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  1. G-Ramps

    Affinity Photo workbook for iOS?

    I agree with DM1, the built in IPad AP Help files are very helpful and it is ashamed that they cannot be accessed at the same time an image is being edited. Flipping back and forth between the Help files and the image being edited severely limits the usefulness of the Help files. It looks like an iPad AP workbook is not forthcoming. In lieu of that I would like to suggest that the AP team consider making the AP iPad Help files available in an offline mode, such as a PDF file. I realize that certain dynamic features in the Help files would be lost in a PDF file but 99% of the content being available offline would allow a user to walk through the Help either in a split screen on the iPad or on a companion computer nearby while editing an image. Has the AP team considered an offline version of the Help files?
  2. Using the Move tool I created a bounded selection that was then resized and tilted. I could restore the tilt angle back to zero with a double tap to the tilt “handle”. Is there any way to restore the bounded selection back to the original dimensions of the layer it was created on?