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  1. In no way is opening an MS Publisher .pub file a deal breaker. In fact .pub is a propitiatory file format that I do not think any program can open except for MS products. But take a look at this article on .pub files. https://www.lifewire.com/open-pub-files-without-microsoft-publisher-1074669
  2. It really doesn't matter when it actually goes live you have it now for free and get to pave the way to suggest how you want it to end up. I am VERY hopeful that we get Epub soon.
  3. Thank for the link Dan, Oo! hair by hair! ouch
  4. I did find these but after importing they don't seem to show up in my brushes.
  5. I watched the Affinity Photo Making Magic video (loved it) How did he make the fur on the bunny?
  6. Right now APub is focused more on finalizing the dead tree portion of the program. I am very excited to see the next step into digital. Hyper-links, Epub, as well as most of your suggestions. It is a process. I suggest you become a master of the current version and by then you will be up and running for version 2! I am thrilled that we got this much early than have to wait for the final. Happy Publishing.
  7. Thanks, William, I am seeing that they are 10–1/8 inches by 6–5/8 inches, or 25.7 centimeters by 16.8 centimeters. So I am guessing that it may be better to make this in Affinity Designer than Affinity Publisher?
  8. Are you sure APub has all the features and stable you need to make the switch? PagePlus is still a highly robust publisher. It may be wise to wait till the official release hits before you switch for business use.
  9. I am looking at making a comic (standard comic book size) as a test before I try out the real thing. But I am confused on how to do the page set up with trim and actual size. I have seen singe page sheets and double wide so that it has a fold. If you did the double-wide doesn't the center margin have to change size since the outside pages need to be bigger than the page at the centerfold? So I guess what I am asking can someone please make me a blank comic page (No panels) with the trim marks, and space for the header, page number etc? And can that also be used for the cover? Thanks for any help
  10. All these questions are for digital page creation for a printer. 1 What is the standard size sheet to work with to make comic books? ** 2 Looking at this article if I want my page to be 11x17 do I actually make my page larger so that it can be cut down to 11x17? If so what size do I make my document? Or if this all for hand-drawn do I just make my digital 11x17 with no bleed? https://www.printninja.com/printing-resource-center/file-setup/offset-printing-guidelines/file-setup-for-full-bleed-printing 3 Anyone know of a free download comic book template with the bleed and trim on it? No panels. Thanks **Aren't comic book pages printed double wide, and stapled down the middle? So why in most examples to I see them as a single frame/page?
  11. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks guys
  12. Can Affinity make smart objects? My daughter wants to take a picture of clothing apparel and then add logos to them and have the logos show folds etc to make it look like it was the actual product. If so can you explain how or point to a tutorial? Thanks
  13. Sweet! Thanks for pointing that out dominik! Good eyes. +1
  14. Because at this point in the game they are ignoring it. Obviously Definition of ignore - refuse to take notice of or acknowledge. In the future, if they ever even put out a roadmap with this feature on it that will change the comment, but as of this second, the feature is ignored. It seems to be a very popular request, and it would be nice if Serif would simply reply one way or the other.
  15. Can't Adobe InDesign do ePub? QuarkXPress can. I never used Pageplus, but it says it can. Ultimate eBook Creator is cheap and made to create epub. So why is Affinity ignoring this feature? http://ultimateebookcreator.com/