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  1. In the case of PortraitPro the use of an older *.8bf did help (issued in April 2017). So check if you have such a file from an earlier version of Body Pro (before V2) and please tell if this was successful. Make sure, that AP path points to the old *.8bf file before testing.
  2. @Gregory St. Laurent UPDATE: Things proceeded much faster than I expected because I had the old *.8bf files from V17 sitting somewhere on my computer as I made experiments with Photoshop at that time. The solution was to delete the *.8bf files dated from 2018 from the AP plugin directory and reference the old ones from April 2017 (V17) instead via additional path in AP preferences/Plugins. There was no need to uninstall V18 for me. I guess if we had some old *.8bf files from Portrait Body we could make this one work as well. What a pity that I startet with V2 which had the *.8bf files from 2018 already. Perhaps you know someone who could test that for us and give us the proof.
  3. @Gregory St. Laurent Thanks for returning on that issue. And of course your experience is not unvalid. As I understood, you had V17 working and when V18 arrived you lost that functionality after installation. Well the difference to me is, as I understand it now, that you uninstalled V18, reinstalled V17 and then upgraded to V18 again. What I did was only upgrading V17 to V18 and then there was no function. I will try now to uninstall V18 first and then do your sequence. I will be back to report what happened the next days. Meanwhile I got a response from Anthropics: They state only that there is no interest by Anthropics to support that interface to AP. Well, I think that I should inform them now that I lost interest in Anthropics products further on and will close down the news channel. As I am informed there are other products available which do a very good job on that task and I will have a look to those products now.
  4. Thanks to all for your information. Perhaps that mentioned extension will arrive some time.
  5. As I read somewhere in the beta forums, the functionality of macro in AP was extended. Where can I find the description of those new functions? And in addition to that I will ask why there is no capability of macro recording for "save" and "close" documents operations. When doing mass editings this would be a great help. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  6. @Gregory St. Laurent Thanks for your reply. Your discussion is known to me, but my first attempt to use Portrait Pro as plugin was in AP 1.7.2 where I assumed that it should do because of some positive news found in the release discussion.I fear, that your experience is not valid in general. My Portrait Pro 18 is an upgrade to V17 and with Body Pro V2 it is the same issue, but it was no upgrade. Even worse: I made the rollback to AP 1.7.1 release version and there is no function as well. As recommended, I deinstalled AP 1.7.2 first, but was astonished then, that all my 1.7.2 stuff (own macros and filter plugin links) was available in new 1.7.1 as well without any action needed. And there was no requirement to input license code during 1.7.1 installation. That is why I rechecked the 1.7.1 version number on startup, but it is as expected shown on the splash screen. Meanwhile I have the suspicion that behind such things there is a lack of cooperation will between serif and other software companies (see as well the comments from Mark Ingram towards AcdSee). Nevertheless I addressed the problem as well towards Anthropics and will see if there is an answer the next days.
  7. Installed Release Version 1.7.2. of AP today. Afterwards configuration of Portrait Pro 18 as plugin. Plugin did show up then under Filter --> Plugins -->"PortraitPro..." Pixel layer containing Picture with a face was marked in Photo Persona. After clicking "Portrait Pro" AP hangs and must be killed by task manager. Task manager did not show a process in that state where Portrait Pro could be assumed behind. Same happened after configuring Pro Body 2. What I should mention is that all NIK Filters are working. As various users in AP forums give different experiences with the plugin interface, could you please inform if this is an acknowledged error or what state that topic has inside Serif meanwhile. Is there an official howto (besides that of 2016) available about the configuratio of that interface? Thanks in advance.
  8. When opening a single raw file, the related camera data are recognized, lens name is shown and raw processing has proper result. At least on windows 10 operating system. When opening 3 raw files as new HDR merge, during reading of first image the message "no camera data" appears and there is no lens name shown. Later on when files 2 and 3 are processed the message disappears and lens name shows up correct. The merge result however seems to be a mixture of corrected and not corrected images (lens distortion is not completely corrected and edges show darker vignettes). This is to be seen on windows 10 Pro and Windows 7 Pro operating systems.
  9. Developping Raw Files, AP very often does not recognize camera data and subsequently will not perform lens correction. In Raw persona as well as in tone mapping persona (new HDR stack..) the display shows 0 or "no camera data" text instead of lens name when opening GH-4 Raw file(s). This behaviour seems to change from time to time without notice. But in spite of investigating that for a while I could not find a reason behind that so far. The only thing I can tell is, that the same Raw files opened with Photoshop CS 6 do not show any innormal behaviour and lens data are always displayed in correct manner. The same is valid for ACDSee Ultimate 10. Please advice what I could try to improve that disturbing behaviour. Edit: On Windows 10 notebook the problem seems not to happen. Best regards
  10. 2 Issues: - Lens distortion of pana zoom 35-100 2,8 was not corrected automatically. - Loss of sharpness when changing to photo persona Using Clarity and Detail sliders a very sharp and clear picture is obtained. When changing from Develo to Photo Persona this sharpness diminishes visibly (see attached screen shots)
  11. Congratulations to the team who convinced so many users to give AP a try. Purchased immediately my own copy for windows after first viewing all the demo videos. What I like is the bunch of ideas which improve workflow so much compared to the most referenced PS product. Especially the multiple "merge file" operations are convincing (HDR,stacking, etc.). As there are tons of database and picture file administration tools it would be a nice "roundup" when the workflow: File viewer-->AP-->Merge to HDR or other would be supported by a functionality like "collect all open files to a merge list" and select from there. But in general I think it is a good procedure to not try to copy too much functionality from existing software products because the good ideas will get lost.
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