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  1. @CartoonMike I am humbled by your extensive answer. RE: " To say it's (clip studio) lacking is like saying the Sun is just a tad hot. " - I actually laughed. RE: " So I had to go over each page, select the text and choose the right font, one by one " - and cried with you. sorry I chucked. This is one of the best most extensive answers I have ever got for any question that I have posted or read by anyone else. It was most appreciated.
  2. I am a little confused about the more technical side of publishing programs, and how APub fits in. So my question is could APub be used to set up a graphic novel or comic book for print? In the past, I have use Clip Studio. Great for drawing and page setup, but the lettering was a little disappointing.
  3. Hoping that is the same as their other programs. But wouldn't that be great if they put a sale price out the first week? Or even now, as a Beta buy.
  4. I am seeing a lot of major complaints the first day. You need to remember this is a beta, the same program we all have been begging for a release in any state. I have beta tested a lot of programs and you need to be in the right mindset. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. APub is really a pretty piece of software and already had some features better than InDesign. And you ever tried to put text along a path you know what I mean I hope the rest of you are having as much fun as me exploring APub!
  5. Ultimate Ebook Creator is nice. It has dynamic text wrap around photos and interactive text. A few nice exports too. You can get it on Amazon for $25. I have never tried Xara or the free Scribus Publisher.
  6. I would really like to see a 'print ready' book format, as well as an epub export. I expected this to be an uphill battle vs InDesign but never for a second that PagePlus would be better in any aspect.
  7. As for adding InDesign import, it would be unwise for them to give any more release dates. I am sure they learned a valuable lesson for APub's release. My advice is to spend the time to get to know the program and let the process happen.
  8. I just saw a post "Affinity Publisher beta for Mac slated to arrive before end of August". Did they just leave out the PC, or will this release only be a Mac Beta for the end of August?
  9. MEB you made my day! Hope yours is just as good.
  10. As the end of summer is rapidly approaching, will the new release date be fall?
  11. I prefer to think of it like this: A master with a lesser tool, trumps a novice using the best tool. It's all about the inner artist. I have dropped all Adobe products, and also switched from MS Office with no regrets at all.
  12. sRGB is the better option. In most cases, your monitor, your clients, and most printers are set in a sRGB color space. So if you work in Adobe RGB and then send out to you final destination that is set for sRGB you colors may (especially the greens) will look not only different but could turn out muddy or just not pleasing. Adobe RGV is vastly superior to sRGB, but if your final output in on that color space you may end up with less than expected results. Think of it this way. You can't put 16 ounces of liquid into an 8-ounce glass. So in short if your monitor and final output (client, printer, and/or monitor) is not Adobe RGB then you may not get the results you want. Just use sRGB and you will be fine.