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  1. JFisher

    Replaced Photo Stretches

    Hi, Are you still having this issue using the latest build? (
  2. Hi chrisv Could you provide the file so I can test this?
  3. Hi Asael, Do you have a sample file at all?
  4. JFisher

    Command+C Crash

    Hi Seneca Do you have any steps I can follow to recreate this at all?
  5. JFisher

    typing lag

    Hi maxen, This seems to be working fine for me, could you provide a screen recording?
  6. Hi Kryat, I still haven't been able to replicate the crash from gmail on chrome pasting into a new document. Could you provide the document you're using in your screen recording above?
  7. Hi Kryat, I have just sent you a PM with a Gmail address, please let me know when you have forwarded the email and I will investigate the issue.
  8. Hi Kryat, I haven't been able to replicate the crash here. Could you paste the text into a Word document and attach it to the forum?
  9. JFisher

    Accessibility Issues

    Many thanks - i'll get this logged
  10. Hi Larsene Thanks for your post, sorry to hear you're having trouble getting the latest build working. Could you please provide me with a copy of you AppData folder, to access this please follow the steps below. 1. Hold the Windows key + R 2. Type %appdata% 3. Navigate to Affinity>Publisher 4. Make a copy of the 1.0 (beta) folder, zip it up and attach it here.
  11. Hi Joe H Welcome to the forum Sorry to hear you're having some problems getting the app to run. Can you confirm what the error message is that you're seeing? Could you provide a screenshot?
  12. JFisher

    Accessibility Issues

    Hi Bhikkhu Pesala, Are you using the latest build? ( I have just tried tabbing in Spread Setup and it works fine for me. tabbing.mp4
  13. Hi Old Bruce Have you had this issue when pasting text from a PDF also?
  14. JFisher

    Publisher 249 memory leak

    Hi Gralvik, Have you tried the latest beta? Does this work any better for you?
  15. JFisher

    Studio panels redraw bugs

    Hi Jim_A, Thanks for your report, this has been fixed in the latest build. (