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  1. Hi jpmccormac Welcome to the forum The trials are limited to 10 days and this will begin when the app is opened for the first time. Have you had the trial installed previously at all? Unfortunately it is not possible for us to extend/renew a trial, I would suggest downloading it on another machine (if you have access to one) alternatively perhaps consider purchasing the app and requesting a refund should you not be happy with your purchase.
  2. Hi Littlebee Welcome to the forum Which OS are you using? Where are you saving the files to exactly?
  3. Hi Archerymike Welcome to the forum I would suggest storing your files on iCloud, this would be the best place to access the file on both devices.
  4. Hi MD2 Welcome to the forum You should find that Affinity Designer is a great alternative to DrawPlus, have you tried downloading the trial at all? With regards to a PagePlus alternative, we are in the process of developing Affinity Publisher, which we hope to have in beta later this year. More information can be found here.
  5. Hi Andreas, Welcome to the forum To redownload the app, just log into the same mac app store account used to purchase the app originally. You can download it from the 'Purchased' section.
  6. Hi EddieR, You can view images via the Media Browser (View > Media Browser) We have plans for a DAM app in the future but we have no ETA on this just yet i'm afraid.
  7. Hi Driver09 Welcome to the forum This tutorial explains how to add a motion blur effect, you can use the eraser tool to deselect certain areas of the image to preserve the car.
  8. Hi Threadzpeak Welcome to the forum You can right click text and select 'Convert to Curves' or select the text and click Layer > Convert to Curves.
  9. Hi Princy, welcome to the forum. Use the Refine Selection Brush to select the fine detail of your image, i have provided the tutorial below
  10. macro

    Hi Simonmatts, welcome to the forum MEB explains how to import Macro's here.
  11. Hi Gabi Welcome to the forum. Affinity Designer will be coming to iPad but we have no ETA on this just yet i'm afraid.
  12. Hi Welcome to the forum! The red 'X' you see on the cloud suggests the sample is downloading. After some time (depending on your network connection) this should disappear and you can open the sample file.
  13. Hi Tinamp Thanks. This issue has been logged.
  14. Hi shizumiaoki Would it be possible to provide a copy of the files you're working with so I can test this?
  15. Hi Norway4T Sorry to hear you're having some issues with this, you many find this tutorial helpful.