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  1. Yes, Patrick please send along our congrats to the team. I actually watched the keynotes speech twice. Did I miss something? Is there any way to get Photo Brushes into Publisher, even if we have to install again?
  2. Affinity Photo now opens in Publisher, but I do not have all my Photo bruises. I would love to see them added in the future.
  3. Affinity Photo now opens in Publisher, but I do not have all my Photo brushes.
  4. When Apub goes live will there be a link on the countdown page? If not where can we DL it? https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/live/ I wonder how the server will handle the downloads and the live stream party at the same time. Unless they did not sell a huge amount, form a gamers experience I have seen servers meltdown on opening day. This could be worse since we know up to the second when things go live.
  5. I don't care about the AppData folder. I just want to move/reinstall Affinity photo to my drive without losing my brushes.
  6. When I use a Basic ( or most any) paint brush in Aphoto and draw a true black line, it is semi-transparent. And ifn I draw over it the line it darkens when they intersect. Even with Opacity, Flow, and Hardness set to 100%. Why is that? Of course, it does not happen with Pixel, but why with Paint Brush?
  7. Somehow the latest Affinity Photo is on my tiny solid state C: drive. How do I get that to my D:Program Files without losing all my brushes that are in place?
  8. Guyon

    Grammar Checker?

    I use UEC Ultimate Ebook Creator. It is very nice and in the new closed beta will do even more. UEC will find weak words and sentence structure. http://ultimateebookcreator.com/
  9. FREE tires for EVERYONE! LOL
  10. They may not be “for life”, but the free updates tend to be for years. Go for it. I have had my Affinity Photo and Designer since January 6, 2017 with no update charge yet. I believe that Adobe InDesign is US$20.99/mo.
  11. No official replay. You may be right fde101 LOL
  12. Too bad *sigh. But I meant this one. I shoot models all the time. She was amazing.