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  1. Hi DK1 Welcome to the forum Would it be possible to attach the DNG file so we can look into this for you?
  2. JFisher

    straighten cancelled when zoom

    Hi David, This seems to be the case if 'Apply' is not selected. Are you selecting Apply in the top left hand corner?
  3. JFisher

    Pano dropping first image

    Hi exploringkiwis, Welcome to the forum Could you upload the images you're using here so I can look into this for you?
  4. JFisher

    images opening damaged in trail version

    Hi MojoFilter Welcome to the forum. I have opened the file that you have attached but I am unable to see any issues on the right hand side. Could you explain in more detail what the problem is? If you could provide a screenshot that would be great.
  5. Hi Masteryoda Welcome to the forum I have tested this using the Apple Core RAW engine and the files appear black for me also. As the Apple engine is being used for the import there is not a great deal we can do but I will raise this issue with our development team.
  6. JFisher

    Nearly impossible to move lines .

    Thanks for your post MichaelMeeuwissen I'll log an improvement with the development team.
  7. Hi Wafer Welcome to the forum! Thanks for reporting this, I have been able to replicate the issue and I will get this logged with our development team.
  8. Hi Lids, welcome to the forum! This is an issue that we are aware of, Mark from the development team commented on a similar forum thread here. We're hoping to have this fixed in a future update
  9. JFisher

    Affinity Photo export to PSD crashes

    Hi Andych56, I am not aware of any crashing when exporting to PSD, Do you find this happens with any document that you export as PSD or one in particular? If you could provide the file that would be great.
  10. Hi Mensch Mesch Thanks for letting us know, I'll get this logged with the development team.
  11. JFisher

    Cannot insert my picture

    Hi Chaosweib Welcome to the forum Can you provide more information about the problem? Where is the image located and how are you trying to open the image exactly?
  12. Hi ErrkaPetti Would it be possible to provide a screen recording of the issue? I'm having some trouble replicating this.
  13. JFisher

    Cannot Export Files into PDF

    Hi supradedy Welcome to the forum! Thanks for providing your file, I have been looking into this and I can see the issue lies with a screenshot that has been clipped to Shape Text on the iCan 2 Litre 2 Artboard. I have removed this for you and attached the document. You should be able to export this with no issues. UPDATED_ican_group_ican_store_product_complete_part_2.afdesign
  14. Hello and welcome to the forum! Thank you for your post, I will get this logged with the development team.
  15. JFisher

    Glitch on SVG import

    Hi VolkerMB, Would it be possible to provide the file so I can look into this for you?