges in the refine module and correct any background / foreground mistakes Some of the things that work in PS like bumping the edges with the smudge tool don't seem to give the same result in AP, which might be my ham fistedness
  6. Very nice. I worked them up with a bit of a different result (just to have some fun) Thanks for posting these
  7. Rick G


    Can't get the file - it is not there (?)
  8. That is a nice panorama. With what do you need help? It looks good so far. Some post processing perhaps but don't listen to the guy who over saturates, over brightens and over contrasts everything I have only seen Affinity screw up one thing with Panoramas. Easily fixed and you can find it on the forums. Sometimes if too many pictures are overlapped, screwy things can happen Read through this post when you have a few minutes
  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharin
  10. Rick G

    Summer Time is here! AD on Ipad Pro

    Nice job! Thanks
  11. Rick G

    a peacock

    In it you will find animation shop
  12. Rick G

    a peacock

    Animation shop is hardly a rival and you can find and download it legally from sites like old versions. Here is a link and I do not think the ancient PSP is competition for Affinity products but if the admins think otherwise I have animation shop on dropbox just send me a pm. These are from 2007 when JASC owned PSP and not Corel versions. These are legal. http://www.oldversion.com/windows/paint-shop-pro/
  13. I have seen the second one although not for the length you describe, usually for about 10 seconds or so here and for no apparent reason (only a couple of layers and none or only one or two live filters etc). It has been in there for a while and is a bit worse in this beta. It is seldom and random
  14. Rick G

    a peacock

    Aww. He's cute Nice job
  15. If anyone uses the clone brush a lot and is constantly changing the angle, scale or flipping the selection, you might agree with having a button to reset the brush back to defaults