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    Crash when drag & drop of files

    I tried it a few jpgs by dragging and dropping into the beta 243 and don`t get a crash, but it did when I tried your image DarkClown . I also opened your image from the file menu and got a crash. I tried with the stable version ( like UWe367 had done and it did not crash, then with stable version I exported and wrote over your photo and then dragged it back to the beta 243 and it did not crash then.
  2. Frogger

    Crop Tool

    Greyed out here too.
  3. Frogger


    I had that happen where the colours wash out.
  4. Sorry I thought putting bugs here, all replies would be in one place.
  5. Frogger

    Crop Tool

    The crop tool does not work in develop persona and in photo persona. It crops, but does not draw a box to see what you are cropping. When using the move tool no handles show. Holding down alt in levels and moving the black slider, none of the image is showing, you just get an all black screen and with the white slider you just get a plain white screen. I don`t know if it is meant to now, but the blemish tool in develop persona behaves like the one in photo persona as there are no circles and a line like there was before with the blemish tool in develop persona. I am using Windows 10 and Affinity Photo beta version
  6. Yes I have a mouse wheel and can press it down as a middle button and no crash with it that way. I just wanted to try with the space bar and left click to see if it crashed.
  7. I have also found that some noise comes back when using a live filter and flattening. No noise comes back when just using the noise filter on it`s own and flattening.
  8. Frogger

    Matte Color Macro

    It works well. Thank you.
  9. Frogger

    Overlays mode

    I would like to see the overlay brush work with the "detail refinement" as it is greyed out when I click on it. I was watching a YouTube video. Affinity Photo - Beginners guide to developing Black and White images in the Develop Persona by Chris P Williams where he using the overlay brush and is able to click on "detail refinement" and can use the sliders. I don`t know what version of Affinity Photo he is using where the overlay brush is working with "detail refinement".
  10. Frogger

    Dream Resources

    A very nice set, thank you Chris.
  11. Frogger

    Other various work (featured in tutorials etc)

    Nice shots and edits James. I like the spinning record.
  12. Frogger

    Awesome Gradient palette for Affinity Designer

    They work okay for me in Affinity photo. I have version Thanks.
  13. Frogger

    Div Metal Styles

    Thank you.