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  1. It doesn't need to be backwardly compatible, just be able to import the file which should be saved out immediately in the new format.. This isn't a rewrite, it is a translation table not that different from saving our a PSD file from AP. or importing the same If they don't do it, I am not going to lose sleep
  2. Do you even understand the discussion? Why are you being so abrasive?
  3. Alfred explained why that is NOT an option. No need to be snotty. It is a simple discussion about bringing legacy SERIF documents into the new offering Someone said it isn't going to happen I hope they take another look I don't expect an import would be perfect. A graphic may need adjusting etc. But if I have a 20 page Document with a 1st page column spilling to a column on page 13, how do you propose to use PDF to handle that and bring it into a new program and maintain the flow?
  4. I think I was talking about bringing data into the new program. There are some complex documents. Just get them in was the only point I was trying to made
  5. I was able to save all my PhotoPlus files as PSDs and bring them into AP. Admittedly they were not super compiled, just a few straight forward layers They said it ain't gonna happen? I am saying they should reconsidder I am not invested in this as most of what I have CAN be cat and pasted into a new document. I am certainly not invested to the point I want to suffer one upmanship over it But including it is call ... ... *****SUPPORT *****. and it allows an end user to puck up an old document and save it out in the new format before continuing.
  6. Hmmm THey can provide import export for the proprietary Adobe PSD format but providing the same for their own product would be a "huge obstacle"? All that is needed is to map the fields from one to the other. Will you have to rename layers back to what you want? (Carry that to any other imported fields Probably BUt you will be able to get your rewrite of War an Peace\ce into Publisher without retyping ...
  7. They said summer of 2018 so that can be as late as September 20th. But if they run into issue and have to postpone, let's all take in in stride and with a good nature I encourage them however to make sure it can import Pageplus files to save users a lot of work. I remember grumbling about having to reinstall Photoplus so I could export file and then bring them into Affinity Photo.
  8. Initial testing of the curves adjustment locking up AP seems to be fixed in version Thanks
  9. Thanks for all you guys do. The betas are usually very stable. Always smart to work from a backup of course
  10. I downloaded your file and it did not freeze the beta either on the ext box not the blue box beneath HOWEVER I did not have 2 fonts installed and there was a substitution so you might look there just to cover that base before a control / start
  11. That curves adjustment triggers crashes a lot more than it should Just to test I loaded ONE graphic and click edon curves and it went spinning never to recover I am not nipping at anyone's heels Mark, just trying to document the areas that are causing it
  12. It became a lot worse in this beta. In the last beta I would open 30 files at a time with no issue. Yesterday it was not always related to opening files (7-10 being a normal amount) and upon a restart they would open correctly. Also Alt clicking on a curves adjustment totally hung it up Why open 30 files? TESTING THE LIMITS Why alt click on a curves (or any adjustment that does not hold a selection? I dunno but I think that is why we have all th 4 letter words
  13. I have had for crashes today "Program not responding" when I try to close it. This is new in this beta How do you want to gather information to identify this?
  14. I just loaded 312 fonts into Nexus Font and then loaded the beta and the deliay was only slight ... a little longer loading fonts on the splash screen but not enough to even bother about. Let me plug Nexus font. Whatever you load with that program is available everywhere until you close it. And it is free