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  1. My camera is supported. This happens only with tehe latest beta ( Other users have the same complaint with different cameras (and Raw files).
  2. When I open a RAF-file and click on Develop, the imaga is completely washed out...
  3. I work on a RAF-file in Develop Persona. Having finished I click "Develop". If I now hit CTRL-1 to see the image at 100%, alle the colors are washed out. If I then hit CTRL-0 they stay washed out. To recall the original colors I have to return to Develop Persona ...
  4. Thanks, Gnobelix, but I alraedy did. I only thought it was worth to mention...
  5. In the latest beta ( the paintbrush has disappeared
  6. Indeed, the perspective does not work anymore in the latest beta, but you can instead use the warp tool: it does a similar job and does work... Jef
  7. When I use a macro I can't use the NIK-plugins until I flattened the image. Is this a Bug?
  8. It would be nice if we could delete a single item in a macro when building it... Also if we could move a layer while making a macro.
  9. I close the program by clicking the right upper X.
  10. Well, all the previous tries the program didn't...
  11. The problem is resolved: I didn't wait long enough for to write the .aphoto file befor I closed!
  12. I tried to attach a file, but did not succeed. When I right- clicked the file in Windows explorer the aphoto-file has 0 bytes. That is propably the reason why AP can't display it... I retried several times to save an aphoto file, but build Always writes a file with 0 bytes!
  13. ... so is the OP saying that this build cannot reopen its own files? :huh: Indeed, that's the point!
  14. An aphoto-file created with with beta cannot be reopened with this latest beta, nor with Affinity Photo 1.5.2. An aphoto-file created with 1.5.2 can be opened with beta
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