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  1. Me too, just rename the exe to "Designer --disable-font-preview-cache.exe". I hope that serif will work on a fix.
  2. 3 questions: 1) AP - When I open a Raw, in Develop Persona, I can set a "preset" singularly for Basic, Lns, Tns...this is good but is it possible set one "preset" that automatically includes all three these values? It’s really uncomfortable having to save and select 3 separate presets each time. 2) AP - Color Picker Tool: is it possible to see the picker radius on the cursor, like a brush? 3) AD - Is it possibile to hide the outline selection of the selected objects? I ask this because I need the color changes of the stroke when I pick some color. The Outline Selection hides the object stroke, so I can't see the changes. Thanks
  3. I agree with this @hy13 request. If you have to manage a lot of files singularly Macro would work much better than Batch, especially when you need to keep the images in different folders. I used that function many times in Photoshop.
  4. Hi Walt, it's not stritctly necessary, it would just make the LUT selection easier. I tried to make a GIF you can see here https://share.getcloudapp.com/xQu7eJYx As you can see, if I want to change LUT I have to go on the corresponding LUT with the mouse, and click on it. Besides everytime I change LUT, the opacity I set previosly reset to 100%. So, from my point of view, would be awesome to: Cycle the LUTs in my list just pressing up/down arrow buttons (without using the mouse) Change the LUT keeping the layer opacity to the value I've configured.
  5. Every time I change LUT the opacity resets. It would be great to be able to change LUT just pressing up&down arrow keys and keeping the opacity set.
  6. Hi @Gabe it still crashes with Hardware Acceleration activated. I tried to close every possibile application open, but it didn't help.
  7. 1 - Export the PDF with Publisher. 2 - Open the generated PDF with Designer (every page becomes an artboard) 3 - Go to "Export Persona" 4 - Select all the pages 5 - Set the preset to PDF (choose the one you need for printing o web) 6 - Export Slices
  8. Hello, to export PDF in separated pages use the "Export Persona" in Affinity Designer.
  9. Hi @Gabe I tried the new beta, but the problem is still there, and I still get any log report. I tried to follow these tips too but nothing changed at the moment. LINK Thank you for the assistance, Massimo
  10. Hi @Gabe sorry but the software didn't generated any crash report. However turning off the Hardware Acceleration now it doesn't crash anymore. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I'm trying to edit some .ARW but whenever I zoom in or out on the image (before developing it), the AP crashes. I don't remeber having this problem with the previous version of the software. I tryed closing every other software but it doesn't seems to be a lack of RAM. UPDATE: it happens also with .CR2 and even after developing the image.
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