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  1. Hi, Are you still having this issue using the latest build? (
  2. Hi chrisv Could you provide the file so I can test this?
  3. Hi Asael, Do you have a sample file at all?
  4. JFisher

    Command+C Crash

    Hi Seneca Do you have any steps I can follow to recreate this at all?
  5. JFisher

    typing lag

    Hi maxen, This seems to be working fine for me, could you provide a screen recording?
  6. Hi Kryat, I still haven't been able to replicate the crash from gmail on chrome pasting into a new document. Could you provide the document you're using in your screen recording above?
  7. Hi Kryat, I have just sent you a PM with a Gmail address, please let me know when you have forwarded the email and I will investigate the issue.
  8. Hi Kryat, I haven't been able to replicate the crash here. Could you paste the text into a Word document and attach it to the forum?
  9. JFisher

    Accessibility Issues

    Many thanks - i'll get this logged
  10. Hi Larsene Thanks for your post, sorry to hear you're having trouble getting the latest build working. Could you please provide me with a copy of you AppData folder, to access this please follow the steps below. 1. Hold the Windows key + R 2. Type %appdata% 3. Navigate to Affinity>Publisher 4. Make a copy of the 1.0 (beta) folder, zip it up and attach it here.
  11. Hi Joe H Welcome to the forum Sorry to hear you're having some problems getting the app to run. Can you confirm what the error message is that you're seeing? Could you provide a screenshot?
  12. JFisher

    Accessibility Issues

    Hi Bhikkhu Pesala, Are you using the latest build? ( I have just tried tabbing in Spread Setup and it works fine for me. tabbing.mp4
  13. Hi Old Bruce Have you had this issue when pasting text from a PDF also?
  14. Hi Gralvik, Have you tried the latest beta? Does this work any better for you?
  15. Hi Jim_A, Thanks for your report, this has been fixed in the latest build. (