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  1. It was the "new" license model of Adobe that made me look into Affinity Photo. After a short time of trying out I found a lot of workflow improvements over PS and consequently changed to that new product. And this was not a bad decision. The other Apps I purchased mainly in order to support Serif because I hardly need and use them. However, nothing is perfect, and so I, too, have some wishes towards Serif regarding AP as the focus: 1. Stay with your actual license model and ask for extra money on updates when needed. On machines in production use, internet is a risk and costs performance. As we all are forced by leading companies to change hardware from time to time, it is convenient to keep internet on the "old" hardware separated. 2. Solve annoying bugs in acceptable time and reduce number of beta versions in return if that helps 3. Look more into workflow subjects (e.g. macro) than into new (Pro) features. Increase that intelligent little things that make it smart and fast to use 4. A DAM from Serif would be nice but is not the urgent thing. There are products like AcdSee in the market which are sufficient in their features and ultra fast when using two screens for photo work. BTW: I am not a Pro, but working speed is a must for me. Its often that I have appr. 2000 shots per Event on my storage card with resulting 50 to 100 photos to develop and process. And then its a real difference if you need 5 hours for that or 5 days. At present that is my most important feature of AP when I compare to other products.
  2. @GarethCallanMeanwhile there is V22 from Portrait Pro out and as it looks like, the former issue is no longer there. It works perfect together with AP 1.10.4 from the beginning. Both packages were installed on a new built Win 10. But I do not know what and who has made it working. Perhaps Serif talked to Anthropics or vice versa.
  3. @Andreas DAs far as I got to know there is no reaction from Serif to that request so far. I followed the update messages until 1.10.5 and it looks like there were no new features during the Corona period based on user requests. Listed were mainly bug fixes.
  4. @photoShooterYour question is well understood because no one ever knew exactly where to Affinity Apps are heading or not. On the other side: they did not request any money for years to pay their development (besides the low application cost for the first license fee). For most users, I assume, it will be more important to get the workflow streamlined inside the existing apps because they came from PS, etc. and were looking for an alternative offer without cloud, without monthly paying, without ... If it helps: there are other good offers in the market which provide that DAM functionality together with a certain "adaption" to Affinity Apps (show .afphoto thumbnails, drag and drop to AP Editor) together with a fast response in large photo assets. If you are lucky and own a 2 screen working environment or a wide screen that workflow is even more efficient than with that famous bridge.
  5. As mentioned above this requests exists for a long time already and one cannot understand that this might be an issue for Serif. Therefore let me ask the question different: Can it be that Mac Users do not need that? And is this perhaps the reason why windows users did not get it til now? Does anyone know this in detail?
  6. Hi SansRT, I agree to your request but I fear, that you will not get it solved soon. See the macro functionality, as it is at present, is very limited. Would be better to expand macro functionality first to a higher level. Perhaps it will help when requesting macro functions first and later on the shortcuts feature.
  7. Same, because no one remembers the folder one saved exports two weeks ago. Furthermore, when you save an .afphoto and export afterwards, e.g. an jpeg, then you have to save the .afphoto again even when you did not change anything in between. So I normally change that sequence and export first and save .afphoto after that. There it happens often that the files go to the wrong folder. Please improve that.
  8. @R C-R @Pšenda Thanks for your contributions to the discussion. When I go back to my question which started the discussion, the answer will be: there is no list of working plugins maintained and published by Serif at present. Let us finish this thread by reminding at the famous "wish sandwich".
  9. @walt.farrell Thanks for the hint. I will try this in the near future. But why is there no subject about it inside FAQ? There is no need to cover everything out there in the market, but for sure, it would be a good help to give information about plugins which are inside Serif known as "working" with AP on the FAQ page.
  10. @R C-R Well, I did not say that 8bf has been replaced, or did I? I recognized, that Adobe has changed/further developed the interface and software manufacturers followed them. I could experience myself, that a plugin manufacturer changed his 8bf interface file together with a new version of his product and AP could further on not work with that "new" 8bf file at all. The advice given by the plugin manufacturer was: You can use it standalone. Similar with the "new" NIK 3 version by DXo. While the "old" Google version worked pretty in AP the new DXo version did run only part of the interface functionality as an AP plugin. What is the conclusion from that? I would like to use AP in the future, too. But when I loose my most frequently used plugins as time progresses, then I will be forced some time in the future to return to PS or some other product which might offer that functionality then. It is not my intent to debate 8bf file development details any longer. I just wanted to give a hint to Serif to keep an eye on that and perhaps find ways to overcome the problems behind.
  11. @R C-R I use AP already for a long time on a regular basis. And my experience during that time was, that more and more plugins did not work any longer when there was a new version issued by the plugin manufacturer. And even the latest NIK 3 by DXo runs only with part of its functionality, while portraiture does not at all. So for the moment you can still use the old NIK 3. But what will be the solution when a next NIK 5 will offer great new features? When single users contact third party producers they normally are not heard (except from AcdSee as one positive example) and instead get the hint to use the product standalone. Therefore I think it might be of interest to Serif to improve that situation by mutual agreements with some important plugin manufacturers at least. One solution for instance could be that the ancient 8bf structure is offered to AP users in parallel to the new interface for PS. I myself follow the strategy to "freeze" certain versions in order to keep my working environment stable for as long as possible. But some time this will come to an end of course.
  12. @John Rostron Thanks for your detailing. But this is not the case which I want to speed up. I prepared for my work already some macros which do things like sharpen in one step instead of 3 or 4 steps. So I use 2 or three different macros and when I need sharpening I just start one out of those three, let it do its job and then next action. The same I want to achieve with save & close. Instead of save and ok and close I want to call a macro which does all in one call. That is not an important thing when you work on single pics only, but when you edit 30 or 40 in a sequence then it saves a lot of time. For example, when edit work is done, then an export shall be done, then the save of the *.afphoto file and finally the document shall be closed. If one could do that using just one macro call this would speed up things a lot. At present, AP macro does not support file operations at all, that is why I asked for such a feature.
  13. @R C-R: It is a pity, but meanwhile we know that Adobe changed a lot in PS Interface and plugin vendors followed them. The 8bf still exists, but hardly works as before. Portrait Pro, Portraiture and NIK for example, are no longer fully compatible. You can only use them standalone. What a progress! In the music software industry however, VST is a standard which still works very good, and all software vendors profit from that, but 8bf is dead in the meantime. And therefore there will be a need for Serif with AP to look for agreements with plugin vendors, at least the most important ones, when AP shall further grow in the market.
  14. Thanks for the hint. It is better than nothing to follow secondary sources. But why is there no statement from serif inside the FAQ? There is no doubt, that this subject is addressed quite a lot. I can understand that Serif is not able to guarantee for external companies products. On the other side when there is no multilateral interest in cooperating, users will go back to PS after a while because they do not want to fail repeatedly instead of working on their projects.
  15. @Old Bruce: How can I speed up save & close with File --> New Batch Job ? I do not understand your hint.
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