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  1. Hi jonathanh. Welcome to the forum I have taken a look at the file and i'm able to replicate the issue using the release Mac build but the latest customer beta seems to be exporting this just fine. Also, with the table hidden the file would export with the release build, so the problem lies there somewhere, but there have been improvements made to PDF export recently. Please try the export using the latest Affinity Designer Customer beta which you can download here and let me know how this works for you. As I do not have the Lato-Light font that is used in the document I cannot be sure that the beta will work for you too, but I expect it will.
  2. Hi mklarmann Welcome to the forum This file seems to be exporting fine for me. What version of the app are you currently running?
  3. Hi shojtsy, Thanks for your report! This is something that we are aware of and has been logged with the developers.
  4. Hi Brett, I am having some trouble replicating this issue. Could you provide a copy of the afdesign file so I can look into this?
  5. Hi Nowisee The usual uninstall process should be fine Just drag it to the trash. I hope you enjoy using the app.
  6. I wouldn't expect you to experience any issues using your MBP but if you do have any problems be sure to let us know. The trial version and the purchased version are entirely separate, feel free to remove the trial version once you have used it.
  7. Hi uzaki suzuri Welcome to the forum. Many thanks for letting us know about this. I have passed this over to the development team.
  8. Hi Craigc088 I wouldn't expect this to happen, I have logged this with the developers to be looked at. Thanks for letting us know about this.
  9. Hi ApolaKipso Welcome to the forum I am unable to replicate this issue i'm afraid. Could you provide a screen recording of the steps causing the crash so I can look into this further? Try this in the latest beta to see if you have the same problem.
  10. Hi Mr. K Do you have the same issue when exporting to different locations? Try opening the app with the CTRL key held down then click 'Select All' and 'Clear' and then try to save another file to see if this helps at all.
  11. Hi Nowisee Have you tried downloading the trial for Affinity Photo at all? You may wish to see how the app runs for yourself before purchasing. You can download the trial here.
  12. Hi Chris, I have been testing this and the app seems to be working just fine when using different text styles. Do you have a file that shows this issue?
  13. Hi everyone, Try opening the app with the CTRL held down. Then click 'Select All' and 'Clear'
  14. Hi Wolf-Tau Would it be possible to provide a copy of the files you're using for the HDR Merge so I can test this? Thanks!
  15. Hi OldRadioGuy Try holding down the CTRL key when opening the app, clicking 'Select All' and 'Clear' let me know if this works for you