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  1. Where in your link does it say printed books are still outselling ebooks by 11:1? All i see is the word more.
  2. Can you supply some source for the 11:1 please? Waiting till V2.0 for ebook export would be unexceptionable, since that would mean a pay update for something Patrick Connor said that APub would have this feature after it's initial release. I highly disagree with your concepet of when ebook should be introduced. If ebook is not solidly in the planning structure of the program now. It may make it very difficult or impossible to add later. Planning is key to fast solid code.
  3. I was secretly hoping for it happen in 1.8
  4. One really nice feature that I am beta testing for Ultimate eBook Creator is that it checks for "weak words" in your writing which most grammar checkers do not look at. It also counts most used words to see if you need to upgrade your vocabulary. Both are a very handy features to have for yoru books.
  5. @ostonica I have used Ultimate eBook Creator for small projects on Amazon. It worked really well. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-eBook-Creator-publishing-iBookstore/dp/B00K7DFZM8#customerReviews
  6. True, but bug crushing is just as important or more so than new features. What I would really like to see is a road map and where the greatly need epub export sits on that list. Over a year ago Patrick said it was in there radar, but will it be yet another year? Two? I would love to hear an official word on epub.
  7. I have never tired Jutoh, but Ultimate eBook Creator is packed with features. And can publish directly to amazon ebook format. I am beta testing the new version that will look for weak words. Which almost no program does. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-eBook-Creator-publishing-iBookstore/dp/B00K7DFZM8
  8. I read the reasoning was they needed to draw the line somewhere to get the release out.
  9. Epub has been my #1 request from the start. I would even be happy if they officially put out a roadmap with it on it. My only comfort is that Patrick Connor said we will get it in a future release.
  10. After doing a simple test, I am more worried about starting a complex project and it turning out to be a mess. So I was looking to see if anyone with experience can weigh on if this works or the conversion is not really worth the time.
  11. I was wondering how close to the original document would be if you exported APub files as a .pdf and then converted the .pdf into an epub with a program like Calibre. Would your document look the same as the pdf, even if you had formatting and picutres? Or would it just need so much work that it would not be worth it? Thank for any experience on this topic. I REALLY can't wait for ePub to be added.
  12. Actually, I knew soon as Affinity Publisher as announced that it would not be compatible with PagePlus. I if you look way back in the forms it was asked and answered,. Sorry that you missed it.
  13. I don't understand what 1bit bitmaps is, or why it is so important. But if APub can be used to create print magazines why can't it be used for comic books?
  14. Or why not just start all new project in Affinity Designer, and use PagePlus when needed? MEB pointed out that "You can export PagePlus projec´╗┐ts as PDF or SVG and they should be imported ´╗┐without much loss into Affinity apps."
  15. Yes, I am on an official Serif purchase. How do you use your shortcut so I don't have to reinstall my brushes?
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