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  1. I use font base too. What you MAY have to do is remove the folder that has Rooto in it from the Fontbase interface. Then go to the Fontbase fonts folder and make sure it is gone from there Then add the folder back into Fontbase after making sure the original folder does not have Roboto duplicates
  2. First thing to check is the transform panel. If you don't see it then VIEW / STUDIO / TRANSFORM It should be all zeros but I am betting there are values in there. Make it all zeros then try again and see if that was the issue
  3. I use the(free) XnViewmp to manage my graphics. You can set up any program to open a file and then access it via ALT and the number on the list It also has great scanning abilities. I just scan, save the file then ALT+1 loads it into the Photo beta If you do a LOT of scanning there is Vuescan that can even drive OLD scanners. You can scan to any fie type including PDF (and optionally and OCR text file)
  4. The reboot will probably solve it but if not, go into the program folder and delete the Publisher folder (ok ok rename it for the time being) 😄 THEN run the installer and it will work. Your customizations will still be there but I am not sure of your store purchases which can easily be downloaded again I had this issue for a long time
  5. That is just place holder text that is meant to show you a finished layout. It is not meant to make sense https://loremipsum.io
  6. I am not sure if you assumed I was being snotty, but I was not. The easiest way to add them SEEMS to be recreating the document with the correct proportions and saving it as a template. When I moved from the old Serif products to the Affinity line I had to go through the export then import routine for a good many files which was time consuming to say the least.
  7. It only took a couple of minutes to be kind to him. If he is frustrated with something then he can come back with his issues.
  8. And please create a separate post for each issue Also try to search the forum for an answer. Also try a google search with the search items and add AFFINITY to the begining. i.e "Affinity text changes color" There are a lot of knowledgeable peole here and the are willing to help
  9. It would be HELPFUL if you posted an issue and the steps to reproduce it. That way, someone can begin to help you
  10. Go here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/32-beta-software-forums/ The latest bulds are at the top of each forum
  11. I didn't have any trouble with it on Windows 10 with 32GB memory One thing you might consider: reduce the size of you pictures. They are 5mb and more each. I cut 001 down to 500 px tall Try it and see if there is any VISUAL difference in your document
  12. The work around is getting a memory optimizer. Wise care has a good one. I will reduce it's memory load. Of course the leak is still there so you have to run it again every so often
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