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  1. Yes, that was very helpful. Thank you karl
  2. Hello, I have watched loads of videos about Affinity Photo, and I am happy that I can manage the mechanics of using Affinity to edit photos. I know how to manipulates levels, curves, vibrance etc. My problem is that i don't know when to do those things. What I mean is that, given a particular image, i do not have he experience to diagnose the problem and know how to fix it. The image is flat and muddy - but what do i do about it? What do i tweek? Where to start? Could anyone point me to a place where I can learn these kinds of editing principles, rather than the mechanics of the software? Thanks for your help karl For example, below is an image i quite like (I am only a beginner) then following it there is the way the image looks after applying soft proofing - muddy and flat. I have no idea where to start in trying to alter the image so the printing version will look something like the original. Everything I try just makes it look horrible. I am not asking for the solution to this image, it just illustrates my problem, I am just wondering where to go and learn what i need to know - or is it just trial and error? Thanks
  3. Ok, i've worked it out. On the print dialog, set the size of the image to 100%. Then on the "Document Layout" sub panel, select "Tiled" from the "Model" pull down menu. That seems to do the trick thanks karl
  4. Hello, I have an image much bigger than the A4 page size available on my printer. When I print the image is scaled to print on A4 but i do not want this. I want the image to print at its actual size across several pages, that i can then stick together. I have all three Affinity programs available but can't see how to so this. Thanks karl
  5. KarlJones

    Master Page Margin

    When I apply a master page the margin does seem to be properly applied, however, this does not survive a save and reload. I have to apply the master each time i load the file if i want to keep the margins. I am using latest the version of Affinity Publisher and OSX High Sierra 10.13.6 Thanks karl
  6. Thank you both for your replies, that is very helpful. I will certainly take a look at the video. thanks karl
  7. Hi, When I want to move a layer into another layer, I can offer it up next to the icon of the target layer, and get a small blue vertical place marker, or, I can offer it under the new layer entry and get a long horizontal blue place marker. What is the difference ? When should I use each one? thanks karl
  8. Looks like I spoke too soon. I am still having problems opening RAW files.
  9. I think, I have found what seems to be a work-around. This problem only seems to occur when the camera is set to start renumbering the files each time a new memory card is used. If the camera is set to use continuous numbering across multiple cards, then this problem seems not to occur. So it might be 'bug' in the way the camera is writing/internally naming the file? Any way, i can now open these RAW files in Affinity Photo. Thanks karl
  10. Thank for replying. I have uploaded a zip of four files taken in succession, the odd ones don't open, the even do. Thanks karl
  11. Hello, I have been trying to import raw files (RAF) from an old FinePix s5100, with mixed success. Sometimes the files open, sometimes the software (both Photo an Designer) say the file is incompatible. So far, the only constant thing I have found is that files with an even number name (DSC0002.RAF) open, while odd ones (DCS0003.RAF) don't! Renaming the files (DCS0001 to DCS0008) doesn't work. Seems strange, but could anyone help? Thanks Karl
  12. This is small request; could the media browser in Affinity Photo and Design be tweaked to allow it to remember the size and position of the window. thanks karl