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  1. I have been trying the new beta of photo on my iPad as 1.7 introduced significant lags on pencil use for large documents. Although this has improved, there is still quite considerable lag noticeable, especially as one adds layers and details. This is noticeable on drawing, erasing, most pencil interactions. To use an example to demonstrate the lag, create a 16000 x 8000 document, start drawing on a layer, add a new layer start drawing, repeat. It generally only takes around 6 or 7 layers for severe lag to start occurring. This did not happen for Photo 1.6 and previous versions. EDIT I should have stated this is 1.71.140
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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Many thanks for the quick reply, I think I'll try the beta once the issue has been fixed. Thank you letting me know how to join the beta program, all fantastic information. And thank you for the superb application, it really is joyous (when working!).
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    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Wonderful, hopefully this has fixed the lag when drawing with the pencil on a larger document. How does one install the app? If I open a document with the beta can I no longer open the document with a previous photo version? Many thanks in advance.
  4. I understand this is probably best placed in the beta section, but will resolution of these errors be first placed in beta before being released as an update? If so, do I assume correctly that I would need to apply on the beta forums to download a copy? I am currently struggling to proceed with my projects and any quicker solution would be much appreciated.
  5. 2018 iPad 12 1TB, absolutely unusable lag on menus, drawings, absolutely everything. I've gone from loving the app one day to finding it absolutely unusable the next. I don't need any layers, or filters for the lag to happen. Simply make a 16000x8000 pixel document and try to draw on it with the pencil, it doesn't seem to recognise the pencil is there at first, and then manages to catch up. take pencil off the screen, repeat the process. Of course as the project gets more detailed, the lag gets worse and worse and worse. Infuriating.
  6. If its anything like my files, saving/exporting anything within the editor mode would be next to impossible. Within the initial start screen/file chooser, it is fine. It is utterly unusable at the moment, and I am seething as I have countless hours invested into various projects that I cannot access at the moment. As I stated before, simply drawing on a document using the pencil on a new/blank sufficiently large document, say 16000 x 8000 will induce lag that is unacceptable. I use an iPad Pro 2018 1TB edition
  7. A blank new document will create the issues if one sets the dimensions to say 16000 x 8000 pixels (I'm assuming this is not the minimum dimensions to experience lag problems) On a new document there is considerable lag to simple pencil drawings. On the previous versions of photo, there was no lag nor problems whatsoever with this size of document.
  8. I'm having exactly the same problems with exactly the same setup. It is unusable at the moment.