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  1. This method doesn’t seem to be working @Alfred - pretty i am missing sth here… 😕
  2. Hi all, Can you please advise what i might be doing wrong with my selection from the photo attached? I am trying to make a selection to the background then apply some "Gaussian Blur" to the background (unsuccessful so far). Using iPad 8th Gen - iOS 14.8 Thanks.
  3. @iconoclastThanks so much for replying & for the tips... much appreciated. 🙌🏽
  4. Is there an equivalent to "wrinkle tool" (found on AI) on Affinity Design? Thanks Ozz
  5. @Alfred- your a life saver Sir. Thank you so much, your advice helped solve my issue. Appreciate. Ozz
  6. Hi All, For a few days, i seem to be having issues while creating "Dashed Lines" on Affinity Design for iPad. Anybody going through the same issue, is this a known bug? Thanks. Ozz AD Issue with Dashed Line.mov
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