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  1. I have the same issue. It kills the install and you must reboot the machine and try again. At that point it will install successfully
  2. I don't need to go back. I can install any update, with the failure and the reboot that I documented. Then it installs correctly and is totally usable I don't mind doing it a few times and generating logs so you can see what is going on. There are directions elsewhere and I can do it over the weekend And you guys can get to it when you can hopefully before final release (and that is not snotty ... it does not matter if it does not get fixed for the next beta) Just trying to help
  3. Wow ... Sorry Patrick. I was only trying to help with a chronic issue. There was no expectation of a today fix I never saw any announcement about animations in signatures . If there was no link needed. I removed the graphic
  4. Every attempt to update the beta is met with "setup failed" It seems I must do that, get the message, reboot the machine and then install the program It seems to remove the previous beta except for the program folder and somewhere at that point, fails I would be willing to do this over and over if it generates any data that I can send back to you so this can be fixed
  5. Just reporting, that's all. No crying. There is something going on in there. If you need more information when that happens let us know.. I had just rebooted within an hour or so of trying to install that beta so .... I did have photo and some other progs open and had been burning movies
  6. Yes, thank you. I had edited my post to reflect that I had cleaned up manually and had success. Thanks for the tool. I grabbed it and will keep it around. I am thinking the Publisher installer has some deeper issues going on. I am sure it will get figured out
  7. SETUP FAILED ... so I uninstalled with Revo uninstaller and hunted out all mention of Affinity Publisher, rebooted and was able to install this beta successfully It is worth noting that the attempt to update the installation of Publisher totally broke it making it necessary to completely uninstall and reinstall the program ... there was no gentle failure that one could back away from
  8. Hopefully one of the developers will chime in but the next step might be uninstalling all of the publisher installs and trying again cleaning out the temp folder etc.
  9. Is that with the just released I was getting that on It is worth double checking, rebooting and retrying
  10. fixed the issue and it is running fine now thanks
  11. I had a total failure updating. I will deal with it tomorrow but it toasted the original installation of Publisher in the process
  12. So here is what you do. Clean out the temp folder for your profile. Use Wise cleaner, Ccleaner or something like that and reboot. Before you load anything, load task manager, kill any startup programs that you don't need then try the install. If it does not work,, make sure it is not hung up in the task manager then RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. and see if that does it Also check to see if it in fact created the program folder Check to see if the install window is running behind everything else Check permissions on everything and if you must add your self with full permissions EVEN IF you are in the ADMINISTRATORS group with full permissions Just had an update of windows 10? Check permissions again. Remember, they are "improving" Windows 7 into the best phone app on the market (don't get me going) Anyway, please post back and good luck
  13. Rick G

    Learning blending...any tips?

    It looks good but I am not sure that the TIFF shows in the forum. Your file was huge so I exported it to a PNG 800 px tall so that others could get the idea
  14. Rick G

    Learning blending...any tips?

    Here is an export for easier viewing ... scaled down a bit
  15. Rick G

    Selection Brush in Photo Issue

    You might want to start clicking on the color channels until you find the one that gives you the most contrast ... green for the ducks. then tweak that and make the contrast greater withou clipping detail. THEN do your selection, get it the way you want it, hide that layer, select the original layer and you are good to go. There are a bunch of tutorials about color channels and channel masking here is a great one. Below this is just the green channel from your pic