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  1. I add my voice to this. If I want to use the textures in Assets, it’s just guessing. It’s impossible to see what it might be like before you choose to insert. I know I can change the greyness of the canvas background in the preferences, but as long as the toolbars and the tools themselves remain dark, it doesn’t help much. Just have a look. So, yes please, an overall light mode is essential, I’d say.
  2. Thanks a lot. I knew there would be a simple solution, but of course one I wouldn't have thought of. That little padlock did it and that way I didn't have to create a new document, either, although that is a good tip, too. But since I use the features in Photos to edit with an external programme, in this case Affinity Photo, it works best with the little lock. Then I chose just to crop the photo afterwards. Simpler than resizing the canvas. Thanks again.
  3. Let’s see if I can explain what I’m trying to do in Affinity Photo. I have some photos which I got using a scanner app on the iPhone. Some of them ended up distorted, becoming too narrow. What I want to do is to correct that manually, not by guessing what the correct width should be and inserting digits, but simply to be able to grab a handle/node and stretch the photo until it looks right. You can do that with shapes if you convert them to curves, at least in Designer, but so far I haven’t found how to do it in Photo, manually, by just stretching the photo until the width looks right.
  4. It says pixel - but anyway, I solved with a lot of adjustments. Will have to go over it a little with a brush here and there, but it looks OK, at least. No colours.
  5. Trying to figure out this, but it doesn’t work as I intend it to do. I’m trying to select the black lines from a colour drawing and I think I got it selected, but when I copy and paste it, it still pasted the entire drawing, so somehow the entire drawing is selected, although it doesn’t look like it to me, but I might be wrong. Perhaps this is better done in Designer? I also tried to separate the colours in CMYK, but that didn’t work, of course, since the black is a part of the other three colours as well. I was just hoping I could extract the lineart because I flattened the artwork unin
  6. Aha! Thanks a lot! That was a well hidden future, I have to say! But it worked. I have used the menus which doesn’t work.
  7. I will try that out, but it doesn’t help me when I want to copy something I find using Safari. Well, I could paste it into Procreate and from there to Designer then, but...
  8. On the iPad I can copy from Safari for instance, and open it from the clipboard, but what I miss is the ability to paste it directly into the open document I’m working on. As it is now, I have to open it from the clipboard, then copy it from there, back to the document and paste it. In Procreate, you can paste it directly into any open document. Another solution is to save it to the Photos app and place an image from there - and then having to remember to throw away the image from the Photos app, since I don’t want it littered with all kinds of images. An example on why it would be handy i
  9. Yup, thank you Lagarto, it is all in place now and appears in Affinity Publisher. The only odd thing is that it says Svenska (El Salvador), and as far as I know, they speak Spanish there and then some Indian languages, but not Swedish Anyway, I guess that doesn't matter. It works! Thanks again.
  10. I think it will, but will have to wait until tomorrow to see if I figure it out. I really wish people would make an installer for that
  11. Great! Thanks a lot and sorry for not having seen that earlier. The only thing now is to get the instructions on how to install it for macOS:) There were a lot of elements in that package, so I am not sure where all should go. The read-me's seem to be for OpenOffice and that doesn't help. If you don't know where to put what on a Mac, perhaps some others know?
  12. I tried to look for hyphenation dictionaries in Swedish among those Hunspell dictionaries, but I must confess I didn't understand much. I couldn't find any downloadable file - for macOS that is. I also tried to install the same dictionary for OpenOffice, only it wasn't a dictionary, but an extension which installed itself to NeoOffice which I have. And that doesn't help much. So yes, it would have been nice if there could be something like what orjwid suggests - I could even accept more clicks than one, but at least some pointer to an installation file. But of course, if someone can expl
  13. An old thread but this happened to me just now and everything suggested is checked, but still no go. But duh! I discovered what had happened. When I opened pixel persona, and started to draw, I had inadvertently pushed on the wrong spot of Apple Pencil so it switched to eraser. I noticed that and clicked on the brush icon, chose brush, but nothing happened - until I checked the layer and saw that I was painting in an eraser-sublayer. Perhaps that is something the developers should consider? If you choose the brush, you should automatically leave the eraser layer.
  14. The only thing I think is a bit odd is that I thought that when I reverted or reset it to factory settings, that should affect everything, also margins, grids etc.
  15. Yes, that was it! I had forgotten about those. Well, it’s almost disappointing - just as you think you have stumbled across something essentially wrong Thanks a lot for the help, though.
  16. It wasn’t the easiest thing to find in the iPad/iCloud-universe, but I think this is it. debatteckning_.02-2020.afdesign
  17. Thanks for responding. I went to the first drop down menu and at the bottom of that there is Defaults and from there I chose Factory Reset. The funny thing is that the grid which appears has blue lines while I set them to red when I played around with it. Anyway, here’s a screen recording. As you can see, the blue grid just appears when I try to edit some in the image. IMG_0137.MP4
  18. The other day I wanted to show the grid and then I played around with the different grid settings, isometric and so on. Today when I started a new illustration, I can’t turn it off. I choose Grid and switch it on and off, but when I go back to the shape I’ve added, the damned grid is there again! I reset the app to factory settings, but nope - the grid persists. Any suggestions?
  19. Thank you for the tip and I had a brief look at it and will see if it might be useful.
  20. Yes, but not PE 10 which I had and I’m not giving Adobe more money
  21. The problem with that is that it no longer works with macOS Catalina, since it’s 32-bit.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions and I’ll try out Unsharp mask. Perhaps it’ll do it with a little tweaking. As for off topic: I like that - but I think Singö is in Sweden. Anyway, it’s in the same corner of the world, at least:) But I think the landscape out here differs a bit, but I can recommend it I’m rather new to the place, though.
  23. Thanks for the suggestions and I’ll try out Unsharp mask. Perhaps it’ll do it with a little tweaking. As for off topic: I like that - but I think Singö is in Sweden. Anyway, it’s in the same corner of the world, at least:) But I think the landscape out here differs a bit, but I can recommend it I’m rather new to the place, though.
  24. These are the kind of images I’m dealing with. I scan them in as jpegs and grayscale. I merge them in Affinity Photo and need to remove whatever grey there might be. A quick way to do that is to convert it to lineart when they are merged. Other solutions are possible but that feature was the easiest and quickest way.
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