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    My camera is supported. This happens only with tehe latest beta ( Other users have the same complaint with different cameras (and Raw files).
  2. Régal


    When I open a RAF-file and click on Develop, the imaga is completely washed out...
  3. Régal


    I work on a RAF-file in Develop Persona. Having finished I click "Develop". If I now hit CTRL-1 to see the image at 100%, alle the colors are washed out. If I then hit CTRL-0 they stay washed out. To recall the original colors I have to return to Develop Persona ...
  4. It would be nice if we could delete a single item in a macro when building it... Also if we could move a layer while making a macro.
  5. When I start Affinity Photo for Windows and go via help to Tutorial, see some tutorials and then close them and go to Help..., affinity Photo crashes!