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  1. My Superantii virus trips off every time I install a new beta. Depending on the install it will even stop the install until I OK something
  2. That is normal. It recognizes that the code has changed. If it is unexpected you block it. Since you just installed a new beta it is expected and should be ok
  3. Rick G

    Work with RAM.

    Sounds like a leak somewhere. I am getting that with smaller JPG files when I loaded 28. The memory load when up from 200 l when freshly started to almost 600 l. When I closed them all out it dripped to th 580 k and no further
  4. This install issue is apparently fixed in beta Thanks
  5. Lets bump this as it is a small thing that would help work flow and merely resets to the defaults
  6. This is fixed with the cropping tool in beta .240 Thank you!
  7. Rick G

    Develop making image 'whiter'

    There is a bug and the conversation is here (Also a work around)
  8. Rick G

    Duplicate Selection menu item

    That's what it said I figured it out. Mark, I wan't being snarky at all - I didn't really understand what it was supposed to do
  9. Added Duplicate Selection menu item (with the old behaviour), and Duplicate now ignores pixel selection so it is the same as Duplicate in Layers panel I don't really understand what has been done here. Sorry if I am being dense, but could someone explain?
  10. That is just being silly. A Wikipedia article can be edited by designated EDITORS and Serif could go out, claim ownership and correct the article if it is factually wrong or misleading That you. I have noticed the same and that was part of the sell for me at least, to purchase in the first place Perhaps that is part of it. In any case I did not mean to start an argument about this. But to the extent Serif intends to grab at the Adobe market, I would hope you would align development along the same track with the improvements and changes aimed at making the work flow BETTER than the adobe products
  11. It used to be in the ads but it has transparently been scrubbed a bit. Serif was most definitely going after the Adobe market
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affinity_Photo Affinity Photo has been described as an Adobe Photoshop alternative, compatible with common file formats including Adobe's PSD.[8][9]