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  1. benrymnd

    download AP

    Thanks Alfred,yes I bought through the affinity store
  2. benrymnd

    Download AP

    Thanks for the reply jmwellborn will follow you're instructions
  3. How do I download affinity photo again as I have had to remove it from my Mac after it stopped responding,I did not buy affinity photo through the Mac App Store.
  4. I have had to delete AP because it stopped responding?how can I download it again, cannot find were to download it from without going through Mac App Store were it says it will charge me for the download.I did not buy AP through the app store
  5. I am having the same problem AF takes forever to open with the app dancing up and down until AF opens I on an iMac running Mojave
  6. benrymnd

    cutting out

    Thankyou once again copied as per firstdefence screen shot and every thing is ok and working. thank you every one . Regards Ray
  7. benrymnd

    cutting out

    Thanks for you're help I traced around the edges will try like the video.\
  8. benrymnd

    cutting out

    This is how the video tutorials show it
  9. benrymnd

    cutting out

    Used the selection brush tool
  10. benrymnd

    cutting out

    there is no detail IE the cut out is of a photo of my granddaughters but as you can see the cut out is just an outline and not the photo
  11. benrymnd

    cutting out

    This is the screen shot after trying to paste the cut out, see in the top left hand corner of the screen shot is the outline of the paste with no detail of the photo I cut out..
  12. I am trying to cut out a portion of one photo(ie 2 people)and paste them into another photo but when I paste the cut out into the other photo only the outline is pasted no detail of faces?.
  13. I am just learning a.f and I have just straightened a photo but am left with transparency around the edges of the photo how can I remove this ?. Thank you in advance Ray
  14. Sorry it took so long to answer you all but thanks for your'e replies
  15. benrymnd


    Thanks every one for your'e replies they are very helpful and much appreciated

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