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  1. I have a lot of trouble with issue 1 as shown in this screen recording (hard to reproduce on purpose) As you can see by the number of layers I used before finally capturing it! RPReplay_Final1578501747.mp4
  2. I'm just thankful the issues are slowly being recognised, I felt like I was being flat out ignored previously. The 1.7 iteration of the app was very obviously next to worthless compared to 1.6, and no matter the examples I issued, there was no recognition, no admission, nothing. Then. finally when the issue was recognised, Andy Somerfield, apparently the photo lead stated these issues are only to be expected! I mean what? These issues were not present in previous builds, and yet now they are to be expected? Simple manipulation of images should be the apps staple diet. Everything seems to be about hiding away from the issues, head in sand, pretending they don't exist. I too am about given up on the app. It feels like I am an unpaid, unappreciated, unrecognised, and unwanted beta tester. When issues are raised, it has felt like the customer is the problem, not the product.
  3. It doesn't need to be a complex image, though it may need a few more operations. The following video is a new document at the default size. I will draw on one layer, and perform a few operations on and the app will grind to a halt. The more complex the document the less operations needed to break the app, however it is still very demonstrable on simple doc. RPReplay_Final1566985058.mp4
  4. I've said this in the Beta forum but no responses there, so I'll try my luck here as it still applies:- Photo still cannot cope with transformations of groups, though I'm wondering whether its just shrinking the groups which causes issues (particularly shrinking smaller than their original size?) In these videos one shows that no issues occur when simply enlarging the groups, however there is significant lag when one attempts to shrink the groups (these are unadjusted sample pictures pixel dimensions 2560x1440) Please note when it appears I am touching the screen for an extended period of time, I am not, the app is just having a think:- This is with the latest Photo release on a 1TB iPad RPReplay_Final1566425259.mp4 RPReplay_Final1566425594.mp4
  5. To be honest I was not running into any of the halting problems on the previous 1.6 build, I think there is a flaw in the coding somewhere. It feels like a memory leak. The iPad is a very capable device nowadays.
  6. My personal issue with Photo has not been corrected with
  7. I can also demonstrate it using a smaller document say a 4000 x 4000 pixel document. Although it requires a few more operations in a row (though still around 7/8 layers in 1 group). All it requires is a few rotations/resizing as demonstrated in the video I made and the app begins to considerably slow down. Eventually the app will cease responding. No, this is not a genuine use case, but it demonstrates that there is a flaw in the app. This flaw rears its ugly head again and again in my general work (i.e. slow down with eventual app crashing), so much so that I have to keep returning to the main menu in an attempt to ensure the document is saved before it freezes completely.
  8. p_mac, I can't see where you tried rotating, or resizing any of the groups of layers? If you notice, the slow down occurs when I try resizing or rotating groups of layers on a large document. I only demonstrated this as it represents what happens during my workflow when I am using a number of layers and groups and trying to perform operations on them. I suggest you try making a large document (say 16000x8000 pixels), scribble a few layers, say seven, combine them into a group and then try to resize/rotate them.
  9. I thought it best to link the video here rather than making folks search for it on 12 iPad 1TB iOS 12.4 RPReplay_Final1564486371.mp4
  10. I completely believe Peter, I have similar issues with the Beta with my work, I've given an example video on the beta forum. However the issues aren't just limited to resizing/rotating they can crop up seemingly at random given enough time and complexity of work.
  11. To be honest, I am still incredibly frustrated with the beta. There is still hideous slowdown when working on large documents for a while, that require saving the document, then reopening. Then saving the document, then reloading. Then having to quit the app because it won't save the document, then having to redo all the work, hoping it won't crash before saving the document. The mere act of having to close the picture so that I can "auto save" my work, is a joke. The current state of the app is shocking compared to 1.6 which was a joy.
  12. One can see the same lag at resolutions of 4000x4000 and most other reasonable large resolutions as long as one adds enough layers.
  13. I just retried with the 16bit option, interestingly one has to add a few more layers to see the lag. RPReplay_Final1561460597.mp4
  14. The only steps I am doing are 1. Create a new document with a size of 8000 x 8000 pixels 2. Try to draw on the canvas using the pencil 3. Notice how laggy it is I've tried using the iPads screen recorder, but it doesn't seem to identify where the screen has been pressed (i.e with a red dot) which means it is hard to show how laggy it is.
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