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  1. Thank you, @Joachim_L , I'm on a mac desktop (screenshot included). I think I get what you mean. I've got it working. I need to learn more about this software. Appreciate your reply!
  2. I'm proficient in adobe illustrator and photoshop. I'd rather not use a software u have to pay by the month. They screwed me over with muse and I'd prefer not to rely on them and to learn another platform. Some things are easier, some are not. A matter of getting used to.
  3. I was dong well the the text, (new user), and had to do reverse text, which was fine. But when I went back to use standard black text, it was still white with a black outline. Even tried another layer. Suggestions? (Apologies if this is a duplicate post. PW issues signing in)
  4. I tried raster and that didn't work, either. Stayed the same width line as in vector. :/ I have yet to look at the tutorial, busy with illustrating work-work.
  5. Hi, I have the trial version, I tried making the thick/thin brush (the ends are pointed, middle is thicker). It looked fine in the Brush window, but when I drew with the brush tool it came out as the regular 'normal' stroke without the thick/thin ends. Is there a tutorial on this or is it because it doesn't work in the trial version?
  6. I am looking for a mac sierra trial before I purchase. Where would it be?
  7. I am looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator and came across this program. I'm a professional illustrator and use PS most of the time but on occasion I use illustrator. I want to know how this compares. I would love to try a trial version to see if it would work for me. TY
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