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  1. I used to be able to hold down ALT and click the picture on a layer to select the highlights. This no longer works in the release nor the betas I suspect something broke in the feature update to Windows 10 2004 Thanks
  2. Ahhh Comcast.😁 Here in the Tampa bay area they have quite a reputation... I should talk ... charter just did a mighty belch and ruing a lot of uploads I had going on 😁
  3. I didn't get that when I downloaded some time ago so you may be right about network traffic. Try later but if it persists let them know
  4. I just googled "Jigsaw Templates" and got a ton. Here is one to start with https://www.timvandevall.com/make-your-own-jigsaw-puzzle-templates/
  5. A subset of us are getting this behavior sometimes even getting "save flattened" twice
  6. Yes but not always immediately
  7. I get this almost all the time and it is not from closing too fast
  8. I had success but install it and test it with materials that are relevant to you
  9. If you install the free e-calibre it will change a PDF into Epub, MOBI or about anything else faster than it took me to type this And it has a rudimentary editor to make small corrections if need be
  10. I don't speak for anyone but myself, but I have never heard of them considering it and there are a bunch of them out there already. I use Nitro pro but they have become greedier over the past couple of years
  11. If the developers chime in and say it will be out in the next beta, disregard this But until then try e-calibre https://calibre-ebook.com Export a PDF then convert it to whatever you would like. There is even a bare bones editor if you need to tweak something
  12. Please consider adding a magnifier to the HSL picker like the one that is on the color picker. That would make it a lot simpler to find the color you want to adjust Thanks
  13. Well if you remove plane via the menu, the plane is removed
  14. Same here although I use a couple of the other tools in that group 😎
  15. The Brush tool has the shortcut B as does the smudge brush. All the other tools in the smudge brush category do not show the shortcut
  16. Being a keyboard person I do control+s followed by control+w Either or both can give a "flattened" message. I am simply saving back over the original file and not trying to change anything else So randomly, I must save it twice
  17. Yes sir Thanks Affinity Double save.mp4
  18. When you go to Edit /Preferences and Performance, there should be a slider to run the RAM usage higher
  19. Can you not just hit "X" to switch the colors? "I" invokes the color picker so if you select the first color then hit "XI" you are ready to pick the second one If you need to select a LOT of colors and have to save them or just want the various color space codes handy, try this... (free and portable) https://annystudio.com/software/colorpicker/
  20. I have not had any trouble with my assigned shortcut disappearing with updates.
  21. Well ... ANY file including some HTML files I get (they are graphics) Mostly the "flatten" dialog pops once but I can't say I have totally pinned that down. One shouldn't need to save twice is the real issue although this is hardly causing angst 😁
  22. Anyone else notice this? If I finish a photo with adjustments then save it with Control + S, when I go to close it, it asks to save again with the "flattened" dialog which may or may not have popped up with the first save If I just crop an image, this does not happen
  23. Create a Live projections When you are almost done and you try to remove the plane with the button, nothing happens. You can ADD a plane with that button but to remove the plane you must do it from the layers menu
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