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  1. Click on the shapes tool. There are triangles, hearts etc. On windows, now hold down shift while you click and look at the bottom item ... vaila the cat!
  2. I like them BOTH. Wouldn't it be great if BOTH were available? [hint][hint]😀
  3. I can see a context bar but I was looking for the old fill layer context bar. I have licked around like a mad man and got it to appeare a couple of times. I usually fill with a solid color and that suited me perfectly
  4. I am not sure when it disappeared but formerly, after adding a fill layer, there was a toolbar that allowed one to change colors among other things It is gone. Would someone kindly confirm? Thanks
  5. Let me go at it again ... Thanks for the feedback
  6. Using "D" does not work hete either Walt how is it working for you? I have tried in both designer and photo
  7. Old school isn't nessisarily bad.I use metapad as a notepad replacement which has a lot of features I need in the course of a day and it hasn't been updated in years Might I suggest wordpad for a light text editor? That might do it. I use Libre office personally but in either you can set up templates to sut your needs Merry Christmas!
  8. I can't even do the export on either file. It just sits at "exporting" Something isn't right here
  9. Is that a photo problem or just your graphics card trying to keep up with the high resolution?
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