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  1. Yes. That is correct. I tend to forget that as I usually am working with raw or tiff, so I have gotten into the habit of exporting all of my images to jpg. I probably do that as well on those rare occasions when I am working with a jpg, just out of habit.
  2. > Saving to JPEG has to be done with the Export command or Export Persona. Yes, and it has always been that way.
  3. I have seen a similar problem, although on my system when I drag the bottom handle for the perspective tool and release it the top snaps out to where the bottom is. The effect is the same as R C-R reported. In Dual mode it works as described by R C-R.
  4. While I do not know why this is happening I can say that the file opens properly in Photos, Preview, PhotoLine, ArcSoft's photo viewer, Elements, Dxo's PhotoLab and pretty much every other editor/viewer that I have tried. It was produced by ACDSee's Photo Studio, just in case that is important.
  5. Several months ago (back in November I believe) I reported that some of my tiff files that open properly in other pixel editors open, instead, as raw files in AP/APB and did not display the correct image. I thought this issue had been fixed but it occurred to me again this morning. Here is one tiff that opened as a raw in APB.
  6. I uploaded 3 images from a high-res sequence from my Olympus E-M1 Mk II camera. The ORF is the high-res raw (80MP), the ORI is the normal raw (20MP) and the jpg is the 50MP jpg, OOC.
  7. How complete is the scripting for Affinity Photo? Is it limited to recording actions taken within the app? Or is it a complete scripting language, including the ability to control internal and external actions? Is there a scripting guide? If so, where could I download it?
  8. For what it is worth, the ViewPoint 2 and 3 plugins also crash when used from PhotoLine's Mac editor. Since it (PhotoLine) runs pretty much every other plugin I could find I submitted a bug report to PhotoLine and their response was that there is a bug in the call interface in ViewPoint and that although it might run in Photoshop it will not run in PhotoLine and they, PhotoLine could not fix it because it is not their code. I tend to believe them.
  9. I started this thread when I first saw this problem, but it appears to have been fixed in later versions as I have not seen it in the latest beta.
  10. The PS tutorial was a text tutorial, not a video. The link is here. I had been trying to see what the purpose of the Threshold Layer was as I could not see a good use for it, at least for me. When I did a Google search I found that tutorial and, although it was about a more objective way to set the white and black points on the Levels Layer, it gave me some insight into at least one purpose of the Threshold Layer. The video you pointed me to was very helpful; not for the Threshold Layer (that was mostly curiosity), but for something much more important to me - how to refine selection masks. One of the things I have struggled with has been the ability to properly mask out a sky when portions of it are poking through shrubs and tree limbs, and I had always had trouble making a proper selection without also including the leaves. That vimeo tutorial reminded me of the refine tool and, more importantly, showed me how to use other layers to improve the making. I will give that a try, so thank you very much.
  11. Thank you. That was very helpful. I did not see what the Threshold Layer adjustment actually was used for, although I was wondering if it could somehow be used to create a customizable luminosity mask, and that is one of the reasons I asked the question.
  12. I have been setting the white and black points in my photos using either the Histogram or Curves layers but noticed some (Photoshop) tutorials discussing using the Threshold Layer to do the same thing, but more objectively. Unfortunately the Photoshop tutorials do not seem to translate to AP as I can not find a Levels Tool (as compared to the Levels Layer) and the corresponding eyedroppers in AP. Given that I was wondering if anyone could point me to an AP tutorial on using the Threshold Layer as I have not been able to find one anywhere. A Google search for "Threshold tutorial, Affinity Photo" leads me to lots of AP tutorials, but none concerning use of the Threshold Layer.
  13. OK. Found the reset process by searching through the forum. I have reset APB and that solved the problem.
  14. I was processing some images today and used the HDR functionality on some images. It worked properly but I wanted to do some further adjusting so I tried to call the Topaz Studio plugin. For some reason all of the dropdown links for Topaz Studio were disabled so I could not call it. I made the assumption that there is something about combining an HDR image that prevented me from calling Topaz Studio, so I saved the image as a tiff and reloaded it. After the reload the Topaz Studio links were again enabled, but all attempts to call the plugin failed. It failed "silently" in the sense that there were no error indications, the plugin just did not run. I then loaded a standard jpg to test the link to the plugins and, again, the plugin links were enabled but all attempts to call the plugin failed in the same silent way. I then loaded the MAS version of AP but when I tried to all the Topaz Studio plugins to the app in the Preferences dialog box it crashed. A second and third attempt to do the same also crashed. Given this I have several questions. 1) Is there some reason that I can not even try to call the Topaz Studio plugins on an image formed from a bracketed sequence? 2) Is there some reason for a plugin call to fail silently? 3) How can I try to reset the MAS version of the app so that I can successfully edit the preferences? I tried Control-launch but that did not work. I have not filed this as a defect because I assumed there might be some reason that the plugin links were disabled for such an image. If that is wrong I can file the bug report. Also, the Topaz Studio plugin had been working so I do not understand why it is not working now. If it is important, I am running High Sierra.
  15. +1. This issue has bothered me in Affinity Photo for so long that I just gave up expecting it to be resolved.