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  1. Sorry I just realised this is the Mac section, so maybe the Mac version of Topaz Studio has not been updated yet to version v1.4.2. The windows version of Topaz Studio is v1.4.2 and works with Affinity Photo and Affinity Photo beta 1.60.85.
  2. Just to let you know. I just updated Topaz Studio to V1.4.2 and the plug-in now works.
  3. I got Topaz Studio and the plug-in worked well in Affinity Photo, then Topaz Studio said there was an update, so I installed the update and now all I get is "Transparency is locked, please unclock the transparency"
  4. A very nice set, thank you Chris.
  5. Nice shots and edits James. I like the spinning record.
  6. They work okay for me in Affinity photo. I have version Thanks.
  7. Thank you.
  8. This is where I got them from.
  9. I can see Nikon NEF raw thumbnails in the my pictures folder on Windows 10 on my PC. I downloaded Microsoft`s camera codec pack. I right click the mouse on the thumbnail then from the drop down menu I choose open in Affinity Photo. Not sure if that is what you mean, but hope it helps.
  10. A good set of styles, thank you very much for them.
  11. I get the same the histogram graph is different in Develop Persona compared to the Photo Persona. My camera is an Nikon D90 and the image is an NEF file.
  12. Hi. I have just bought and downloaded Affinity photo and notice that the histogram in the raw editor displays the graph differently after you develop the photo.