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  1. After doing a simple test, I am more worried about starting a complex project and it turning out to be a mess. So I was looking to see if anyone with experience can weigh on if this works or the conversion is not really worth the time.
  2. I was wondering how close to the original document would be if you exported APub files as a .pdf and then converted the .pdf into an epub with a program like Calibre. Would your document look the same as the pdf, even if you had formatting and picutres? Or would it just need so much work that it would not be worth it? Thank for any experience on this topic. I REALLY can't wait for ePub to be added.
  3. Oh, I see. But everyone knew that you this was just a link, not the other full packages. Even in the name, it says link. This is no biggie, Get a refund a buy Photo or designer, whatever you need. They are mega-powerful at a rock bottom price.
  4. I am so confused. You got to try it before you bought. You knew what the program did and did not do. What magic did you expect to happen by purchasing? LOL Look APub does not do the #1 thing I want which is Epub, but I knew that before purchase. But I am not complaining, This is just the initial release of a new product. If you go back and look at Adobe InDesign sift release it was HORRIBLE. Crashes, and minimal functions. I bet APub is so much better than InDesign 1.0 sift release. In fact, InDesign still can not do StudioLink
  5. Actually, I knew soon as Affinity Publisher as announced that it would not be compatible with PagePlus. I if you look way back in the forms it was asked and answered,. Sorry that you missed it.
  6. I don't understand what 1bit bitmaps is, or why it is so important. But if APub can be used to create print magazines why can't it be used for comic books?
  7. Or why not just start all new project in Affinity Designer, and use PagePlus when needed? MEB pointed out that "You can export PagePlus projec´╗┐ts as PDF or SVG and they should be imported ´╗┐without much loss into Affinity apps."
  8. Yes, I am on an official Serif purchase. How do you use your shortcut so I don't have to reinstall my brushes?
  9. Yes, Patrick please send along our congrats to the team. I actually watched the keynotes speech twice. Did I miss something? Is there any way to get Photo Brushes into Publisher, even if we have to install again?
  10. Affinity Photo now opens in Publisher, but I do not have all my Photo bruises. I would love to see them added in the future.
  11. Affinity Photo now opens in Publisher, but I do not have all my Photo brushes.
  12. When Apub goes live will there be a link on the countdown page? If not where can we DL it? https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/live/ I wonder how the server will handle the downloads and the live stream party at the same time. Unless they did not sell a huge amount, form a gamers experience I have seen servers meltdown on opening day. This could be worse since we know up to the second when things go live.