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  1. Could some one point to a download where the colours are named,I have seen some on Pinterest but the files can't be opened, the reason I am asking is that I am clolour blind
  2. I have a photo with a tree in it and I want to isolate the tree from rest of the photo and then add the tree to another photo, how do I go about doing this.
  3. Can some one explain why when I select a brush the brush works ok when using my mouse but when when I use my pen tablet only certain brushes work ?
  4. Thanks guys for your replies, don't have protect alpha enabled, will try making a layer to see if that cures the problem
  5. I am referring to af photo when I open af photo and select new and open a new document then select a paint brush to start which ever brush I select will not work some will work when I select pixel brush, this is all on a new blank document.
  6. I have been trying to sketch in af but most of the brushes don't seem to work and some will only work when pixel brush is selected I am using a blank document what am I doing wrong.
  7. Hi Carl went into affect photo to get a screen shot and low and behold the brushes are now working.Don't know what happened to stop them working but I am glad they are now working ok.Thanks for your reply.
  8. I have just downloaded the upgrade for affinity photo and find that the brushes will work even tried them on a new canvas just plain nothing on it, anyone any idea's what the problem might be.
  9. Is there a way to save colours that are picked using the colour picker tool ie open a new project and use the colours from previous project.
  10. ok thanks will try your solution much appreciated
  11. brush settings are all 100% only have 1 layer
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