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  1. Yes, you got it right. As for rename it in the Files app it’s done in a few seconds. Just click and hold on the file and choose Change name from the pop up. Change it et voilà- done. No need to save or anything. I forgot to say that for each new illustration, I choose to select all of the old and delete it, so I start afresh. Mostly I need to change the height as well and a few times even the width. Anyway, it’s a workflow which has worked for me since I got AD. And perhaps I should mention that I always export to Files in order to organise and to have an easy access in case of reuse.
  2. I thought I wouldn’t bore you with my workflow, but here it is: I’m using AD for some of my nearly daily illustrations and as soon as one is done, I export it as a jpeg to Files and send it to the newspaper. The next day I start a new one. The few seconds I saved by renaming it was just to change the month of the file when the new month began. But as I said, I can easily do that in the Files-app. And I have saved it as a template in AD. I guess it’s not how most users use AD and sometimes I use it for more traditional graphic work as well, but I find that working in vector changes the expression of my illustrations from what they are when I work in Procreate. I also use Adobe Capture to vectorise the roughs I do in Procreate before I export the result as an SVG to AD. Then I continue working on it using vector, but sometimes I add effects in the Pixel Persona as well. Well, it’s just a very personal workflow which suits me and again, it has very little to do with traditional graphic work in vector Here are a couple of examples…
  3. That is a pity since it saved me a few seconds every day. And well, it did what I intended - change the name of the file without using save as. But well, I can do it in Files on the iPad instead. The Save As isn’t practical in my workflow…
  4. This isn’t anything important, but in AD1 on the iPad I had a routine with renaming an open file, which I used a lot. I just clicked and held on it and an option to rename it appeared, but not so in AD2 as far as I can see - or have I missed something?
  5. It looks good. The purchase listed there is from November 9th and nothing shows up in my bank account either, so it seems like I’m good. Thank you again and a good night from here
  6. It seems like that was it, but I hope I won’t be charged again. I clicked on the Buy-button, which brought me to the window with options to buy a licence only for A’D or a universal license or to continue the trial or to activate the license I had purchased. I clicked to buy the universal and it worked, but again, I hope I won’t be charged again, but then I think it would pop up some message to confirm the purchase which it didn’t. Anyway, thanks for the help
  7. Well, I can go to my account from there, where I see what shows in the other screenshot if I click on the right symbol.
  8. Here are screenies from my account on the Sherif store and within the app. As you can see, it doesn’t show that I have purchased any licenses for v2, which I have. I have the invoice from Apple as proof to that which I have sent to Serif.
  9. Well, but since I haven’t been able to activate it, how can I deactivate it? I log in to my account within the app, but it doesn’t show that it’s licensed to me, nor does a Deactivate-option appear.
  10. Yes, I made the purchase in-app and it went through the App Store, but when I try to activate the license, it doesn’t work and when I log in to my Serif store account, there are no purchase registered there. I read through the FAQ and tried the suggestions there, but what I could do, didn’t work. I haven’t seen any option as to deactivate so I couldn’t try that. Well, the only thing I haven’t tried, is checking if there is a way to activate it through my App Store-account as I thought it would all be done through Serif. And no, my purchases show up in my App Store account, but I cannot activate them from there.
  11. I just purchased the license for v2 of all three apps on my iPad, which should go for my Mac as well, as far as I can understand, but I can’t activate the license. It doesn’t show up in my account, either, but I have received the invoice from the App Store. The funny thing is that I can’t see the receipts for v1 of the apps, either, but I’ve had them for years now. I don’t remember that I’ve had another account with Serif and there is no other account saved in my keychain, at least. I’ve tried all the suggestions here, the ones which I have found out about, at least, but I see no option to deactivate. I’ve sent two emails to support, but no reply as of yet and I understand that they’re overwhelmed by the success, but perhaps other users have a solution? So far I can work with the trial version and in the worst case I still have v1, but it would be nice to activate the upgrade since I’ve paid for it.
  12. Frankly, I can’t remember as I haven’t had much use for it. I think I can do all the steps, but there’s no optimising for web-function.
  13. I was working on an illustration and the routine is more or less like this: I create a rough in a pixel layer and on top of that I create shapes in vector, which I set to Multiply, so the rough is visible and I group it. Then I paint on the vector shapes with raster brushes until I’m happy with the result. I’ve done this hundreds of times, but now, all of a sudden, the first and basic pixel layer just vanished. Poof! Completely gone! I check off the other layers, but the pixel layer is completely empty. I check the opacity and it’s as it should be. I check History and it’s like it never existed. I have undone lots of steps, but nope. It’s gone. Completely gone. Well, the layer is there, but it’s empty. Maybe I accidentally touched something I shouldn’t have, but how is this possible? The rest us there, but not the first pixel layer. I have a deadline so I need to do it all over again, but it sucks! I wish there is a simple explanation for this.
  14. Sorry for responding late, but it got busy around here, but I finally found out how to add it to the library. I overlooked that icon - and now I see that @Alfredhad even showed it - and looked for some option in a menu or something. Well, it is there now, but I think this tells of not being a very intiuitive process. The fool proof or the idiot's test 😛 Thank you all!
  15. But as it was explained to me in that post, I can’t import .afmacro-files, only .afmacros-files. And I don’t have that.
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