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  1. So I made this video for my weekly blog....and I thought you guys might get some value out of the downloadable template...I attached it here .....and the tutorial that actually shows you how to make it. J Downloadable Madala files.zip
  2. Hey guys...I know affinity has the Pantone metallics palette in the swatches panel.....is there a way to download the PREMIUM metallics panel ......like Premium Metallic book Pantone 10121 C is there a way to use the .ase file
  3. Simple question....I have a student that is running MAC...and they r saying the shift button does not work to constrain the shape......I have not heard off this before....can anyone tell me if MAC and windows are different in the shift key... J
  4. I recently downloaded the Dub blender brushes ( thank you so much)......but I have a question on blenders........ What makes them blenders.....is there a special setting...... How can yo set a brush up just the blend ( not smudge per say but blend 2 colors like in photoshop) Or is the term "blender" just more about the texture and it works as a normal brush. I have been playing with them and have not seen the difference....so maybe I am looking for something that isi not there Thanks for the help J
  5. I used 2 brushes and about 10 clicks to make this in Designer.......really trying to push the alien landscapes this year
  6. Good morning, I am trying to extract the fire from the image attached, and I want to keep it looking bright so I wanted to extract only the red channel and then remove everything else.....I have tried the channels panel, but yet I think my gap is how to make a selection of only the red channel....any thoughts from the gurus on how to do this ???
  7. I got cha.....check out my youtube video ....it was the first one I ever did and it does exactly what you are talking about ....it's called stroke profile if you are new to affinity.....I teach it through Udemy.....as well as help where I can in the forums...... it is a great program Jeremy
  8. Thanks....can't wait to try them
  9. GOing to try it this weekend.....sounds like what I am looking for
  10. Perfect....thanks soooo much...now off to try them all.....thanks again
  11. I just had to reset my Affinity Designer to the default...because after the 1.6 version release it stopped responding to my huion tablet in the sliders ( found the answer actually in the forum).....but it took me forever and a day to back up all my brushes and such .....can you guys build in a "batch user preferences feature so with one click we can export all the brushes, styles and shortcuts on that day into a file...that woul cut down recovery time immensely....just a thought
  12. Agreed.....exact same tablet....exact same issue after the update. I did what you guys said...and it worked..however will I have to do this every time you update.....it took me forever to back up all my brushes and such. At the very least can you build in a "sae user preferences batch feature"..... J
  13. I am working on some Sci-fi stuff....and need to place circles as a stroke pattern.....is there an alternative to this....I know Ai has the pattern brush...any equivalent in AD
  14. I am working with a rose petal and need the gradient to follow the SHAPE of the base line for the object.....so that it flows ( see illustration)....any thoughts on how to make this happen, I tried a linear gradient but it looked straight and flat against the curvature of the shape