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  1. Other than with 1.6.5 clone brush fails in 1.7.209. Workflow seems ok, but there is no effect on insert. No error message detected. Windows 7 operating system latest updates. Failure is persistent even after reboot of operating system. Did anyone else see that behaviour?
  2. Sometimes cameras deliver wrong oriented raw pics (landscape instead of portrait). When correcting that orientation fault in the DAM AcdSee, AP neverless opens the pic in landscape orientation. Similar case: sending a portrait oriented pic from AP to Nik filter, leads to a landscape orientation inside Nik. On return the orientation changes back to portrait. Seems that there exist different orientation tags within the different software products. Can this become remedied?
  3. For years already I use AcdSee as DAM and was very pleased when starting with version 1.5 of AP this DAM could work with .afphoto files (this means could show miniatures and send Pictures to AP for processing there). This is no longer valid in 1.7 beta. Is there a chance to "renew" that useful friendship? AcdSee still shows .afphoto as supported file format. By the way: Latest changes in 1.7 (e.g. menu system) are not yet reflected in online documents and video tutorials so far. Would be a help for testing.
  4. When opening a single raw file, the related camera data are recognized, lens name is shown and raw processing has proper result. At least on windows 10 operating system. When opening 3 raw files as new HDR merge, during reading of first image the message "no camera data" appears and there is no lens name shown. Later on when files 2 and 3 are processed the message disappears and lens name shows up correct. The merge result however seems to be a mixture of corrected and not corrected images (lens distortion is not completely corrected and edges show darker vignettes). This is to be seen on windows 10 Pro and Windows 7 Pro operating systems.
  5. Developping Raw Files, AP very often does not recognize camera data and subsequently will not perform lens correction. In Raw persona as well as in tone mapping persona (new HDR stack..) the display shows 0 or "no camera data" text instead of lens name when opening GH-4 Raw file(s). This behaviour seems to change from time to time without notice. But in spite of investigating that for a while I could not find a reason behind that so far. The only thing I can tell is, that the same Raw files opened with Photoshop CS 6 do not show any innormal behaviour and lens data are always displayed in correct manner. The same is valid for ACDSee Ultimate 10. Please advice what I could try to improve that disturbing behaviour. Edit: On Windows 10 notebook the problem seems not to happen. Best regards
  6. 2 Issues: - Lens distortion of pana zoom 35-100 2,8 was not corrected automatically. - Loss of sharpness when changing to photo persona Using Clarity and Detail sliders a very sharp and clear picture is obtained. When changing from Develo to Photo Persona this sharpness diminishes visibly (see attached screen shots)
  7. Congratulations to the team who convinced so many users to give AP a try. Purchased immediately my own copy for windows after first viewing all the demo videos. What I like is the bunch of ideas which improve workflow so much compared to the most referenced PS product. Especially the multiple "merge file" operations are convincing (HDR,stacking, etc.). As there are tons of database and picture file administration tools it would be a nice "roundup" when the workflow: File viewer-->AP-->Merge to HDR or other would be supported by a functionality like "collect all open files to a merge list" and select from there. But in general I think it is a good procedure to not try to copy too much functionality from existing software products because the good ideas will get lost.