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  1. I tried raster and that didn't work, either. Stayed the same width line as in vector. :/ I have yet to look at the tutorial, busy with illustrating work-work.
  2. Hi, I have the trial version, I tried making the thick/thin brush (the ends are pointed, middle is thicker). It looked fine in the Brush window, but when I drew with the brush tool it came out as the regular 'normal' stroke without the thick/thin ends. Is there a tutorial on this or is it because it doesn't work in the trial version?
  3. Thank you @MEB! Heading over there now! :)
  4. I am looking for a mac sierra trial before I purchase. Where would it be?
  5. I am looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator and came across this program. I'm a professional illustrator and use PS most of the time but on occasion I use illustrator. I want to know how this compares. I would love to try a trial version to see if it would work for me. TY