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  1. I have had "Apply to selection" checked and do not get the issue that TR gets. Checked or unchecked, nothing changes HOWEVER it does happen if you pate a new document from the clipboard so TR did find a bug as the "Apply to selection" is broken in both the release and the latest beta
  2. I printed to PDF and am not getting those lines Lizzie 2023.pdf
  3. I have had similar in Photo with NO documents open. I have worked on items and closed them one by one as I finish with them until there are NO documents open. I have even sorted them into their destination with no locked warnings And still on rare and random sessions I will get the "Quit" message with no way out of it They really should add a button that says something other than Okay. How about "close anyway" The only option currently is to kill the photo.exe process
  4. Thanks Walt and Debra Today the beta worked correctly. I know a bit better: I should have rebooted and tested again before reporting Thanks for the replies
  5. In the release version I can use the select brush to remove a white background. Same with the flood select tool although with contiguous deselected, it will grab some of the same color on the graphic itself, easily deselected with the brush. I reverse the selection so the main object is selected I then Refine and it works correctly letting me select the finer details Not so in 1903. Even with the find edges selected the flood fill just selects everything and the brush never find edges. Same with refine. If you paint a detail it also selects portions around it I've attached a jpg. Please give it a try Thanks
  6. I just exported a JPG to PNG successfully (with my setup) so look a bit deeper Try rebooting the machine then opening photo and trying again. Whatever happens please post back here so others can take a look Also, how big is the file you are trying to convert?
  7. That works great in the color picker but it is not available in the HSL adjustment
  8. The current cross hairs only is cumbersome as one must Zoom in to get the correct color. A magnifier would help workflow a log Thanks
  9. That is known to make a mess on some machines. Check this out https://www.google.com/search?q=COM_SURROGAT&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  10. I'm not seeing them in either program BTW I have trouble seeing the tiny type in your (or my) signatures
  11. I am on Windows and in the Photo beta and don's see either of your illustrations. Walt, are you on a MAC?
  12. Many things can cause slowdowns. Sordum has free, portable utilities that can help Temp cleaner: run as administrator and check the bottom right corner of your screen when a small box will pop with the number of files and folders remove https://www.sordum.org/9190/temp-cleaner-v1-3/ Clean your memory https://www.sordum.org/9197/reduce-memory-v1-6/ All his stuff is good and will fill a need Hope that helps. Remember they are PORTABLE and need no install
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