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  1. Hi This will be fixed in the next build.
  2. Hi blureshadow, Just to clarify, Does the lag occur when selecting File>Print or selecting print in the dialogue? I have tested this on my machine and I haven't experienced any lag at all as yet.
  3. Hi dorkboycomics Do you have a recipe that I could follow to replicate this crash? Have you encountered the crash multiple times when sculpting? Thanks for your feature request! I will pass this on of course.
  4. Many thanks for your post Ditlev Petersen, I'll get this passed on to the development team.
  5. Hi Skyking! I received the file (many thanks @MEB!) I am also having issues getting the file to open. I have passed the file to the development team for further investigation. Thanks!
  6. Hi Arun Sarkar, Which version of Publisher are you using? The PDF seems to open the same as in Designer for me.
  7. JFisher

    Pages Tab Very Slow

    Hi ToOldForThis, I haven't had this issue myself with any of my own documents. Could you provide a copy of the file you're using so I can test this? If you could also provide a screenshot of your system specs as well that would be great.
  8. Hi ptewari, Does right clicking the fill and selecting 'Delete Fill' work for you at all?
  9. Hi DanaB Welcome to the forum I have been unable to replicate this issue. Would it be possible to provide a screen recording?
  10. JFisher

    Home key

    Hi Brian, Using the home key when working with text frames doesn't crash for me, please try resetting the app. This can be done by holding down the CTRL key when opening the app, clicking Select All and Clear. If this does not help. If you could attach the crash report that would be great.
  11. Hi BernardB Could you provide a screen recording so I can look into this?
  12. JFisher

    Opening studio

    Hi JohnM, Following these steps doesn't close the dropdown for me. Could you try resetting the app to see if this helps? You can do this by holding down the CTRL key when opening the app, clicking 'Select All' and 'Clear' I hope this helps!
  13. Hi Would it be possible to provide a screen recording?
  14. Hi skyking, Could you upload the file so I can take a look?
  15. Hi Maudie1942 Welcome to the forum! You can create a Master Page and apply the page design to all your other pages (similarly to PagePlus). This can be done by right clicking in the Pages panel and selecting Apply Master. Here you can specify which Master you would like to apply to your pages, and what range of pages this applies to. For more help, search for Master Page in the Affinity Publisher help.