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  1. JFisher

    PDF issue

    Hi Emilie, Welcome to the forum Would it be possible to upload the offending file that is causing the issue here so I can look into this?
  2. Many thanks rjvela82, I'll get this logged
  3. Hi ospear, Thanks for your post and screen recording! I've been unable to replicate this crash so far, would it be possible to upload the file here so I can take a closer look?
  4. Hi Grain, As Gabe mentioned this has been reported to our developers to be fixed in a future update. We don't have an ETA on when the patch will be available at the moment.
  5. Hi Wosven, Thanks for your post! I've been able to replicate this, i'll log this with dev.
  6. Hi Chris26, I have replied to your original post here.
  7. Hi @Chris26 Thanks for your post We are aware of some UI issues in the print dialogue, specifically the double sided setting not matching printer properties and this has been logged with the developers to be fixed in a future update. With regards to the red overlay you can see in the Print Preview, you can change the Fit Type to fit or shrink to printable or alternatively adjust the scaling percentage to make document that are bigger than the printer's size fit. I hope this helps!
  8. JFisher

    black square/edit

    I haven't noticed this redraw issue with any of my own documents, have you noticed this in the latest build? (
  9. Hi ghuggins Welcome to the forum and great to hear you're enjoying using Publisher! I have been experimenting with this issue and I am unable to replicate it at the moment. Did you have the same issue using different fonts at all? Any feedback on this would be appreciated Many thanks.
  10. Hi Jpburns, I haven't been able to replicate this issue so far, can you confirm which version of Publisher you're running?
  11. Hi Per Lind, This is a flattened PDF which shows the content as images. This issue will be related to the original export method used. Which program was used to create this PDF?
  12. Hi Al Grasso, I've been unable to replicate this issue in my test, could you possibly provide a screen recording? I can't imagine i'm doing anything different to you, but it would be good to see whats happening for you exactly. Thanks!
  13. JFisher

    space problem

    Thanks eluengo, i'll get this logged
  14. Hi Pixelplucker, This seems to be working for me, using the opacity slider in the Layers tab. Could you provide a screen recording just so I can see the steps you're taking?
  15. Hi Riojazz, You can find the latest build here